Turkmenistan Bans Iranian Colas and Face Creams

Authorities in Turkmenistan have introduced a number of new import restrictions, according to a report by correspondents from the Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

At the request of Iran, the Bajgiran border crossing with Turkmenistan was closed from February 25 to March 11. The crossing is now operational, but imports of bottles of cola and hand and face cream from Iran are forbidden. Customs officials cited the discovery in February of multiple individuals smuggling drugs in cola and face cream bottles as justification for the import ban on those specific goods.

Permits for commercial border crossings are granted for six months at a time, and certificates and other paperwork have to be compiled by those who wish to extend their permits. These are now only accepted on one working day per month, as opposed to previously being accepted on any working day. The one working day per month is also subject to change. On that one day, authorities will accept documents from up to 100 people.

The prohibition on import of goods that are in high demand has already dealt a serious blow to cross-border merchants and traders — even though many of them have valid permits to enter the neighboring country, and the prospects for getting new ones include a long, arduous process.


Times of Central Asia