Kazakhstan Prepares to Host Fifth World Nomad Games

On January 8th, the Minister of Tourism and Sports of Kazakhstan, Yermek Marzhikpayev chaired a meeting on the progress of preparations for the fifth World Nomad Games, which are to be held in Kazakhstan later this year. The meeting was attended by the leadership of the Association of Traditional Sports, the directorate for the World Nomad Games, and the presidents of federations of traditional sports.

Marzhikpayev referred to President Tokayev, who in an interview with the Egemen Kazakhstan newspaper earlier this month stressed the importance for the nation of this major sporting event.

“To fulfill instructions of the Head of State, it is necessary to host the World Nomad Games at an outstanding level,” Marzhikpayev stated. “Therefore, we must clearly define what measures have been taken to date and what tasks lie ahead. All remaining problems must be resolved as soon as possible. Preparations for the Games are going according to plan. However, the training of national sports teams must be first-rate. It is necessary to provide athletes with high-quality conditions and fully resolve all financial issues.”

It is expected that delegations from more than a hundred countries will visit Kazakhstan for the games, which will include twenty competitive and ten demonstration events, with 110 sets of medals will being competed for. Equestrian sports, traditional wrestling, archery, bird hunting, and traditional intellectual games will all be included.

The World Nomad Games were initiated by the government of Kyrgyzstan in 2012 for the revival and preservation of the culture of nomadic civilizations. The First World Nomad Games were held in September 2014 in the resort city of Cholpon-Ata on Lake Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan.