Kazakhstan’s economy remains highly energy intensive

ASTANA (TCA) — Kazakhstan ranks 28th in the world in terms of energy intensity of GDP, Minister for Investment and Development of Kazakhstan Aset Isekeshev said at the international conference “Attraction of investments in energy efficiency projects in the public sector and in small and medium-sized enterprises” in Astana on April 7, the official website of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan reported.  

“Some 41% of the world’s energy is consumed by buildings, industries consume 31% and transport consumes 28% of the world’s energy resources. So, given these data, the energy issue will become very relevant,” Isekeshev said.

The minister added that the economy of Kazakhstan is characterized by high energy intensity of GDP, ranking 28th in the world and exceeding energy intensity indicators of the US and Canada twofold.

“In Kazakhstan, 55 percent of energy is supplied by burning coal, 22 percent from natural gas, 19 percent from oil, and 3 percent from hydro power plants,” the minister said.

The conference was organized by the USAID Kazakhstan Climate Change Maintenance Program (КССМР) together with the Institute for Electricity Development and Energy Saving. The conference included reports of speakers engaged in energy projects in Kazakhstan, as well as of invited foreign experts who shared their international experience in energy conservation and efficiency projects.

The КССМР is a three-year project of the US Agency for International Development aimed at supporting Kazakhstan in the long-term and sustainable reduction of the energy intensity of its GDP and greenhouse gas emissions. The project supports the government and the business community of Kazakhstan in implementation of policies and programs for energy efficiency measures.

Sergey Kwan