Chinese Entrepreneurs to Help Address Environmental Issues in Uzbekistan

An Action Plan has been signed to develop cooperation between the Ministry of Ecology, Environmental Protection and Climate Change of Uzbekistan and the Association of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Uzbekistan.

According to the ministry, the Plan covers a wide range of activities, including the construction of a waste incineration plant and the establishment of a high-tech industrial park (eco-industrial park). It also includes the introduction of an online environmental monitoring system for key polluting enterprises and the introduction of wastewater treatment technology.

Alongside the Action Plan, ongoing cooperation between the parties will further the exchange of knowledge and best practices in combating desertification and creating green belts.

In addition, the Ministry and the Association of Chinese Entrepreneurs reviewed proposals for the development of green technology projects, the recycling of household and solid waste, prevention of air pollution, and eco-tourism. The application of Chinese experience in landscaping desert areas and creating seedling farms was also discussed.


Times of Central Asia