Uzbekistan to process all cotton domestically by 2020


TASHKENT (TCA) — Last year Uzbekistan processed 40 percent of all cotton produced in the country, compared to domestic processing at only 7 percent in 1991, the Jahon information agency reported with reference to the country’s Economy Ministry.

Today, Uzbekistan exports textile products to more than 50 countries. In recent years, the export has been expanded to Brazil, Chile, Croatia, and Nigeria.

The President’s decree of 21 December 2016 “On measures for further development of the textile, garment and knitwear industry in 2017-2019” set new ambitious tasks for the sector.

According to the document, by 2020 all cotton fiber should be processed inside Uzbekistan.

Today, cotton yarn accounts for nearly 50 percent of the cotton export. The task is to increase the export of products with high added value by a gradual reduction of yarn exports.

Currently, the share of finished products in the total volume of production amounts to 47 percent. In the future it is planned to increase this figure to 65.5 percent, as well as to increase the share of finished products in the export from 41 to 70 percent.

Some US $2.2 billion of investments (nearly half of them foreign investments) are to be attracted to the industry in 2017-2020. Special textile complexes will be launched on the basis of a four-phase system that includes all processes, starting from processing and ending with the production of finished products. More than 27 thousand new jobs will be created. It is also planned to organize 120 new and upgrade more than 10 enterprises.

Sergey Kwan