Five Hundred Uzbek Orphans Will Be Provided With New Homes in 2024


Officials in Uzbekistan held an online meeting under the direction of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on February 20th to discuss the top priorities in the realm of social services. One topic raised at the meeting was that the work of juvenile legal and social-assistance centers needs to be improved.

It was stated that these centers ought to be transformed into facilities that deal with childhood issues inherent to those who have challenging upbringings, and that the center should offer complex social services to help children adjust to society.

The President directed that institutions like the School of Life be reorganized. It was also underlined how important it is to give orphans land for farming, and also provide training in entrepreneurship and professions in order to help them fulfill their potential.

The Cabinet of Ministers was set the task of establishing a system to enable orphans and young people who lack parental guidance and affection to find work in state organizations. To help complete this task, a list of young people in dire need of housing will be compiled by the Inson (People) social-service centers. The value of the housing provided to them is set by region and is based on fair market value. The amount of money set aside for these projects this year will total 140 billion som (~$11.2 million). Officials were instructed to provide housing for 500 orphans who are on the waiting list before June 1st.