Kazakhstan developing electronic commerce cooperation with China


ASTANA (TCA) — On October 25, negotiations were held between the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan and a delegation of the Industrial Park of E-commerce of China’s Guangzhou, Atameken reported on its website.

The Chinese delegation was headed by the Chairman of the Industrial Park of E-commerce of Guangzhou Xia Minhan. During the meeting, the two sides discussed cooperation in electronic commerce.

Yuliya Yakupbaeva, Deputy Chairperson of the Board of Atameken, said that the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan together with Atameken is developing a Roadmap for the development of electronic commerce in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan cooperates with various Chinese electronic trading platforms (Alibaba, Jumore, etc.), cashback services, and wholesale trading sites. The potential of China in this direction is very large, Yakupbaeva said.

“China is the main economic locomotive of electronic commerce. At the moment we are studying the world experience, including the legislation of China, Chinese electronic platforms,” said Managing Director and Director of the Department of Small and Medium Business Development of Atameken Dinmukhamed Absattarov.

Chairman of the Industrial Park of E-commerce Guangzhou Xia Minhan said that they are ready to act as an operator in China to promote Kazakhstani agricultural products.

“There are zones on the territory of the technopark that specialize specifically in agro products. We also propose, directly through Atameken, to make technological assistance in the Internet commerce of businessmen, provide support that will open access for Kazakh entrepreneurs to the online platforms of other countries. We can collect a pool of investors from the Chinese side ready to invest in Kazakhstani projects,” Xia Minhan said.

“We are ready to act as a bridge between the business of Kazakhstan and the Guangzhou Industrial Electronic Commerce Park,” Yuliya Yakupbaeva said.

Sergey Kwan