Kyrgyzstan prioritizes agriculture development


BISHKEK (TCA) — The government of Kyrgyzstan will focus on agriculture development, Prime Minister Temir Sariyev said in the Kyrgyz parliament on February 11.  

“Today there are 742 greenhouses all over the country, which have a total area of 160 hectares. It is planned to build around a thousand new greenhouses,” the governmental press service quoted Sariyev as saying.

The prime minister said it is planned to build a total of ten slaughterhouses in the country, construct three logistics centers for agricultural products, and introduce drip irrigation on more than a thousand hectares of farmland.

Sariyev said that to improve the efficiency of cattle breeding, the government is considering the use of artificial insemination. The project will be implemented in 31 villages throughout the country.

“Work is underway to provide farmers with quality seeds. Last year 65 percent of all seeds used in the country were certified, this year the figure should be increased to 79 percent. There is an agreement with Uzbekistan on the supply of 140 thousand tons of mineral fertilizer. There are plans to extend the area under sugar beet and cotton. The Talas province will also grow some other crops besides [its main crop] beans,” Sariyev said.   

The prime minister also said that starting from February 8, 15 agro-processing enterprises in Kyrgyzstan have been allowed to export their products to Russia as meeting EEU quality requirements.

Sergey Kwan