Set of Quadruplets Born in Dushanbe


A set of quadruplets, one boy and three girls, have been born in Dushanbe. They weigh between 1.8 and 2.2 kg, and doctors have declared the newborns to be in good health. The quadruplets’ parents intended to give them the names Ahmadjan, Hosiya, Aliya, and Sumaya.

The family doesn’t yet own a home, are paying exorbitant rent for a one-room apartment, and are seeking assistance from the government. The father of the quadruplets, Kanoatsho Khudoyorov, hopes they will be assigned a one-room apartment in the capital, saying their load would be lessened multiple times over by such a kind deed. “It is difficult to look after and feed children in the village,” he stated. Parents with four or more children have, for a few years now, been eligible for housing assistance or financial aid from the government.

While Khudoyorov is very happy about the birth of his children, he’s also concerned about the family’s future, because, as the kids get older, the cost will only mount. He finds it challenging to find work that pays the rent, utility bills, and the kids’ needs. “We pay 4,000 somoni ($365) for this apartment; the term ends on February 10, and I need to find a cheaper apartment. My salary is not enough for everything,” said the construction worker.

This is the second instance of quadruplets born this year in Tajikistan. Two sons and two daughters were born on January 14th to 27-year-old Mijgona Asoeva of Kizilkala village in the Khatlon Region.