ADB assessing renewable energy projects in Afghanistan

KABUL (TCA) — The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is assessing the construction of major renewable energy projects in Afghanistan with the aim of generating electricity in the country, TOLOnews reported.

ADB experts have said Afghanistan has a major capacity in terms of production of renewable energy and it will help the country to generate electricity from its domestic resources in the years to come.

“Right now, I have a team of experts working in Afghanistan and they are assessing the overall situation, but specifically to what extent solar energy is a solution,” said Dr. Yongping Zhai, Technical Advisor (Energy), ADB.

Meanwhile a number of economic commentators have said that Afghanistan has a major capacity in the energy sector and that the Afghan government needs to outline comprehensive programs for implementation of mega economic and energy projects.

They said Afghanistan, in line with its capacity for generating solar, hydro and wind power, should come up with inclusive programs to attract international support for this purpose.

“Afghanistan has much capacity in terms of producing hydro, wind and solar power, but so far only a small part of it has been used. We need to identify these opportunities, and there is a need to attract a sufficient budget for mega electricity projects in the country by the government and the international community,” Saadatullah Ahmadzai, an energy expert, told TOLOnews.

ADB has said that the bank also plans to connect countries having the largest power generation capacity with other countries in need of energy and Afghanistan plays a key role in energy transit.

Sergey Kwan