Kazakhstan Adjusts Migration Rules to Attract Foreign Specialists


The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population has announced that foreigners with qualifications in specific fields can now obtain residence permits, both multi-year and permanent, in Kazakhstan.

The aim of the initiative, through a simplified procedure for residency, which negates the need for candidates to demonstrate their financial solvency, is to ultimately reduce the shortage of highly qualified personnel in the fields of science, healthcare, industry and IT.

The list of professions that qualify for such privileges will be revised according to proposals from the Ministries of Health; Culture and Sports; Digital Development, and Aerospace. Professionals already listed include neurosurgeons, haematologists, oncologists, specialists in IT infrastructure and software architects. Further applications are sought from specialists in the natural sciences, mathematics, statistics, as well as engineering and construction industries.

According to Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Labour Residence, permits may be granted for up to 10 years or until the expiration of a foreigner’s passport.

Since February 1, 2024, 785 foreign labour permits have been issued for workers in various sectors including construction, mining and agriculture from China, Turkey, India and Uzbekistan. In addition, 14,600 foreign labour permits were issued at the beginning of 2024 for skilled professionals.

The ministry emphasizes that one of the key objectives of migration policy is to protect the domestic labour market. The total quota for employers set for 2024 is 0.23% of the country’s labour force, equivalent to 22,000 jobs.