Tajikistan’s civil aviation needs financing


DUSHANBE (TCA) — Reconstruction of airports in Tajikistan requires large financial investment, Tajik Transport Minister Sherali Ganjalzoda told a news conference on August 1, Avesta news agency reported.

According to the minister, to develop its civil aviation Tajikistan needs large financial investments for purchasing modern aircraft and reconstruction of landing strips and airport buildings.

The minister said that the landing strips of all international airports in Tajikistan, including in the capital Dushanbe, require reconstruction. The landing strip of the Dushanbe International Airport was last reconstructed back in 2005 and now needs repair.

Due to its short landing strip, the airport of Kurgan-Tyube is not able to receive large planes in winter, and is therefore non-operational during the winter season. The airport of Kurgan-Tyube requires a total of US $50 million for reconstruction, including building a new terminal and a landing strip.  

The minister also said that Tajik airline companies need new, modern aircraft. While private airlines company Somon Air has no serious problems with a lack of aircraft, Tajikistan’s national airlines company Tajik Air is now facing a lack of aircraft.  

Somon Air now has nine operational aircraft, while Tajik Air has only two operational aircraft and another one is under repair.  

The transport minister also said that Tajikistan’s airlines companies currently fly to 12 destinations and run 21 flights per week.

Sergey Kwan