Uzbekistan Plans to Earn $300 Million a Year From Medical Tourism

@iStock reports that Uzbekistan plans to earn $300 million annually from medical services and tourism. At the meeting chaired by President Mirziyoyev, the program “Medical Hospitality” was announced, under which the budget will cover the costs of private clinics for international certification and participation in foreign exhibitions. Doctors traveling abroad to advertise and provide diagnostic services will be reimbursed for transportation and accommodation expenses. In addition, value-added tax will be refunded to foreign patients visiting clinics.

“Last year, more than 60,000 foreign tourists were treated in 86 sanatoriums and medical institutions of the country. Suppose the number of such institutions is increased. In that case, it is possible to attract an additional 100,000 foreign patients, making it possible to earn $300 million a year from medical services,” the publication notes.

Zumrad Bekatova, a member of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, said that Uzbekistan is paying special attention to expanding the network of private medical organizations, diversifying their activities, and strengthening their material and technical base. However, despite these efforts, only two private clinics have received international certification, and the share of foreign patients has yet to exceed 12%.


Times of Central Asia