Uzbekistan’s First Quarter 2024 Gold Exports Rise to $2.66 Billion

Uzbekistan exported gold worth $2.66 billion in the first quarter (January-March) of 2024.

In 1Q 2024, Uzbekistan’s total foreign trade turnover amounted to $15.8 billion, which is almost $1 billion (6.2%) more than in the same period in 2023. Exports increased by 10% to $6.38 billion, and imports increased to $9.44 billion. The foreign trade deficit decreased slightly and amounted to $3.05 billion, which is $232.2 million less than in 2023.

In 1Q 2024, gold exports increased by 10.5% annually and amounted to $2.66 billion — in 1Q 2023, the figure was $2.41 billion. Revenues from gold exports comprised 41.7% of the country’s total exports. More than $1.35 billion worth of gold was exported in March, or nearly the same amount as in February ($1.32 billion).

Looking at the total annual figures, in 2023 Uzbekistan’s total export volume was $24.4 billion. Of that sum, 33.4%, or $8.1 billion, was accounted for by gold exports.