Uzbekistan to Participate in International TALIS Study for First Time in 2024


At a press conference on 1 April, the Information and Mass Communications Agency announced that Uzbekistan is to participate in the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe’s (OECD) Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS).

Referencing the alarming rise in mental stress amongst teachers across the educational sector, Laziz Khojakulov, head of the Ministry of Preschool and School Education’s Department of Strategic Development and International Ratings, stated, “Not only in Uzbekistan, but all over the world, teachers have social and emotional problems.”

He then noted two measures being taken by the ministry to address the issue.

“First of all, there are international TALIS studies, starting from the public education systems and continuing to the preschool and school education system, in which the attitude of teachers toward their profession and the effects on it are studied. This is something new to us. Secondly, we plan to sign up to a joint project to work on the socio-emotional conditions of teachers in the direction of continuous professional development in cooperation with the UNESCO organization.”

The ministry also plans to introduce special training courses for teachers to overcome mental stress and tension.

In a statement to, Sardor Rajabov, deputy minister of Preschool and School Education, confirmed that 210 of Uzbekistan’s schools have been selected to take part in the TALIS survey for the first time in April and May of 2024.

The worldwide TALIS study focuses on pedagogical and professional practices of educators, school administrators, and staff members, and also works within educational environments in schools to provide analysis on issues drawn from consistent and trustworthy data. The OECD has been conducting its study since 2008, with surveys conducted every six years.