Kyrgyz-German Business Forum


On June 20, First Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic Adylbek Kasymaliev presided over a Kyrgyz-German business forum hosted by Frankfurt am Main.

Kasymaliev noted that during 32 years of bilateral cooperation, his country’s German partners have implemented several socially significant projects in Kyrgyzstan, including the establishment of an Anti-TB Clinic and a Perinatal Center in Bishkek.

Referencing the facts from 2019-2023, bilateral trade turnover had increased 5.5-fold and over 180 joint Kyrgyz-German enterprises currently operate in Kyrgyzstan, first deputy prime minister emphasized that “the potential of cooperation between the two countries has not been fully realized.”

Calling on German businesses to further their investment in projects in Kyrgyzstan, Kasymaliev stated, “The undertaken fiscal reforms have made it possible for Kyrgyzstan to instigate the most liberal tax regime in Central Asia”, to the great advantage of German companies and entrepreneurs investing in joint ventures.