Online Viral Action #ZaSaltanat: Women of Kazakhstan Oppose Stereotypes About Domestic Violence

The trial of Former Minister of National Economy of Kazakhstan, Kuandyk Bishimbayev, accused of murdering his wife, Saltanat Nukenova, continues. During the hearing, Bishimbayev’s lawyers have repeatedly attempted to emphasize that Saltanat, who died from a beating, led a promiscuous lifestyle, including the constant consumption of alcohol. Such arguments caused great displeasure on the part of Dina Tansari, head of the fund, who expressed her support for the deceased and launched an online flashmob action, #ZaSaltanat.

“Bishimbayev’s lawyers are trying to blame the deceased Saltanat for her life choices. But what is source of this blame – the fact that she could have had a glass of wine or any other beverage? Join me. Post your pictures with a glass and the caption: ‘If you see me with a glass of wine, it doesn’t mean it’s okay to kill me!’,” Tansari urged.

Thousands of women from Kazakhstan supported the viral action, posting photos with a glass of wine on social media to draw attention to the spurious claims of the ex-minister and his advocats.

Media personalities, actresses, TV presenters, public figures and ordinary housewives joined the action, emphasizing the importance of drawing attention to this tragedy and supporting the victims of domestic violence.


Times of Central Asia