Son of Former Minister Faces 7-day Administrative Arrest Following Dushanbe Restaurant Altercation

A clash at the Bukhoro-Palace Restaurant in Dushanbe led to the detention of four individuals, including Alisher Gulov, the 25-year-old son of former Minister of Energy and Industry Sherali Gul, and Sherdil Sirojev, son of a prominent Tajik businessman linked to the Jal-Jam bazaar’s demolition in 2019. The Dushanbe Police Directorate’s official website disclosed this incident on December 1, noting the involvement of Alisher Gulov and Sirojev in a major altercation that occurred on the night of November 30.

The detained individuals, comprising Alisher Gulov, Rahmon Mahmadbekov (26), Jasour Khojayev (26), and Suhrob Sharipov (27), all residents of Dushanbe, were confirmed to be in a state of inebriation following a medical examination, as per the official statement.

In adherence to Article 460 of the Administrative Code, classifying disorderly conduct, authorities filed an administrative offense report against them, subsequently transferring the case to a Dushanbe court located in the Ismoili Somoni district. Each individual received a reported sentence of seven days of administrative arrest.

Reports from Radio Liberty’s Tajik Service, known locally as Radio Ozodi, shed light on the confrontation between Alisher Gulov, an Interior Ministry officer, and Sherdil Sirojev. This altercation resulted in injuries sustained by two associates of Gulov, along with Sirojev and his friend Mirsaid, who were subsequently admitted to a hospital for treatment.


Times of Central Asia