Kazakhstan Launches Online Safety Campaign

UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, launched the online safety campaign CYBER TUMAR in Kazakhstan on February 6th, to coincide with International Safer Internet Day.

Created in partnership with UNICEF Kazakhstan and the European Union, CYBER TUMAR is a set of tools that helps young people to use the internet safely. These include posters explaining what to do when faced with various risks, materials with practical advice from IT experts, and educational videos.

The campaign focuses on the main risks that children face while using the internet: cyberbullying, content that is inappropriate or banned, digital risks to safety and privacy, and internet addiction. 

“The internet is no longer only a means of gathering information but also of communicating. Therefore, people should be taught how best to use the internet’s communication capabilities to maximize its benefits and minimize its risks from an early age,” said Nasimzhan Ospanova, chairperson of Kazakhstan’s Committee for the Protection of Children’s Rights. “Conducting the CYBER TUMAR informational and educational campaign is an important and timely measure to help ensure children’s information security and strengthen parents’ responsibility to monitor their children’s access to information online.”

Kestutis Jankauskas, the EU’s ambassador to Kazakhstan, added: “The internet has become an integral part of our daily lives and will certainly be an even more important element for our children. As parents, we strive to ensure the safety of our children in various spheres – at school, on the street, and of course, in the digital world. We believe that our campaign will help raise awareness among both parents and children. Together, we can create a safe and enjoyable online space for all children.” 

“We hope that CYBER TUMAR will become a modern symbol of protection for Kazakhstani children from online threats,” said Laetitia Bazzi-Veil, a representative of UNICEF in Kazakhstan. “Every child makes not only real, but also first virtual steps. And it is very important to give a child protection as early as possible, which will help them to grow up safely in the digital space. CYBER TUMAR will contribute to better protect children from inappropriate content, contact and behavior on the internet.”


Times of Central Asia