Video of Beating of Saltanat Nukenova on the Day of Her Death Presented in Court

At the fourth court session on April 3 of the murder case of Saltanat Nukenova, a video was presented which depicts the moment of her beating on the day of her death.

The video shows former Minister of the National Economy, Kuandyk Bishimbayev, delivering several blows to Nukenova’s head area after they went up to the second floor of a restaurant at 7:17 a.m. on November 8, 2023.


The video also shows Nukenova falling to the floor after the blows, and then Bishimbayev begin kicking her in the buttocks area. He then lifted her up by the hair and once again hit her hard in the head. These events were described by the prosecutor, Aizhan Aimaganova at the trial.

“He hit her again. She fell down again. Then he lifted the latter by the hair and dragged her to stall number one. Further, at 8:08am, Bishimbayev left the stall with a bare torso, took alcohol from the bar and returned again. At 9:27 a.m. Bishimbayev exited again with his bare torso into the common area and returned within a minute. At 9:58, Baizhanov arrived at the restaurant,” the prosecutor said.

The victim’s lawyers asked the jury to pay attention to the fact that on the video recording Saltanat Nukenova tried to stay away from Bishimbayev and behaved calmly, even when the ex-minister pressed her against the wall and hit her. The defendant’s lawyers stated that Bishimbayev was just “stroking” Nukenova’s face. In response, the victim’s side expressed indignation.

The court session ended with the announcement that the next session is scheduled for April 4 at 10:00.

Times of Central Asia

Times of Central Asia

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