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OSH, May 29 (TCA) - May 25 the Kyrgyz Border Troops reported their achievements in the first four months of 2012 at the briefing. 

In that period, the Kyrgyz Border Troops detained 59 illegal border-crossers, recorded 32 border violations, seized 66.38kg of narcotics and seized contraband worth almost 6.3m KGS (US $132,900), Col. Taalaybek Adashpasov said in Osh, CentralAsiaOnline news site reported. 

Kyrgyzstan’s drug control agency has set up a new narco-post on the southern border with Tajikistan at the village of Arka district in Batken province, with financial and technical assistance from the U.S. Central Command, whose military forces are deployed in Afghanistan, source of around 90 percent of the world’s heroin used in making opium, according to Universal Newswires.

Also to improve border security, the government approved a strategy for border management up to 2022, which defines the basic directions for developing border security in the near term.


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