President Speaks about Fighting Corruption, New Trade Routes in Eurasia

On December 15th, President Sadyr Japarov addressed the second People’s Kurultai, a national assembly of representatives of the public, to discuss current issues of national importance and develop joint proposals to promote reforms. In his speech, the President laid particular emphasis on the fight against corruption.

“Corruption is a social evil not only of our people, but of all countries of the world. Because of corruption, our country did not develop for almost 30 years, only a few people became rich, and the common people lived in poverty. Currently, anti-corruption measures are in full swing. Billions of dollars are being returned to state coffers,” Japarov said, adding that a war is also being waged against organized criminal groups.

“No investor will invest money in a country with criminal elements. In addition, some officials continue to obstruct investors and engage in bribery and lobbying. All these phenomena harm the image of the country. In this regard, the merciless fight against corruption will continue and intensify,” the President promised.

President Japarov also touched upon the topic of new trade routes for Kyrgyzstan.

“Kyrgyzstan is located on a unique trade route — the Great Silk Road between Europe and Asia. Occupying a convenient geographical location on trade routes, our country can become a bridge between East and West. For this purpose, a new multimodal transport route, the ‘Southern Corridor’ is being developed. In addition, work is underway to open a southern air corridor, which will strengthen air traffic between Kyrgyzstan and China, and connect the airports of Osh and Kashgar.

“At the same time, construction of the China–Kyrgyzstan–Uzbekistan railway will begin in the near future. The pilot project for transporting cargo containers in transit by rail from China to Afghanistan via Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan will continue. The issue of launching a pilot container train linking Iran–Turkmenistan–Uzbekistan-Kyrgyzstan is also being considered. I am confident that these initiatives and ongoing projects will allow Kyrgyzstan to reach a new level of transport and logistics communication with the outside world,” President Japarov concluded.