Quality of Communications Checked in Multiple Regions

The results of monitoring the quality of mobile communications in the cities and districts of Nurek, Dangara, Vose and Kulyab were presented to the Head of the Communications Service of Tajikistan, Bek Sabur, who arrived on a working visit to the Khatlon region. His visit is connected to the implementation of a decree from the President of Tajikistan “On measures to expand non-cash payments.” According to various sources, the level and quality of communications do not meet the requirements.

The press service of the Tajik Communications Service reported that Sabur, together with specialists, tested mobile communications in Nurek, Dangar, Vos and Kulyab. “The main purpose of the trip is to determine the accuracy of coverage of base stations in populated areas and identify problems,” the press service stated.

As a result of the technical inspection, it transpired that not all areas meet the quality requirements for communications. In addition, operator coverage was weak in some places.

“The management of the Communications Service ordered providers to install additional stations at the same time as updating the existing ones,” the department noted, adding that Sabur held a meeting with the residents of Khatlon to get their opinion on the level and quality of mobile communications.

Sabur’s visit followed reports received from all over Tajikistan about the low quality of mobile operator services. Tajiks often complain about slow Internet and poor communication. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of infrastructure development. It is also affected by poor energy supply and insufficient development of modern communication technologies in the country. As a result, a significant part of the population has difficulty accessing the Internet.

Another problem is the lack of investment in the country’s telecommunications industry, although this is slowly being corrected. For example, Tajikistan and China recently signed an agreement that provides for the supply of Chinese equipment to the Republic, which will help improve the quality of the Internet. Tajikistan has also agreed to cooperate with two Russian companies – PITER IX and Digit – in this area.

Sabur instructed officials and mobile companies to urgently eliminate the identified shortcomings in order to provide all regions with stable communications and Internet following the Presidential decree.



Times of Central Asia