Kazakhstan Launches Modernized Water Pipeline in Atyrau and Mangystau Regions


On December 13th, Kazakhstan unveiled the modernized main water pipeline, Astrakhan-Mangyshlak, in its western Atyrau Region. The significant expansion of this facility was a result of comprehensive reconstruction, directed by President Tokayev’s under the supervision of Kazakhstan’s Prime Minister, Alikhan Smailov.

The upgraded Astrakhan-Mangyshlak pipeline will provide an additional 60,000 cubic meters of water to the population, enterprises, and agriculture of Atyrau and Mangystau regions. The project includes the renewal of worn-out equipment and the replacement of two sections of the main pipeline, totaling about 177 km in length. As a result, the throughput capacity of the Astrakhan-Mangyshlak water pipeline increased from 110,000 to 170,000 cubic meters per day.

“The reconstruction of the water pipeline was completed a year ahead of schedule due to accurate design solutions and rapid construction rates. This marks just one of many large-scale projects planned for the region,” Smailov said.

Additionally, a desalination plant capable of producing 50,000 cubic meters of water per day is currently under construction in the village of Kenderli. From this plant, a 105 km long main water pipeline will be built to Zhanaozen.

Smailov further stated, “Our goal is not only to provide 100% of settlements with clean drinking water by 2026, but also to create a reliable framework for further sustainable water supply to the population and industries10. For this purpose, projects are being implemented to build new and modernize existing hydraulic structures and water conduits. Branching networks are being brought to settlements, and pumping modules from underground sources are being installed in remote villages. We have a lot of work ahead of us.”


Times of Central Asia