Forum to Attract Foreign Investment in Turkmenistan’s Energy Sector to be Held in Paris

The Forum to Attract Foreign Investments in Turkmenistan’s Energy Sector will take place on April 24th and 25th, 2024 in Paris.

The Forum’s organizers are the State Concerns Turkmengaz, Turkmennebit (Turkmen oil), and the State Corporation Turkmengeology in partnership with the Turkmen Forum and U.K.-based GaffneyCline, according to the official website of the event.

The purpose of the Forum is to expand the opportunities for attracting foreign direct investment in all aspects of the energy industry of Turkmenistan, and to strengthen regional dialogue on further sustainable development of the energy sector. Upstream, midstream and downstream opportunities will also be addressed. The Forum will bring together leading national and international energy companies, as well as experts who shape the future of the oil and gas industry not only in Turkmenistan, but also in the wider region.

Turkmenistan has repeatedly stated that increasing production and diversifying the export of its hydrocarbon resources is a priority task of the country’s oil and gas sector.