Company in Uzbekistan Sanctioned by UK

British authorities have recently imposed fresh sanctions targeting individuals and entities suspected of aiding the “Russian military apparatus,” which notably includes Uzbekistan-based company Mvizion. This expanded sanctions list encompasses 46 entities linked to weapons production or the import of defense goods for Russia, comprising thirty foreign enterprises, among them those from Uzbekistan.

A statement from UK authorities outlined, “Today’s measures will prevent Putin from outfitting his military through intermediary supply chains in Belarus, China, Serbia, Turkey, the UAE, and Uzbekistan,” citing Mvizion’s role as an intermediary in supplying spare parts to Russia.

Mvizion had previously been sanctioned by the United States in November, linked by the US Department of Commerce to drone production for the Russian armed forces.

The Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations shows Mvizion’s registration on June 14, 2022, with its primary activity listed as the “wholesale of electronic and telecommunication equipment and related spare parts.” Igor Nikolaevich Ievlev is identified as the sole founder and director.

David O’Sullivan, the EU Special Envoy for Sanctions, addressed Uzbekistan’s efforts to counter the re-export of European goods under sanctions to Russia, emphasizing the significance of economic diversification for the country. “We do not intend to disrupt Uzbekistan’s traditional trade relations,” he emphasized.