Kyrgyz government aimed at minimizing external risk factors


BISHKEK (TCA) — The year 2016 will not be less difficult than last year as external risks continue to persist, Kyrgyzstan’s Economy Minister Arzybek Kojoshev told a news conference on the country’s results in 2015 and tasks for 2016, the press service of the Economy Ministry said.    

In the minister’s words, the Government of Kyrgyzstan has prepared an action plan for this year.

The plan will focus on the following measures:

– Ensuring sustainable economic development by involving all available resources and reserves for economic growth, including money from the Russian-Kyrgyz Investment Fund;
– Development of Kyrgyzstan’s regions with the focus on cities selected to become drivers of economic growth;

– Integration of the Kyrgyz economy with the Eurasian Economic Union by diversification of exports, preservation of liberal foreign trade policies, and increase in foreign trade;

– Support of entrepreneurship and attraction of investments;

– Development of infrastructure and transit potential (with the support from international donors);

– Energy saving and improvement of energy efficiency to reduce the power deficit in the country.

Important conditions for full implementation of the Government’s plan this year are preservation of political stability in the country and taking preventive measures aimed at reducing the effects of external and internal shocks on the national economy.      

The Government has already taken some measures, such as the establishment of the state mortgage lending company to implement the affordable housing program, and low-interest lending to agricultural producers and exporters.

Sergey Kwan