Kazakhstan to Satisfy Italy’s Appetite for Horsemeat

The Kazakh Minister of Trade and Integration Arman Shakkaliev has announced plans by Kazakhstan and Italy to create a joint product brand ‘Made in Kazakhstan’.

The venture aims to address Italy’s growing demand for horsemeat; a commodity currently imported from other countries and reportedly valued at over $140 million worth per year.

In addition to chilled horsemeat, the minister reported that ‘Made in Kazakhstan’ would also supply Italy with locally sourced caviar and honey.

The initiative will benefit both countries. For Italy, it represents a fresh source of high-quality meat for the country’s economically significant restaurant sector, and for Kazakhstan, open up a new market which by promoting agricultural development, will contribute to economical growth, especially in rural communities.

Kazakhstan is currently a major supplier of horsemeat to countries such as Mongolia, Argentina and Uruguay.


Times of Central Asia