Import of Chinese Cars to Kyrgyzstan Surges, with Russia as Final Destination

A total of 57,000 cars were imported into Kyrgyzstan from China from January-November 2023, according to China’s customs statistics, more than a 49-fold increase compared to the 1,200 vehicles imported from January-November 2022. In monetary terms, imports increased 62-fold, and the average car price increased by over 25% – up to $29,700.

In November, the official website of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China reported that exports of cars through the land port in the Kizilsu Kyrgyz Autonomous Prefecture in western Xinjiang (bordering Kyrgyzstan) has surged about fourfold this year to reach 35,000. According to the port management committee, nearly 80% of those cars were new energy vehicles.

Chinese vehicles are mainly exported to Russia via Central Asian countries, Chinese officials say. Since the introduction of Western sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, China has become the main supplier of new cars to the Russian Federation, accounting for about 80% of all imports.


Times of Central Asia