Uzbekistan switching to waste recycling, to build recycling plant in Khorezm province


TASHKENT (TCA) — Uzbekistan has developed an integrated waste disposal program according to which the country will gradually abandon the burning and long-term storage of waste at landfills and introduce modern and environmentally friendly technologies of its separate collection and recycling, the Jahon information agency reported.

The program will attract foreign investments for the creation of a network of standard-design ultramodern waste sorting and recycling plants.

The first conceptually new and ultra-modern waste sorting and recycling plant will be built in Urgench district of Khorezm province through a loan of the National Bank of Uzbekistan. The plant will be equipped by China’s Beston Group Machinery Co LTD.

The plant, which is scheduled for commissioning by the end of this year, will consist of a waste sorting station and a facility for processing various types of waste. Annually, the plant will process almost 900 tons of municipal solid waste, and produce six types of finished products, including wall blocks out of construction waste, packaging material from waste paper, biogas and fertilizers from fruit and vegetable waste and spoiled food.

It was earlier reported that a project of modernization of solid waste management in Samarkand is being partnered by the French Development Agency, which invests €23.5 million, and the EU that allocates €8 million.

The project provides for the construction and repair of 200 garbage collection points, purchase of 70 specialized vehicles, construction of a municipal solid waste sorting center and a waste disposal center, and installation of a bioreactor for recycling waste into biogas in landfills.

This complex will be the first of its kind in Uzbekistan and the entire Central Asia.

Sergey Kwan