Rallies Held in Italy in Support of Saltanat Nukenova

On April 13, rallies were held in Italian cities including Rome, Milan, Turin, Bologna and Florence in support of the deceased wife of former Minister of the National Economy of Kazakhstan, Saltanat Nukenova, demanding stricter legislation against domestic violence.

The organizers of stressed the importance of exercising the civil right to free assembly and expressed solidarity with victims of domestic violence.

The rallies were held in the central squares of different cities, including near St. Mary’s Church in Rome. A popular slogan at the actions against violence against women was “No Excuse For Abuse.”

Participants at the rally shouted slogans, such as “If he hits you, he’ll go to jail”; “For Saltanat”; “Every woman is unique!”; “You are not alone”; “There is no justification for violence”. A similar event was also held in Barcelona on the same day.

The rallies were held against the backdrop of the trial of Nukenova’s former husband; politician Kuandyk Bishimbayev stands accused of her murder.


Times of Central Asia