Introduction of Separate Collection of Household Waste to Begin

Photo: Mahsustrans

Starting this year, a system for the separate collection of household waste will begin in Tashkent and several other regions. Residents will be provided with free packaging for the sorting of waste, and a system of rewards will be introduced for recycled materials.

In accordance with a decree issued by President Mirziyoyev on January 4th, this will be implemented in stages from 2024 to 2026 at garbage collection sites (SMEs) near multi-story buildings in Tashkent, Angren, Andijan, Bukhara and Termez, as well as in the Tashkent district.

According to the decree, by July 1st, sanitary cleaning enterprises must provide residents of these territories with free garbage bags with a QR code of three types: transparent for recyclable solid waste, black for non-recyclable solid waste, and brown for food waste. The decree also states that sanitary cleaning enterprises will purchase recyclable household waste at garbage collection sites. It is expected that this decision will lead to an increase in recycling, and a decrease in waste.