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TASHKENT, December 27 (TCA) — In 2013 Uzavtoprom, which is made up of automotive enterprises in Uzbekistan, will commission new facilities producing automotive components worth US $57.5 million, according to Uzbekistan’s Cabinet of Ministers.

The Uzbek government has approved a list of ten projects for the production of components as part of the localization program. The main portion of projects is designed to increase the localization of vehicles manufactured at the GM Uzbekistan JV (Asaka, Andijan region).

The plan is to start the production of car windows, polypropylene compounds, and internal and external trim details by the end of 2013 as part of the program. The projects will raise the average level of the automotive industry’s localization to 55 percent, instead of 49.6 percent it is expected to be at by the end of 2012.

Investment in Uzbekistan’s automotive industry has so far reached about US $1.9 billion. Uzavtoprom was established in 2004. The company consists of more than 20 companies, including 16 joint ventures.

The largest companies are GM Uzbekistan JV, which produces cars; and the Samarkand Automobile Plant (Samarkand region), which produces buses and trucks.


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