One of Malaysia’s Largest Supermarket Chains to Open in Uzbekistan

The Uzbek Embassy in Malaysia hosted a meeting with Kin Chai, the founder and executive director of Malaysia’s KK Group of Companies, according to Dunyo news agency. The two sides discussed the implementation of joint investment projects and other areas for mutual collaboration.

Chai specifically mentioned that Uzbekistan appeals to foreign investors because of the different tax and customs breaks offered to them. “We are interested in cooperation with business representatives of Uzbekistan,” he said. “(Our) supermarket chain, which is well-known in Malaysia and operates under the KK Super Mart brand, can also successfully operate in Uzbekistan based on the available opportunities.”

The meeting yielded a decision to launch a chain of KK Super Mart stores in Uzbekistan and to open a trading house for Uzbekistani goods within the KK Group’s retail network. The KK Group’s conglomerate model has businesses in multiple sectors in addition to retail, including construction, e-commerce, and hotel operations. It has more than 800 sales networks across Malaysia.