Monument to Al-Beruniy erected in the USA

@”Nigoh” telegram channel

The bust was installed in front of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Washington DC, and it was noted that it is a scientific bridge between the two countries. On January 22 of this year, a monument depicting the figure of the great scientist Al-Beruniy was opened in the US capital. The bust was installed in front of the Embassy of Uzbekistan. Frederick Starr, chairman of the Central Asia and Caucasus Institute at Johns Hopkins University, author of the book “The Genius of their Age” dedicated to Al-Beruniy and Ibn Sina, and others took part in the opening ceremony.

Furqat Siddikov, the ambassador of Uzbekistan to the United States and Canada, stated that Al-Beruniy was the one who first discovered this continent before America was established. In this sense, knowledge is shared. By conducting research in particular sciences, he left an unparalleled legacy.

The ambassador described Al-Beruniy as a scientific bridge uniting two nations.

“As Americans learn about this scientist, their views on Uzbekistan will expand, nations will come closer to each other” said the ambassador.