Turkmenistan Border Seeing Illegal Economic Activities Committed From Afghanistan’s Side

Citizens of Afghanistan are using thousands of square kilometers of territory that border Turkmenistan for illicit economic purposes. Specifically, Afghans graze on the land illegally, engage in unrestrained hunting, and gather fruits from wild trees, according to a report by the Chronicles of Turkmenistan, which cited a MeteoJournal.ru story that analyzed satellite photos of the region.

The Turkmenistan-Afghanistan border region is a control zone, which is a section of any border with restricted access that is between a few meters and several kilometers deep. It’s also commonly referred to as a “neutral” zone.

According to MeteoJournal, satellite images show that Afghans are freely entering this area of Turkmenistan, mostly for the purpose of raising livestock. One photo depicts a herd of sheep, as well as a sudden change in the density of vegetation along the line of engineering structures that delimit the border zone within the territory of Turkmenistan. Where the herds graze in front of the engineering structures, there is hardly any vegetation.

Additionally, Turkmenistan’s border zone experiences regular fires, according to MeteoJournal. Environmentalist Andrey Zatoka speculated that intentional grass burning may have caused the fires. Intentional burning of lands used for grazing by livestock is a common tool used by farmers around the world to cultivate vegetation for their animals.

According to the publication’s Telegram channel, a powerful DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack started after this content was posted on the MeteoJournal website –and has been ongoing for the past few days.


Times of Central Asia