Kazakhstan companies ready to invest in Afghanistan

KABUL (TCA) — A quadrilateral agreement between Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan will be signed in the near future to improve trade relations between the regional countries, the Afghan Minister of Commerce and Industries Humayun Rasa said during his visit to Kazakhstan last Saturday, Afghan broadcaster TOLOnews reported.

Over 30 representatives of Afghanistan’s government and the private sector attended the meeting in Kazakhstan.

The delegation from Afghanistan signed a memorandum of understanding with Kazakhstan officials to resolve trade issues between the two countries.

The Afghan Minister of Commerce and Industries Humayun Rasa said the Afghan government is ready to pave the way for Kazakhstan investors to do business in Afghanistan.

“Our law is one of the most liberal in the region. It does not discriminate against foreign investors in favor of local investors,” Rasa said.

He said the tax system in Afghanistan is the lowest in the region.

At the meeting, officials from the Ministry for Investment and Development of Kazakhstan said Kazakh investors are keen to invest in Afghanistan.

“Different companies have visited Afghanistan and have been able to find their joint ventures in this country. We continue our efforts to speed up the process by improving trade and transit ties between Afghanistan and Kazakhstan and increase the number of private sector meetings,” said Arystan Kabikenov, Deputy Minister of Investment and Development of Kazakhstan.

Sergey Kwan