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BISHKEK, May 4 (CentralAsiaOnline) – The online Google Translate service will begin translating to and from Kyrgyz language this fall, Ene Til (Mother Tongue) Project manager Atai Zhunushov said May 2. 

“We’ve finished the first phase of the project, in which we sent Google managers 1.2m words,” he said. “But that isn’t enough for Google Translate to translate Kyrgyz. Google managers recommended we build up the Kyrgyz-language content in Wikipedia.” 

Embassies in Kyrgyzstan, international organizations and sponsors gave Ene Til 1.2m KGS (US $25,600) for the first project phase, Zhunushov said.

During the second phase, which will cost 700,000 KGS (US $14,900), Ene Til employees will increase the number of Kyrgyz-language articles on Wikipedia to 50,000 from 6,000 and will increase the number of Kyrgyz-language sites by this autumn, Zhunushov said.

The Kyrgyz version of Google Translate should appear on the Web by September.


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