Turkey the largest importer of Tajik cotton

DUSHANBE (TCA) — In 2015 Tajikistan exported around 108 thousand tons of raw cotton for US $144.5 million, an almost 25-percent increase compared to 2014, Avesta news agency reported.

According to Tajikistan’s Statistics Agency, Turkey was the largest importer of Tajik cotton — more than 37 thousand tons worth over $50 million (35 percent of the total Tajik cotton export).  

Last year Tajikistan also exported cotton to Iran (23.6 percent of the total), Russia (19 percent), Pakistan (13.6 percent), and ten other countries.

According to official statistics, Tajikistan annually produces more than 100 thousand tons of raw cotton but local enterprises process only 8%-10% of that amount. The remaining cotton goes for export.   

The reason for the low cotton processing by domestic companies is the lack of working capital, no sales markets for finished products, and obsolete production equipment.   

It was earlier reported that Tajikistan planned to double domestic cotton processing in 2015. According to the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies, cotton processing was to be increased due to commissioning of new and modernization of existing production facilities.  

In 2014, Tajikistan processed around 10 thousand tons of raw cotton. Last year, the figure was planned to reach 25 thousand tons.   

“In 2016 a significant increase in the cotton processing is expected due to commissioning of large production facilities. Cotton processing in 2016 is expected to amount to around 40 thousand tons. By that time, it is planned to launch a large textile complex in the Dangara district of the Khatlon province,” Avesta earlier reported citing a source in the ministry.