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  1. Peace Following Kyrgyz-Tajik Clashes Allows Hydro Engineers to Visit Tajikistan
  2. Record Numbers of Pink Flamingos Are Wintering in Turkmenistan
  3. The Cost of Bread and Flour in Turkmenistan is Steeply Rising
  4. Kazakhstan Peacekeepers Deployed to Golan Heights
  5. Major Kazakh Oil Company Fined Over Fire that Wasn’t Extinguished for 200 Days
  6. Nearly 750,000 Students in Kazakhstan to Get a New School
  7. Eco-Activists Tackle Dust Storms on Karakalpakstan’s Aral Sea
  8. Kazakhstan Receives $46 Million Grant From World Bank’s Pandemic Fund
  9. China Replaces Russia as Kazakhstan’s Biggest Trade Partner
  10. U.S. Company Takes Over Kazakh Locomotive Plant
  11. Uzbekistan Ranks First in Central Asia in Number of Marriages and Last in Divorces
  12. EBRD and Shinhan Bank Upgrade Almaty’s Atakent Conference Hub
  13. Central Asians Continue Working in South Korea Despite Legal Issues
  14. Daughter of Uzbekistan’s First President Sells Beverly Hills Home for $36 Million
  15. Kyrgyzstan’s Kumtor Begins Underground Gold Mining
  16. Kazakhstan Mulls Alternative Freight Routes
  17. Germany and Kazakhstan Expand Their Partnership
  18. EDB Reports Economic Growth in Three Central Asian Countries
  19. Problems and Prospects for Development: Raushan Yeschanova on Art in Kazakhstan
  20. What to Expect from Central Asian Economies in 2024
  21. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan To Build ‘Central Asia’ Industrial Center
  22. IFC Invests in Tajikistan’s First Green Bond
  23. Kyrgyzstan Sees Surge In Car Imports From China
  24. It Has Been 25 years Since the Terrorist Attack in Tashkent
  25. Uzbek Children for Sale: What Compels Mothers to Part With Their Young Ones?
  26. Kazakhstan’s Dimash Kudaibergen becomes UN Ambassador
  27. Qatari Companies to Invest $500m in Kazakhstan’s Agriculture
  28. Kyrgyzstan’s Migrant Workers Remitted $2.7 Billion in 2023
  29. Germany Interested in Kazakh Lithium
  30. U.S. Embassy Creates English Textbooks for Schools in Tajikistan
  31. Gold Kyrgyzstan’s Main Export Item in 2023
  32. Death of Navalny Met With Mixed Feelings in Central Asia
  33. Kyrgyzstan’s President Declares Own Multi-Million Dollar Property as Part of Asset Legalization
  34. Time for the U.S. to Cement a “Nuclear-Weapon-Free” Central Asia
  35. Foreign Companies Operating in Kazakhstan Double in Five Years
  36. Child Brides, Forced Marriages Among Gender Equality Topics
  37. Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan Move to Simplify Travel Rules for Each Other’s Citizens
  38. Uzbekistan Builds First Wind Farm
  39. Global Ecological Connectivity Partnership Launches in Uzbekistan
  40. EBRD Acquires Stake in Air Astana
  41. One Health Nature Conservation Project Launches in Central Asia
  42. Air Astana: LSE’s largest IPO of 2024 Set to Test Appetite of Investors
  43. Doha Hosts Kazakhstan–Qatar Investment Roundtable
  44. Kazakhstan’s Proposed Nuclear Power Plant: a Geopolitical Tightrope amid Environmental Concerns
  45. Bridging East and West: Kazakhstan’s Changing Foreign Policy in the 2020s
  46. Kazakhstan Uses Income Declaration to Fight the Shadow Economy
  47. Kazakhstan’s President Among First Foreign Leaders to Address Quorum of Qatar’s Parliament
  48. Women in Uzbekistan May Now Drive Buses and Heavy Trucks
  49. Doctors, Teachers Among Lowest-Paid Trained Professions in Uzbekistan
  50. Kazakhstan Continues Countdown Ahead of Move to Single Unified Timezone
  51. Kazakhstan to Team Up With Turkish Partner to Produce Warships at Caspian Port
  52. USAID Helps To Eradicate Tuberculosis In Tajikistan
  53. Cocaine Smuggled Into Kazakhstan From Italy and Poland Hidden in Coffee Capsules
  54. Uzbekistan Launches Reforms to Boost Economy
  55. Almaty the Most Popular Tourist Destination in Kazakhstan
  56. Kyrgyzstan’s Military Blasts Mountains With Anti-Aircraft Guns for Avalanche Safety
  57. Kozy Korpesh – Bayan Sulu: Kazakhstan’s Valentine’s Day
  58. US and Central Asian Countries Launch C5+1 Critical Minerals Dialog
  59. Kazakhstan’s Government aims For 6% Economic Growth
  60. Uzbekistan’s Lake Julturbas Added to List Of Vital Wetlands
  61. Kazakhstan to Build Supercomputer
  62. Why Are You Allowed and We Are Not? Japarov Responds to U.S. on Foreign Agents Law
  63. Central Asia’s First Green University Opens in Uzbekistan
  64. Central Asian Countries Work together to Protect Migratory Species
  65. Farmers in Uzbekistan to Receive 60,000 Hectares of Land
  66. EDB Plans $3.5bn investment in Kazakhstan Projects in 2024
  67. Kyrgyz Court Rules in Favor of Shutting Down another Mass Media Outlet
  68. Two New tourist Stops Open on Kyrgyzstan’s Silk Road
  69. Uzbekistan Warns of Labor Migration Fraud involving United States
  70. Cases of Hepatitis, Measles and influenza Spiking across Central Asia
  71. Water Crisis in Uzbekistan: an interview with Eco-journalist Nargis Kosimova
  72. Endangered Fish Species in the Amu Darya Basin May Disappear Due to Hydropower Plants
  73. Uzbekistan Continues Switching Public Transport to Electric-Powered
  74. Potential Water Crisis in Uzbekistan: An Interview with Eco-journalist Nargis Kosimova
  75. How Kazakhs see their personal and national well-being at the end of 2023
  76. Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Business Forum Held in Ankara
  77. Georgia to Help Kazakhstan Develop Olive Production
  78. Shares of Air Astana Begin Trading on Local and London Bourse
  79. Japan-Funded Project Helps Tajikistan Manage Its Border With Afghanistan
  80. Thirty-Three Children Die from Influenza
  81. China The Largest Foreign Investor In Uzbekistan
  82. China Lifts Restrictions On Importing Livestock From Kazakhstan
  83. Tajikistan Struggling With Cost of Imports
  84. Kazakhstan And Great Britain Discuss Further Cooperation
  85. Inspection of TPP in Tashkent Region Reveals Harmful Emissions
  86. Karaganda Authorities Refuse Picket Over Renaming Nursultan Nazarbayev Avenue
  87. Central Asia’s First Center for the Support of Women and Girls to Open in Kyrgyzstan
  88. Uzbekistan to Strengthen Protections Against Domestic Violence
  89. Turkmenistan Participates in Meeting on Ending Discrimination Against Women
  90. Tajikistan’s Hajj Pilgrims Reach Record Numbers
  91. U.S. State Department Asks Kyrgyzstan To Reconsider Foreign Agents Law
  92. Lukashenko In Uzbekistan To Talk Trade
  93. EDB To Help Tajikistan’s Somon Air Buy Two Aircraft
  94. Kyrgyzstan To Pay Over $1.2bn Of Foreign Debt Before 2026
  95. Kazakhstan And Hungary To Cooperate On Petrochemicals
  96. Kazakhstan To Work With United Kingdom On Green Energy
  97. Keeping Central Asia Out of Conflicts: An Interview with Political Analyst Uran Usenov
  98. Kyrgyz Authorities Confiscate $35 Million of Oligarch Matraimov’s Assets – Plan to Nationalize Another $50 million of Property
  99. Kazakhstan Claws Back Another $98.5 Million From Nazarbayev’s Nephew
  100. Russian E-Commerce Giant Wildberries Heads for Tajikistan, Turkmenistan
  101. Rahmon Approves New Leadership of Anti-Corruption Agency
  102. Kazakhstan Shapes an Ambitious Future
  103. Turkmenneft Building Closer Relationship With UAE’s Dragon Oil
  104. From Sabotage to Negligence: Kyrgyz Parliament Seeks to Hold Bishkek Plant Management Accountable After Accident
  105. Kazakhstan Launches Online Safety Campaign
  106. Kazakhstan Extends Oil Exports To Germany
  107. Uzbekistan Boosts Electric Vehicle Industry
  108. Kazakhstan Political Experts Outline Tasks Ahead for New Government
  109. Turkmen Prosecutors Fired as a ‘Public Flogging’ in an Attempt to Curb Corruption
  110. Tokayev Outlines Vision for New Government of Kazakhstan
  111. World Bank’s Kyrgyzstan Head Discusses Energy Sector Needs
  112. All Kyrgyz Citizens in Need of Kidney Transplants to Receive Free Operations
  113. Uzbekistan Sold the Second Most Gold Last Year; Kazakhstan Held Top Spot
  114. Set of Quadruplets Born in Dushanbe
  115. One of Malaysia’s Largest Supermarket Chains to Open in Uzbekistan
  116. Kazakhstan Produces Over Half Of The EU’s Critical Raw Materials
  117. Stepping Out of Stalin’s Shadow: Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan Demarcate 90% of Border
  118. Tajik President, Kyrgyz FM Discuss Border Delimitation
  119. Kazakhstan To Increase Oil Shipping Along Trans-Caspian Route
  120. Kazakhstan To Co-Chair Conference On Nuclear Security
  121. Harnessing Social Media for Social Change: An Interview with Tashkent-based Eco-Blogger Mutabar Khushvaktova
  122. Bektenov Named as New Prime Minister of Kazakhstan
  123. Residents of Central Kazakhstan Village Arrested For Trying To Halt Saiga Killings
  124. Almaty Woman Protests Banning Of Women’s Rights March
  125. Uzbekistan Tightens Requirements for Medicine Sales and Storage
  126. Uzbekistan, Germany to Establish Informational Platform for Tourists
  127. Turkmenistan Sends 2,000 Tons Of Liquefied Gas To Kyrgyzstan
  128. Kazakhstan Urges EEU Countries To Develop Transport Infrastructure
  129. Kyrgyzstan To Breed Belgian Blue Cows
  130. Kazakhstan’s Economy Forecast To Grow By 5.3% In 2024
  131. UNDP Supports Sustainable Development of Caspian Region
  132. Understanding the Changes in the Kazakhstan Government
  133. Kazakhstan’s Government Resigns Amidst Sweeping Reforms
  134. Central Asia’s Mineral Wealth Can Help the West Unlock a Greener Future
  135. USAID Helps Improve Kazakhstan’s Investment Legislation
  136. Bishkek Heating Plant To Be Modernized After Breakdown
  137. Uzbekistan To Increase Agricultural Exports
  138. Year 2022 Marked the Beginning of the End of Nazarbayev’s Rule
  139. Elbasy No More: Monument to Nazarbayev Removed From National Museum
  140. Domestic Violence Victims Can Now Obtain EU Refugee Status After Ruling
  141. The Global Family: How Would-Be Parents From Abroad Adopt Kazakhstani Children
  142. Uzbekistan’s Rare Ancient Trees Cut Down Illegally Once Again
  143. U.S.-Kazakhstan Relations: Trade Revenue Has Risen to Record Highs, But Investments From U.S. Side Have Fallen
  144. Uzbekneftegaz Partners With Canadian Firm Condor Energies
  145. Kazakhstan And Kyrgyzstan Address Border And Water Issues
  146. Kyrgyzstan Looks To Harness Geothermal Energy
  147. Drip Irrigation Equipment Plant To Open In South Kazakhstan
  148. Plans Underway For Central Asia’s First Privately Owned Airport
  149. Uzbek Film “Dreamers” Wins Award at Cannes World Film Festival
  150. Chinese Partners To Help Modernize Uzbekistan’s Electric Power Industry
  151. Almaty Hosts First SCO Digital Forum
  152. Bishkek Plans A Cable Car Line
  153. World Bank Provides Additional Support For Rural Water Services In Kyrgyzstan
  154. 70% Of Kazakhstanis Happy With Their Life, World Bank Survey Finds
  155. Electronic Devices Banned From Classrooms
  156. Earthquakes Rekindle Fears Over Lake Sarez
  157. Kyrgyz Gold Mines Produce Over 20 Tons Annually, But Local Jewelers Pay Above Global Price
  158. Kyrgyzstan Wins ICC Case Against Kazakh State Gas Company
  159. Indian Pharma Makes Changes After Cough Syrup Kills Uzbek Children
  160. Model From Kazakhstan Receives Top Award From U.S. Social Media Firm
  161. Central Asia’s Only Intercity Trolleybus System: Where Does It Run And How Does It Work?
  162. Kazakhstan Tries To Ward Off Locust Invasion
  163. Kazakhstan Produced Four Million Tons of Steel In 2023
  164. Trans-Caspian Corridor Receives Boost
  165. Kazakhstan Searches For More Military Personnel
  166. Uzbekistan Gains Ground Against Corruption in Annual Perception Ranking
  167. What Awaits the Media in Kazakhstan: Changes to the Draft Law on Mass Media
  168. Pilot Public-Private Partnership Project to Modernize Power Distribution System
  169. Will Construction Of Kyrgyzstan’s “Chinese Railroad” Start This Year?
  170. Forest Nurseries Created In Turkmenistan
  171. China’s Sinopec To Join Polyethylene Project In Kazakhstan
  172. Kazakhstan Could Become Main Transport Link Between Europe And Asia
  173. Kazakhstan Improves Its Water Infrastructure
  174. Why Do People in Kyrgyzstan Refuse Seasonal Vaccinations?
  175. Waiting for Cubs: How Almaty Zoo is Helping Save the Amur Tiger Population
  176. Uzbekistan’s “Plant 100 Saplings” Initiative: A Green Response to Illegal Tree-Felling
  177. Kazakhstan Becomes Most Attractive Country for Migrants From Uzbekistan
  178. Almaty is the Most Expensive City in Central Asia
  179. First Regular Flights From Beijing Arrive In Bishkek
  180. EU To Simplify Visa Regime For Kazakhstanis
  181. Platform Supporting Female Entrepreneurs Launches In Uzbekistan
  182. Mirziyoyev Fortifies China-Uzbekistan Relations for Economic and Green Transformation
  183. €10bn To Be Invested In Trans-Caspian Transport Corridor
  184. Kyrgyzstan’s GDP Reached $13.7bn In 2023
  185. EU And AFD Support Uzbekistan’s Drinking Water And Livestock Sectors
  186. German Company To Help Create Medical Cluster In Turkmen City Of Arkadag
  187. Japan to Assist Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan in Seismic Risk Detection
  188. Leopard Shot Dead In Turkmenistan
  189. Kazakhstan Creates Caspian Sea Research Institute
  190. EBRD Approves New Strategy For Uzbekistan
  191. Kazakhstan Freezes Transit Cost of Russian Oil To China
  192. “Close Your Windows, Avoid Outdoor Exercise” – Residents Fear Air Pollution in Tashkent
  193. Visit of a Delegation from Turkmenistan to Japan: Prospects for Cooperation
  194. Rain in Tashkent Reduced Air Pollution by Three Times
  195. Croatia To Transport Kazakh Oil To European Markets
  196. What types of crimes did the people of Uzbekistan commit in 2023?
  197. Astana Motors To Build New Plant In Almaty
  198. Unplanned vacations: 50,000 Aktobe Schoolchildren Missed Classes Because of Fake Terrorist Threat
  199. Chinese Company To Build Four Power Plants in Kyrgyzstan
  200. Tashkent To Introduce Cable Car To Help Resolve Transport Problem
  201. EBRD Invested More Than €1.2bn In Central Asian Economies In 2023
  202. Aral Sea Parallels Loom Over Lake Balkhash
  203. Mirziyoyev Speaks At Uzbek-Chinese Investment Forum
  204. Chinese Company Launches Assembly Of Electric Vehicles In Uzbekistan
  205. Italy Proposes Project To Mitigate Climate Change Consequences In Aral Sea
  206. Tajikistan Sums Up Economic Results For 2023
  207. President Mirziyoyev Meets Xi Jinping on State Visit to China
  208. Negotiations on Syria Have Started in Kazakhstan
  209. China and Uzbekistan Cement Strategic Partnership
  210. Digital Almaty Forum To Be Held In February
  211. Mirziyoyev, Chinese Premier Discuss Economic Cooperation
  212. USAID Delivers 131 Tons Of Food Aid To Uzbekistan
  213. Kazakhstan Needs Better Agricultural Technology
  214. Uzbekistan, AIIB Sign Three-Year Investment Program
  215. EU Drives Increased Demand For Kazakh Coal
  216. Kazakhstan at a Crossroads: Navigating Geopolitical Dynamics in Eurasia
  217. European Parliament calls for close cooperation with strategically important Central Asia
  218. Kaspi.kz attracts nearly $1bn of investment in US market
  219. Seasonal workers in Kyrgyzstan look to Europe
  220. The World Bank will help Kyrgyzstan to build Kambarata HPP-1
  221. Violence against migrants: Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan appeal to Russia
  222. Monument to Al-Beruniy erected in the USA
  223. “At a Crossroads” – Atlantic Council Addresses Rare Earth Elements in Central Asia
  224. Excise tax increase provokes a rise in alcohol prices
  225. Shipment of psychotropic substances seized in Almaty
  226. Uzbekistan’s energy production figures have fallen
  227. Uzbekistan Bans Mining Non-Metallic Materials In Rivers
  228. Earthquake In Almaty: Residents Speak Of Panic And Damage
  229. Kazakhstan’s Top Five Tourist Sites Revealed
  230. President Rahmon Invites Qatari Business to Invest in Tajikistan
  231. Forum Of Uzbek Regions And Chinese Provinces Held In Xinjiang
  232. The Last Emir of Bukhara – In the Shadow of Antiquity
  233. Kazakh PM Reports On Country’s Economic Results For 2023
  234. Turkmen Foreign Minister Visits Japan, Meets With Business Community
  235. Earthquake related Fake News stirs concern among tense Almaty residents
  236. Kyrgyz Republic Unaffected by Recent Earthquake, Says Chief Seismologist
  237. Magnitude 7 quake strikes China-Kyrgyzstan border area. Buildings evacuated in Kazakhstan’s biggest city.
  238. Turkmenistan and UNESCO: joint efforts to preserve cultural heritage
  239. Uzbek President Mirziyoyev Lauds Strategic Partnership with China
  240. Kazakhstan President Tokayev Makes First Visit to Vatican
  241. Italian Agricultural Holding Enters Kazakhstan Market
  242. Senator Zhanna Asanova: the bill against domestic violence is ready to be submitted to the Majilis
  243. Uzbekistan’s senators amend legislation to improve environmental safety
  244. Uzbekistan Ratifies Agreement on Transfer of Prisoners with Iran
  245. Air Astana Preparing for IPO
  246. The Senate of Kazakhstan approves an agreement with France on fighting climate change
  247. Infrastructure development: Qatari investors see prospects in Tajikistan
  248. Year of Kazakhstan Tourism in China to Begin in March
  249. Kazakhstan Seeks FAO Support in Promoting Exports of Aport Apples
  250. New Trade and Logistics Center Opened on Kazakhstan-China Border
  251. Kazakhstan Invites German Businesses to Invest in Its Agriculture Sector
  252. From Steppe to Subcontinent: The Indianisation of the Huns and Śakas from Kazakhstan
  253. Kazakhstan Announces Date of 5th World Nomad Games
  254. Chinese Agricultural Drones May Be Manufactured in Kazakhstan
  255. Uzbekistan Aims to Attract More Foreign Investment, Increase Exports
  256. Mirziyoyev: Officials Must Reorient to Preserve Environment
  257. European Parliament Condemns Repression in Tajikistan, Underlying Issues Persist
  258. President Tokayev Calls on Italian Businesses to Invest in Kazakhstan
  259. Mirziyoyev to Visit China – Strengthen Strategic Partnership
  260. Kazakhstan to Send Peacekeepers on UN Missions
  261. Changes in Composition of National Kurultai
  262. Kaspi.kz Announces Plans for NASDAQ IPO
  263. Kazakhstan Advocates for Cadaveric Donation to Address Organ Transplantation Needs
  264. Visa-Free Travel from China Could Further Boost Kazakhstan’s Tourism Sector
  265. Akim of Mangystau Calls for Calm after Mass Swan Die-out
  266. New International Terminal of Almaty Airport to Open in June
  267. Kazakhstan Exported Close to a Million Tons of Oil to Germany in 2023
  268. Russia Reopens Market for Kazakhstan’s Livestock Products
  269. European Commission Vice-President’s Visit a “New Impetus” to EU-Turkmenistan Relations
  270. UAE Opens Borders to Tourists from Uzbekistan, Abolishes Visa-Regime
  271. International Organizations Call on Kyrgyzstan to Stop Crackdown on Independent Press
  272. Preliminary Agreement for LPG Supplies from Kashagan to Domestic Market Reached
  273. Kyrgyzstan Gives “National Significance” Status to Strategic Energy Projects
  274. Despite Challenges, Kyrgyzstan Showed Steady Economic Growth in 2023
  275. President of Uzbekistan Sets Economic Tasks for 2024
  276. What the Proposed U.S. Ban on Russian Uranium Imports Could Mean for Kazakhstan
  277. Surveillance Cameras to be Installed in Samarkand Region to Combat Fly-Tipping
  278. Ambitious Program to Plant 65 Million Trees and Shrubs Launched
  279. Mazhilis Expanding Network of Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles
  280. Kazatomprom Changes Work Plan for 2024
  281. Dodo Brands joins growing list of companies moving HQs to Kazakhstan
  282. Uzbekistan to launch an entrepreneurship sustainability rating
  283. Increased cooperation between Uzbekistan and Singapore
  284. Development of Kyrgyzstan’s largest iron deposit begins
  285. Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan continue to work on harmonizing state border
  286. Nephew of ex-President Nazarbayev to be Tried
  287. Kazakhstan’s Foreign Debt Inches Upwards
  288. Kyrgyzstan Budget Surplus for 2024
  289. EU Ready to Deepen Cooperation with Kyrgyzstan
  290. U.S. Peace Corps to Help Develop Sustainable Tourism
  291. Government Addresses Electricity Generation
  292. Kazakhstan Looks to Increase E-Commerce Share to 20%
  293. Kazakhstan Invites EU Community to Expand Participation in Joint Projects
  294. Ministry Looks to Tackle Air Pollution in Tashkent Amid Flash Mob Protest
  295. Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan Among Nations Prepared to Invest in Afghanistan
  296. Central Asian Governments Pass Comment on Election Result in Taiwan
  297. Interest-Free Loans for SMEs in Kyrgyzstan
  298. Organ Transplantation Developing in Kyrgyzstan
  299. Kazakhstan Sums Up Democratic Reforms, Human Rights Efforts
  300. Import of Disassembled Right-Hand Drive Cars Banned
  301. Kazakhstan Launches Online Video Conferencing Platform
  302. Tajikistan Elevates Cultural Presence with Permanent Delegation at UNESCO
  303. Citizens Unite for Environmental Clean-up
  304. German Company to Invest €100 Million in Plastic Production in Kazakhstan
  305. Oil Exports Across Caspian Sea Increase
  306. World Bank Provides Additional Support for Kyrgyz Republic’s Digital Transformation
  307. Mass Die-Out of Swans in Mangystau: What are the Causes?
  308. Uzbekistan Modernizing Defense Industry
  309. Chinese Company to Supply Equipment to Businesses via Local Bank
  310. U.S. Interested in Kazakhstan’s Critical Minerals
  311. U.S. Ambassador Addresses Relations with Kazakhstan
  312. Job Creation Main Task of Government in 2024, Says PM
  313. Japanese Company to Develop Kyrgyzstan’s Coal Industry
  314. Central Asia’s Untapped Potential: Key to Green Transition, Food Security, and Digital Economy Growth
  315. Uzbekistan to Boost Development in Karakalpakstan
  316. USAID Provides $1.4 Million to Strengthen Central Asia’s Power Sector
  317. Uzbek-Japanese Forum Held in Tashkent
  318. Kazakhstan and Japan to Cooperate in Low-Carbon Development
  319. Uzbekistan and China: Cooperation in Ecology
  320. Kazakhstan Participates in Summit in India
  321. Almaty Ranked 25th in New York Times Cities to Visit 2024
  322. Bishkek Delegation Visits Chinese Solid Waste Enterprise
  323. UNDP Supports Kyrgyzstan in Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Ecosystem Management
  324. New City, Alatau, Established in Kazakhstan
  325. Kyrgyzstan Bans Inspections of Businesses Until End of 2024
  326. Markets Should Attract More Foreign Tourists in Uzbekistan, Says President
  327. President’s First Book Presented in Turkmenistan
  328. Kazakhstan to Plant Forests on a Million Hectares of Former Aral Seabed
  329. Kazakhstan Prepares to Host Fifth World Nomad Games
  330. Kazakhstan to Host Sixth Digital Almaty Forum
  331. Uzbekistan Taking Measures to Increase Employment
  332. Introduction of Separate Collection of Household Waste to Begin
  333. Tourism Rapidly Expanding in Kazakhstan
  334. Uzbekistan: Successful Reforms in Environmental Protection and Waste Management
  335. Summit of Heads of Government to be held on 300th Anniversary of Pyragy
  336. Tajikistan Seeking to Become Key International Transit Hub
  337. Kazatomprom Qualifies for Production of Advanced Nuclear Fuel
  338. New Multi-Story Buildings in Uzbekistan Now Have to Install Solar Panels
  339. Forum to Attract Foreign Investment in Turkmenistan’s Energy Sector to be Held in Paris
  340. Kazakh model committed suicide two years after visiting Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious island
  341. The NeMolchi.kz Foundation: Unraveling the Controversy Surrounding Dina Tansari
  342. Illegally Captured Migratory Birds Set Free
  343. Kazakhstan Approves SDGs Action Plan for 2024
  344. Turkmenistan and UAE to Expand Oil and Gas Cooperation
  345. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to Increase Bilateral Trade
  346. Bishkek in Top Ten Cities with Highest Level of Air Pollution
  347. Uzbekistan to Improve Efficiency of Water Use in Agriculture
  348. Independent Media Facing Repression in Tajikistan, Says Watchdog
  349. Russian Military to Train Specialists in Tajikistan’s Army
  350. UN General Assembly Adopts Resolutions Initiated by Turkmenistan
  351. President Sends Condolences Following Terrorist Attack in Iran
  352. Kazakhstan Takes Sixth Position in FDI Standout Watchlist
  353. Kazakhstan Now Chairs International Fund for Saving Aral Sea
  354. Air Pollution in Tashkent Reaches “Very Harmful” Level
  355. Kazakhstan Seeks to Increase Investment Attractiveness of Exploration for Hydrocarbons
  356. Twelve Regional IT-Hubs Operating in Kazakhstan
  357. Conference in Ashgabat Discusses Creating First National Park
  358. Scientific Olympiad “Chiloi Donish” Begins in Dushanbe
  359. Kazakhstan President Tokayev: “As a progressive nation, we should look only forward”
  360. Good news for tourists visiting Kazakhstan
  361. Kazakhstan’s Hotels Report Growing Number of Visitors
  362. Uzbekistan Plans to Attract Investment, Green Energy Development
  363. China and Kazakhstan are building the future together, says high-level Chinese diplomat
  364. New Law Establishes a National Fund for Children in Kazakhstan
  365. Turkmenistan Ushers in the Year of Pyragy
  366. New Flag of Kyrgyzstan Raised in Ala-Too Square
  367. Tajiks Celebrate New Year in Istiklol Square, Dushanbe
  368. $10 Million Jewelry Factory to be Launched in Fergana
  369. Man Burns City Xmas Tree in Taraz, Protesting New Year Celebrations
  370. Kazakhstan Increases Tariff for Russian Oil Transit
  371. Kazakhstan Seeks to Resolve Water Management Issues with Regional Neighbors
  372. President Promises Support for Youth and Business in Uzbekistan in 2024
  373. Gazprom to Ensure Reliable Natural Gas Supplies to Central Asia
  374. Kazakhstan’s Foreign Policy: A New Year’s Outlook Under President Tokayev
  375. Optimism and Gratitude are Main Sentiments of Kazakhstan President’s New Year’s Speech
  376. Snow Leopard Becomes National Symbol of Kyrgyzstan
  377. EDB’s New Bond Issue to Help Finance Kazakhstan Projects
  378. EBRD Helps Improve Efficiency of Agricultural Production in Kazakhstan
  379. Uzbekistan and Turkey Aim to Increase Bilateral Trade to $5 Billion
  380. Kazakhstan’s Senate Speaker Highlights Major Laws Passed in 2023
  381. Investing in the Future: Upgrading Kazakhstan’s Heating and Power Infrastructure
  382. Charting the Digital Future: Tokayev’s Billion-Dollar Vision
  383. Kazakhstan Aligns with UN Practice, Lifts Ban on Taliban
  384. Kazakhstan’s GDP Poised for a 36.8% Boost by 2028
  385. Tajikistan to Achieve Energy Independence and Become Green Country
  386. Kazakhstan Remains Regional Leader in Attracting Foreign Investment, Says PM
  387. “Walking the Silk Road” Chinese Cultural Exhibition Held in Bishkek
  388. Turkmenistan and China to Expand Cooperation in Education
  389. Kyrgyzstan’s Debt to China: Another lever of Influence?
  390. ADB and Kompanion Bank to Boost Financing of Women-Led and Small Businesses in Kyrgyzstan
  391. Kazakhstan and CNPC to Expand Cooperation
  392. Uzbekistan to Cover Growing Demand with Green Energy Sources
  393. EBRD to Tackle Bottlenecks on Major Logistical Hub
  394. President Launches Six Green Power Plants with Total Capacity of 2.4 Gigawatts
  395. Gazprom Eyes Central Asia Amid European Sanctions
  396. Raids Target Illegal Medicine Sales in Remote Turkmen Villages
  397. Investigation Launched into Mobile Operators
  398. Tajikistan in Penultimate Place in English Language Proficiency
  399. Group-IB Opens First Digital Crime Resistance Center in Central Asia
  400. Uzbekistan’s Economy Resilient to Global Challenges, Says IMF
  401. 458 Saiga Antelope Killed For Their Horns
  402. Kazakhstan: A decree on human rights demonstrates the government is responsive to the people’s demands
  403. Can Kazakhstan set an example for Central Asia’s key position in the global transition to green economy?
  404. Islamic Extremism in Central Asia: A Threat to Liberal Progress
  405. EU’s €20M Project to Diversify Internet Resources in Kazakhstan with Satellite Communications
  406. OCCRP Reports on Corruption Linked to Berdimuhamedov family
  407. Leonardo DiCaprio Congratulates Government of Kazakhstan
  408. Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan Agree on Another Border Section
  409. EEU Leaders Seek to Strengthen Position of Economic Bloc
  410. Government to Support Projects of Young Investors and Entrepreneurs
  411. Natural Gas Production in Uzbekistan Down by 4.5 Billion Cubic Meters in 2023
  412. Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund to Finance Projects Worth $140 Million
  413. Kazakhstan Leads Initiatives for Central Asian Trade and Connectivity
  414. President Reiterates Resolve to Combat Crime and Corruption
  415. Kyrgyzstan Seeks to Expand Ties with South India
  416. Despite Protests, Kyrgyz President Signs Bill Amending National Flag
  417. Inaugural Meeting of Kazakhstan-Saudi Business Council Held in Riyadh
  418. Uzbek Foreign Ministry Summons Russian Ambassador over Annexation Comments
  419. EU Calls on Turkmenistan to Protect Rights
  420. Quality of Communications Checked in Multiple Regions
  421. How Will Free Trade Zone Between EAEU and Iran Affect Kazakhstan?
  422. Kyrgyzstan to Create a Ministry of Water Management
  423. Kazakhstan to Build New Reservoirs to Reduce Dependence on Neighboring Countries
  424. Large Gas Condensate Field Put into Operation in West Kazakhstan
  425. Kazakhstan Launches Construction of New Railroad to China
  426. Chinese Company to Produce, Install Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles in Uzbekistan
  427. Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia on Path to Strategic Partnership
  428. Turkmenistan and EU Discuss Energy, Transport and Environmental Issues
  429. Iran Cancels Visa Requirement for Citizens of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan
  430. Kazakhstan’s Investment Opportunities Presented in Indonesia
  431. Import of Chinese Cars to Kyrgyzstan Surges, with Russia as Final Destination
  432. UN Declares 2026 as International Year of Volunteers for Sustainable Development on Kazakhstan’s Initiative
  433. Monument Symbolizing Fight Against Corruption Unveiled in Tashkent
  434. Mutual Direct Investments Among Central Asian Countries Growing
  435. Uzbekistan to Drill Deeper for Natural Gas
  436. Uzbekistan Provides Incentives for Households to Install Solar Panels
  437. Government Reports Steady Economic Growth
  438. Chinese Automaker Chery to Build Auto-Industrial Park in Almaty
  439. President Japarov: Kyrgyzstan Should Provide Irrigation Water to Kazakhstan
  440. EBRD to Allocate €200 Million for Development of Youth Businesses in Central Asia
  441. Turkmenistan – EU: Transport and Energy on Agenda of Upcoming Forums
  442. “Updates and Reforms”: Communications Service Expands Cooperation with Russian Federation
  443. Length of U.S. Visas for Kyrgyz Citizens Set to Increase
  444. Over 10,000 Schoolchildren in Kazakhstan Learning French
  445. USAID Launches New Project to Empower Communities in Uzbekistan
  446. Belgian Company Helps Open First Plant for Production of High-Quality Lime in Kazakhstan
  447. The Impact of the Narcotics Trade in Tajikistan
  448. The Geopolitical Fallout of Taliban’s Takeover: Neighboring Countries and Their Responses
  449. The Threat of Taliban to Democracy in Tajikistan: An Intensifying Crisis
  450. Berlin Eurasian Club Explores Kazakh-German Science and Innovation Synergy
  451. Uzbekistan Plans to Manufacture One Million Cars a Year by 2030
  452. Kyrgyzstan to Start Exporting Electricity in 2026, Says PM
  453. President Speaks about Fighting Corruption, New Trade Routes in Eurasia
  454. President Writes-Off Debts of Tajiktransgaz
  455. Mass Die-Out of Seals on the Turkmen Coast of the Caspian Sea
  456. Australian Company to Help Digitalize Gold Mining in Uzbekistan
  457. Head of Constitutional Court Addresses Tokayev’s Reforms
  458. Central Asia’s Growing Economic and Strategic Importance Comes to Fore
  459. Sentences Handed to Six Individuals in FSB Building Terror Plot Case
  460. Uzbek Blogger Jailed for 7 1/2 Years
  461. Consulate General of Uzbekistan Officially Inaugurated in Osh
  462. Kazakhstan to Intensify Work to Attract Investment in Green Technologies
  463. Taliban and Turkmenistan Meet to Discuss Energy Collaboration
  464. Over 300 Individuals, Including Six Foreign Nationals, Pardoned in Turkmenistan on International Neutrality Day
  465. Major Reshuffle in Turkmenistan’s Foreign Affairs Ministry: New Deputy Ministers Appointed
  466. WFP to Help Tajikistan Strengthen Food Security
  467. EDB Forecasts Economic Growth for Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in 2024
  468. Turkmenistan Participates in 75th Anniversary of Adoption of Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Geneva
  469. Kazakhstan Launches Modernized Water Pipeline in Atyrau and Mangystau Regions
  470. EDB and Kazakhstan Join Efforts for Water Investment
  471. World Bank to Help Kyrgyzstan Reduce Air Pollution
  472. U.S. and Central Asian Countries Focus on Protecting Rights of People with Disabilities
  473. Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan Demarcate More Than 90% of Border
  474. Tajikistan to Connect to Chinese Internet
  475. Hyundai Considering Construction of Nuclear Reactors in Uzbekistan
  476. EU Ready to Develop Cooperation with Turkmenistan
  477. Turkmenistan to Open Specialized Training Center “Diplomatic Protocol” at the Institute of International Relations
  478. EBRD Launches Youth in Business Program in Central Asia
  479. Kazakhstan and Belgium’s Province of Walloon Brabant to Expand Cooperation
  480. Kazakhstan and Slovakia Discuss Strengthening Cooperation
  481. Kazakhstan Increases Oil Exports Along Trans-Caspian Route
  482. ADB to Improve 700 km of Rural Roads in Uzbekistan
  483. IFC Improves Business Environment in Tajikistan with New e-Services System
  484. Kazakhstan to Reduce Dependence on Water from Neighboring Countries
  485. 28 Citizens of Kazakhstan Evacuated from Gaza Strip
  486. Eight Universities in Turkmenistan Enter UI Green-Metric World Ranking
  487. Company in Uzbekistan Sanctioned by UK
  488. Civil Liberties Worsening in Kyrgyzstan Says Civicus Monitor
  489. Trade Between Tajikistan and Azerbaijan Increases by 26%
  490. Recent murder in Kazakhstan draws attention to domestic violence and gender discrimination
  491. Uzbekistan’s Transition to Market Economy to Accelerate
  492. Korea Helps Build Firefighting Station in Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan
  493. Green Pitching Event at COP28 Focuses on Central Asia’s Sustainable Future
  494. ADB $40 Million Grant to Strengthen STEM Secondary Education in Tajikistan
  495. Uzbekistan and India to Establish Cooperation in Defense Industry
  496. Turkmen Activist Malikberdy Allamyradov Disappears in Russia
  497. Tajikistan Establishes Diplomatic Relations with Botswana
  498. Chinese Investors to Build Trade and Logistics Complex in Chui Region
  499. Government Buys ArcelorMittal Termirtau for $286 Million
  500. Ashgabat Hosts Turkmen-Turkish Business Forum
  501. ADB to Help Improve Agribusiness Value Chains in Kyrgyzstan
  502. Kazakhstan Approves Plan for Oil and Gas Industry Development
  503. EBRD Supports Capital Markets in Kazakhstan
  504. Dedicated Space for Children Established in Police Department of Turkmenabad
  505. Turkmenistan-Iraq Natural Gas Deal: A Complex Balancing Act
  506. Tajikistan: Atlas and Adras Weaving Included in UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage
  507. Kyrgyzstan Announces Moratorium on Trade Inspections
  508. Illegal Electricity Mining Farms Identified in Uzbekistan
  509. Turkmen-U.S. Business Forum Held in Ashgabat
  510. Kyrgyzstan’s Economy Grew Strongly in 2022 and So Far in 2023, Says IMF
  511. Kazakhstan’s Road Freight Transportation Sees 22% Growth: A Boon for the Economy
  512. Europe-Uzbekistan Association for Economic Cooperation Launched in Tashkent
  513. Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan Agree on More Disputed Border Areas
  514. Window to Europe for Uzbekistan to Remain Open Until December 2027
  515. Turkmenistan Preparing for Accession to Global Methane Pledge Program
  516. Reserve Fund of the President of Tajikistan set to Exceed US$50 Million
  517. Plans Approved to Complete the Gasification of Bishkek within Three Years
  518. Uzbekistan Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement with Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company
  519. Kazakhstan’s Exports to Organization of Islamic Cooperation Countries Reaches $8.4 Billion
  520. Turkmenistan and Russia Discuss Cooperation
  521. Kazakhstan’s Nuclear Energy Projects: Evaluating Potential Suppliers for a Sustainable Future
  522. UNDP Supports the Development of Adventure Tourism in Kyrgyzstan
  523. Kazakhstan Increases Oil Supplies to Germany via Russia by 54% in November
  524. CAREC Countries Endorse New Vision to Fight Climate Change Together
  525. Russia and Tajikistan will Strengthen Fight Against Terrorism, Extremism, Illegal Migration
  526. Son of Former Minister Faces 7-day Administrative Arrest Following Dushanbe Restaurant Altercation
  527. Police in Turkmenistan Apprehend Former RFE/RL Correspondent
  528. Kazakhstan and U.S. Issue Joint Statement on Methane Reduction
  529. Foreign Investors Look to Build Power Plants in the Kyrgyz Republic with a Capacity of 3.6 Gigawatts
  530. Uzbekistan to Expand Investment in Renewable Energy
  531. Uzbekistan to Take Measures for Rational Use of Water Resources in Agriculture
  532. Kazakhstan Signs Twenty Deals Worth $4.85 Billion in Dubai
  533. By 2035, the Capacity of Hydroelectric Power Plants in Central Asia Will Increase by 8,900MW
  534. USAID Announces the Launch of Tuberculosis-Free Uzbekistan
  535. Turkmenistan Strengthens Cooperation with UNODC
  536. EBRD Commits to Green Investment in Tajikistan
  537. Kyrgyzstan: EU Holds Training Workshops on Sanctions Against Russia
  538. ADB Helps Support Privatization, Expand Lending to MSMEs in Uzbekistan
  539. UNDP Outlines Approach for Green Transition
  540. Teen Jailed for Derogatory Post About President Mirziyoyev
  541. Kazakhstan: Convicted Former Security Chief Massimov Faces New Charges
  542. Turkmenistan’s Mejlis Adopts Law on the State Budget for 2024
  543. Turkmenistan Honors Agrarians with State Awards “For Love of the Fatherland”
  544. Qairat Boranbaev Released from Prison After Returning Assets to Kazakhstan Treasury
  545. Taraz and Ancient Olympia: A Union of Cultural Exchange and Growth
  546. EDB Proposes Ten Steps to Preserve Irrigated Land Potential and Support Water Conservation in Central Asia
  547. Tajikistan to Connect with China’s Telecommunications Network
  548. ACWA Power to Build Green Hydrogen Plant
  549. Turkmenistan Observes World Day Against Human Trafficking
  550. Leaders of Tajikistan and Iran Deliberate on Bilateral Relations in Dushanbe
  551. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to Bring Mutual Trade to $10 Billion
  552. World Bank Announces New Country Partnership Framework for Kyrgyzstan
  553. Uzbek Citizen Imprisoned for Enlisting with Russian Forces in Ukraine
  554. WFP and Switzerland to Strengthen Rural Communities’ Resilience to Extreme Weather
  555. Central Asia Particularly Vulnerable to Climate Risks, Primarily Due to Water Scarcity, Says EDB
  556. Blogger and Activists Placed in Pretrial Detention Following Protest over Drinking Water
  557. Promoting Sustainable Development in Central Asia: Key Highlights from the Eurasian Development Bank’s Roundtable
  558. Tajik Political Activist Sentenced to 8 ½ Years in Prison
  559. What Will the Future Hold for Uzbekistan’s Gas Problems?
  560. Jailed Former Minister’s Son Extradited from Turkey
  561. Tajikistan Reports Killing of Three Militants Crossing Afghan Border
  562. Kazakh Citizen Sentenced to Over Six Years for Joining Wagner Mercenary Group
  563. USAID Increases Access to Clean Water in Sughd
  564. Relatives of Exiled Tajik Activists Arrested
  565. OSCE Campaign on Youth Crime Prevention and Integrity Reaches 1.5 Million People
  566. IFC Appoints New Country Manager for Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan
  567. Armenian PM to Stay Away from CIS Summit in Bishkek
  568. Authorities Close Religious Institutions in Batken Region
  569. Turkmenistan and China Reaffirm Strategic Partnership
  570. USAID and Aga Khan Foundation Improve Access to Water and Sanitation in Bartang Valley
  571. Tajikistan: Remittances from labor migrants exceed foreign investments
  572. Iran and Afghanistan to complete railway link in March, official says
  573. Uzbekistan to open investment and trade office in China
  574. Kazakhstan: Fugitive tycoon’s ex-lawyer says her jailed brother released
  575. Uzbekistan launches chemical plant built by Chinese companies
  576. Turkmenistan declares 2020 as ‘Turkmenistan – Home of Neutrality’ year
  577. Despite exemptions, US sanctions hinder Afghanistan trade via Chabahar port
  578. Uzbekistan: Blogger freed from involuntary psychiatric care
  579. New round of talks in Georgia
  580. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  581. UN refugee agency welcomes move to register all births in Kazakhstan
  582. Kyrgyzstan: Social Democratic Party members charged with attempt to seize power
  583. Kyrgyzstan: Activist reports being attacked in Bishkek
  584. Kazakhstan: Plane with 100 people on board crashes, at least 12 killed
  585. Tajikistan: President suggests measures to attract foreign tourists
  586. Uzbekistan: President orders to attract more foreign grants, use them effectively
  587. EuroChem invests $1 billion in mineral fertilizer plant construction in Kazakhstan
  588. UNDP and Bitfury partner to protect forests in Kazakhstan
  589. Tajikistan president speaks to Parliament, sets new tasks
  590. Pistachios provide an alternative to poppy in Afghanistan’s Helmand province
  591. Tajikistan: State newspaper prints blank front page to protest ‘lack of objective information’
  592. Kazakhstan to increase the number of livestock and its productivity
  593. Central Asia countries improve regional cooperation to better manage disaster risks
  594. India to speed up Iran’s Chabahar project to better access Afghanistan, Central Asia
  595. Private investment in intelligent systems of Kazakhstan road sector
  596. European Union supports Kyrgyzstan’s education sector
  597. Danish company awarded for technology used at GTG plant in Turkmenistan
  598. Niyazov commemoration services no longer welcome in Turkmenistan
  599. Kazakhstan: Court rules that ethnic Kazakh will not be deported to China
  600. Kyrgyzstan: Former Bishkek mayor sentenced to 15 years in prison
  601. Uzbekistan: All pro-government parties win seats in new parliament
  602. Georgia’s precarious state
  603. Turkmenistan: Domestically produced computers demonstrated to president
  604. Ghani set to win second term as Afghanistan president
  605. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  606. China’s soft power in Central Asia
  607. Tajikistan: CARITAS Germany donates heavy machinery to Ayni district
  608. Kazakhstan: President suggests reforming rules on protests, political parties
  609. ADB helps Uzbekistan improve schools in Tashkent through public–private partnership
  610. Kyrgyzstan: U.S. Marines deliver toys to Bishkek’s SOS Children’s Village
  611. ADB supports women-run businesses in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan
  612. Challenging political and security environment constrains Afghanistan growth, IMF says
  613. UN Special Programme for Aral Sea countries discussed in Turkmenistan
  614. Remittances from labor migrants in Russia exceed Tajikistan’s annual budget
  615. Kazakhstan’s economic growth to moderate in 2020, World Bank says
  616. Daughter accepts European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize for jailed Uyghur scholar
  617. Iran and Russia warn about IS relocation to Afghanistan
  618. 9 children killed or maimed daily in Afghanistan, UNICEF report says
  619. Uzbekistan: Upcoming election a ‘missed opportunity’ for further reforms, HRW says
  620. Uzbekistan drafts bill toughening punishment for Internet users who call for protests
  621. Number of Chinese companies operating in Uzbekistan on the rise
  622. Turkmenistan: The art of carpet weaving included into UNESCO World Heritage List
  623. Kazakhstan: AIIB to fund construction of Central Asia’s largest wind power plant
  624. Tajikistan: Police officers sentenced to lengthy prison terms on torture charges
  625. Kazakhstan: Activists mark Independence Day with unsanctioned protests
  626. Uzbekistan president to visit Japan
  627. Turkmenistan will no longer pardon those convicted for corruption, drug trafficking
  628. Kyrgyzstan’s Ak-kalpak craftsmanship joins UNESCO’s List of Intangible Heritage
  629. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  630. New vistas for trans-Caspian projects
  631. OSCE PA deploying first-ever election observation mission to Uzbekistan
  632. Uzbekistan: Small businesses to benefit from EBRD finance
  633. Kyrgyzstan: Former President Atambayev charged with killing security officer
  634. Kyrgyzstan to host New Year’s Ethno Festival of Craft and Organic Products
  635. Central Asia: OSCE supports regional efforts to tackle digital dimensions of violent extremism
  636. Kyrgyzstan: Court freezes bank accounts of RFE/RL, other media following investigative report
  637. Kazakhstan’s women and small businesses to benefit from EBRD finance
  638. EBRD to help modernize healthcare infrastructure in Kazakhstan
  639. During US visit, Kazakhstan PM agrees on startup, venture capital, digital technology projects
  640. Former German manager on trial for bribing of Turkmenistan oil officials
  641. Second shipment of low enriched uranium completes IAEA LEU Bank in Kazakhstan
  642. EU and Tajikistan hold Cooperation Council meeting
  643. Kazakhstan ranks 50th in Human Development Index 2018 — UNDP report
  644. Uzbekistan plans to cancel registration by foreigners for stay under 30 days
  645. EU and Kyrgyzstan hold Cooperation Council meeting
  646. US irrigation technologies to increase agricultural productivity in Kazakhstan
  647. Tyson Foods, Kusto Group to build modern beef processing plant in Kazakhstan
  648. Xinjiang government head boasts counter-terrorism, deradicalization efforts
  649. Kyrgyzstan: Former President Atambayev to face psychiatric examination
  650. Kyrgyzstan: Prosecutors seek lengthy prison terms for two former Bishkek mayors
  651. Belarus may sign oil supply agreement with Kazakhstan in 2020
  652. Kazakhstan to keep oil production at 90 million tons a year in the next 2-3 years
  653. EU commits 20 million euros for hydropower plant construction in Tajikistan
  654. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  655. Is this Central Asia’s ASEAN moment?
  656. ADB’s $110 million grant to build Obigarm-Nurobod road in Tajikistan
  657. Kyrgyzstan: Two former prime ministers receive prison terms
  658. Kazakhstan: EU presents ‘Letter from Nur-Sultan’ together with Carnegie Europe
  659. Afghanistan will need continued international support after political settlement — WB report
  660. Kazakhstan president promises special conditions for German investors
  661. Kazakhstan president visits Germany to boost economic partnership
  662. Ukraine responds to Kazakhstan president’s denial of Crimea’s annexation by Russia
  663. Kazakhstan, US discuss Enhanced Strategic Partnership
  664. Kyrgyzstan’s medical laboratory first in Central Asia to receive international ISO/IEC accreditation
  665. Turkmenistan: Former interior minister convicted of abuse of power, corruption
  666. China firmly opposes US House bill on Xinjiang issues
  667. Italy’s Eni awarded a 50 MW solar power project in Kazakhstan
  668. EBRD supports Uzbekistan’s healthcare industry
  669. Slain businessman at center of Kyrgyzstan corruption scandal moved millions abroad via cash couriers
  670. Tajikistan: Donors help improve waste management system in Panjakent district
  671. Kazakhstan aims to achieve urbanization level of 62% by 2025
  672. Kyrgyzstan’s economy to grow by an average of 3.4% in 2020-21 — EDB
  673. ADB loans to help improve access to housing finance in Uzbekistan
  674. Kyrgyzstan: US Embassy opens new center for inclusive education in Bishkek
  675. Turkmenistan’s airline company resumes flights to UK, Germany
  676. Tajikistan: GDP growth to slow further in 2020–21 — World Bank report
  677. Afghanistan: IS militants surrender after defeat in Nangarhar province
  678. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  679. History repeats itself: Uzbekistan’s new Eurasian gamble
  680. EBRD promotes modern retail trade in Tajikistan
  681. Uzbekistan hosts second summit of Central Asia states
  682. Kyrgyzstan’s former consul-general in Istanbul detained on suspicion of abuse of office
  683. Tajikistan’s economic growth to slow down in 2020-2021 — EDB
  684. Kazakhstan economy to grow by an average of 3.5% in 2020-2021 — EDB
  685. During surprise visit to Afghanistan, Trump says Taliban talks resumed
  686. Kazakhstan: EU holds conference on enhanced integration in Central Asia
  687. Kazakhstan: Almaty holds investment forum to increase its investment attractiveness
  688. ADB supports Uzbekistan’s economic reforms with $300 million loan
  689. Kyrgyzstan: Prosecutors seek lengthy prison terms for former top officials at corruption trial
  690. Activists rally in Nur-Sultan urging EU to pressure Kazakhstan over rights
  691. Kazakhstan president says strategic partnership with China very important
  692. World Bank supports energy access in Afghanistan
  693. USAID launches new projects to eliminate tuberculosis in Central Asia, Tajikistan
  694. Tajikistan: Jailed lawyer’s prison term shortened as part of mass amnesty
  695. Kazakhstan: KMG associated petroleum gas disposal has reached historical maximum
  696. Swiss-funded project holds forum on family medicine development in Kyrgyzstan
  697. Turkmenistan: Iron ore deposits discovered 3 days after criticism by the president
  698. ODIHR opens observation mission for parliamentary elections in Uzbekistan
  699. Uzbekistan to host second consultative meeting of Central Asia leaders
  700. Uzbekistan and Italy set to expand cooperation
  701. ADB to support tourism development in Tajikistan
  702. Afghanistan: US, Taliban holding unofficial talks in Doha
  703. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  704. Chinese repression of Muslims in Xinjiang echoes across Central Asia
  705. Kazakhstan, Switzerland expand trade, economic and investment cooperation
  706. US officials on China, India’s role in Afghanistan
  707. Kyrgyzstan: President’s office reiterates Jeenbekov had no ties with subject of RFE-led investigation
  708. Kyrgyzstan: Businessman detailed widespread corruption before killing in Turkey
  709. Kazakhstan: Turkish company to build a new shopping center in Nur-Sultan
  710. Kazakhstan: Singapore’s company invests $1.8 billion to build a methanol and olefin plant in Aktau
  711. EBRD, EU, GCF and South Korea boost climate finance in Tajikistan
  712. US helps Kyrgyzstan’s honey conquer global markets
  713. Uzbekistan: New construction phase launched at IT Park in Tashkent
  714. Opera returns to Turkmenistan after nearly 19 years
  715. Central Asia: Experts discuss irrigation modernization to enhance water productivity
  716. Kazakhstan, EU discuss human rights, rule of law and judiciary issues
  717. Kazakhstan to launch a single portal to support exporters
  718. Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan launch construction of fiber optic line on Caspian seabed
  719. Afghanistan: Government forces clear Nangarhar province of Daesh
  720. Kazakhstan: Activists receive parole-like restrictions for supporting banned opposition group
  721. Uzbekistan’s Karakalpakstan region attracts foreign investors
  722. Kazakhstan holds meeting of Council on Improving Investment Climate
  723. Uzbekistan to improve rural services, infrastructure with community participation
  724. Turkmenistan needs improved competitiveness, currency convertibility — IMF
  725. Uzbekistan: Probe started into alleged audio recording of Tashkent mayor threatening to ‘destroy’ journalists
  726. Green Climate Fund to help fight climate change in Kyrgyzstan
  727. Kazakhstan hosts First Regional SDG Summit
  728. There is a shrinking space for human rights in Tajikistan, EU says
  729. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  730. Kazakhstan’s president visits China amid troubles at home
  731. World Bank to help Kazakhstan to become key player in regional meat exports
  732. Prospects to develop green economy through private sector discussed in Kyrgyzstan
  733. ADB vice-president highlights Uzbekistan’s capital market development priorities
  734. Tajikistan: U.S. Department of State warns tourists of risks due to terrorism
  735. Central Asia: New energy and transport strategies for CAREC region
  736. ADB president confirms support for expanded agenda of Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation
  737. Kyrgyzstan: US Embassy to open renovated Maker Space Lab and Fair in Bishkek
  738. Kazakhstan and Italy hold first business forum
  739. Non-oil growth expected to remain strong in Kazakhstan — IMF
  740. ADB president visits Uzbekistan to strengthen partnership
  741. US-Kazakhstan Congressional Caucus established in Washington
  742. Uzbekistan hosts Central Asia Water Supply and Sanitation Conference
  743. USAID hosts 9th annual Central Asia Trade Forum in Kazakhstan
  744. Kyrgyzstan’s consul-general in Istanbul sacked following businessman killing
  745. Nazarbayev offers Kazakhstan as neutral site for Putin-Zelenskiy talks
  746. Kazakhstan: Government reports steady economic growth in Jan-Oct 2019
  747. Kazakhstan and Turkey expand cooperation
  748. EU and UN FAO provide computer equipment to Tajikistan’s Agriculture Ministry
  749. Man wanted for huge illegal cash withdrawals from Kyrgyzstan shot dead in Istanbul
  750. Kazakhstan presents its ancient and medieval art in Greece
  751. ADB to help improve rural water supply and sanitation in Kyrgyzstan
  752. ADB helps to complete Uch-Kurgan hydropower plant upgrade in Kyrgyzstan
  753. Uzbekistan prepares to elect a new parliament
  754. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  755. Tajikistan president meets with business community in France
  756. Fourth Aarhus Centre in Kyrgyzstan opens in Naryn
  757. Uzbekistan, US cooperate in public health education
  758. RFE/RL president discusses media freedom, accreditation with Tajikistan leader
  759. Turkmenistan and Italy developing economic cooperation
  760. Pakistan views Afghanistan’s Taliban as ‘relatively friendly’ — US report
  761. Kazakhstan and France increase trade, investments
  762. New rail container service launched from China via Kazakhstan to Prague through Bosphorus
  763. Russia–Kazakhstan Business Council speaks for more economic cooperation
  764. Belarus rejects Tajikistan’s extradition request for opposition activist
  765. Kazakhstan to improve quality of life of 7 million rural residents
  766. Tajikistan: Unknown persons attack border post, 17 killed
  767. Germany helps to restore forests in Tajikistan
  768. China agrees to host meeting on Afghanistan peace between Taliban, Kabul government
  769. Record number of freight trains cross Kazakhstan-China border
  770. Central Asia: Women with HIV suffer from high level of violence, survey says
  771. Kazakhstan and China improve quality of bilateral cooperation
  772. Kazakhstan among countries with most deteriorating Internet freedoms — Freedom House
  773. Russia–Kazakhstan forum to discuss prospects for digital transformation
  774. EDB to finance wind farm construction in Kazakhstan
  775. FAO, SCO strengthen partnership on food security, sustainable development
  776. Kazakhstan PM suggests initiatives for SCO economic cooperation development
  777. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  778. Russia moves to strengthen its profile in Central Asian gas politics, threatens Trans-Caspian
  779. US builds outpost for Tajikistan’s border forces on Tajik-Afghan border
  780. EU, UN and Netherlands support social reintegration of prisoners in Kazakhstan
  781. Kyrgyzstan: Jailed son of former PM transferred to penal settlement
  782. Chinese premier calls for closer China-Uzbekistan ties, better SCO cooperation
  783. Kyrgyzstan parliament urged to reject amendments to trade union law that threaten workers’ rights
  784. Israel’s Watergen to help Uzbekistan fight water shortage
  785. Kazakhstan prime minister visits Netherlands, attends Kazakh-Dutch business forum
  786. Central Asia: US strengthens regional cooperation toward common electricity market
  787. Turkmenistan: OSCE promotes development of green ports, connectivity in Caspian region
  788. OSCE supports Central Asian Dialogue on reduction of prison population, development of probation
  789. EBRD opens second office in Uzbekistan
  790. Kyrgyzstan: Atambayev’s former aide sentenced to 7 years in prison
  791. Turkmenistan and Italy to hold business forum in Milan
  792. Kazakhstan: Capacity of renewable energy facilities doubled in 2019
  793. Kyrgyzstan: US supports Karakhanid-era mausoleum roof restoration in Uzgen
  794. Doing Business rating: Kazakhstan ahead of Austria, Japan, Spain, France, Switzerland and CIS countries
  795. US welcomes Afghanistan peace talks in China
  796. EU takes part in high-level conference on Aral Sea region in Uzbekistan
  797. Kazakhstan, China should expand Belt and Road cooperation, experts say
  798. Uzbekistan: President outlines tasks to reform banking system
  799. Afghanistan: Government drafts 7-point ‘Peace Plan’
  800. Tajikistan: President signs bill on mass amnesty
  801. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  802. China-Russia security cooperation in Central Asia
  803. ADB to help women access affordable housing finance in Kazakhstan
  804. Turkmenistan: American film experts present documentary films in Ashgabat
  805. US launches new effort to end drug-resistant tuberculosis in Kyrgyzstan
  806. Doing Business 2020 records results in Tajikistan’s reform to improve business climate
  807. Uzbekistan among world’s top 20 business climate improvers — WB
  808. Kazakhstan, Great Britain strengthening investment and economic cooperation
  809. Uzbekistan allows citizens to take more foreign cash abroad in further liberalization
  810. Kazakhstan launches production of Russia’s Kirovets tractors
  811. US government celebrates achievements in agriculture and water in Tajikistan
  812. EBRD president praises Kazakhstan’s investment potential
  813. Uzbekistan developing economic cooperation with India’s state of Gujarat
  814. Turkmenistan: US embassy awards grant to restore Silk Road site at Dayahatyn
  815. Turkish company plans to build a sugar refinery in Kazakhstan
  816. Central Asia: EU to continue support for region’s sustainable development and circular economy
  817. Tajikistan: US donates radiation detection equipment to Dushanbe airport
  818. RSF calls on Kazakhstan to stop persecuting journalists, decriminalize press offenses
  819. Kazakhstan: Prime minister sets tasks for attracting foreign investment
  820. Kazakhstan’s offshore oil and gas projects lose major foreign investors
  821. Kazakhstan: President cedes key powers to Leader of the Nation Nazarbayev
  822. New Chinese-Kazakh cement plant starts operation in Kazakhstan
  823. Kazakhstan-Czech business forum held in Shymkent
  824. Uzbekistan: President visits new cement plant in Surkhandarya region
  825. Kazakhstan, US hold first high-level meeting on economic cooperation
  826. IMF to locate new regional technical assistance center in Kazakhstan
  827. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  828. Afghanistan headed for a new spiral of violence as US cancels talks with the Taliban
  829. Kazakhstan: Leader of the Nation Nazarbayev sets tasks for his ruling party
  830. First group of Afghan women arrived in Kazakhstan as part of EU-funded educational project
  831. Central Asia: Poverty continues to decline, but pace of poverty reduction is slowing — WB
  832. IAEA LEU Bank in Kazakhstan becomes operational with delivery of low enriched uranium
  833. Turkmenistan: US delegation builds bridges of inclusion through adaptive sports
  834. Turkmenistan Airlines reauthorized to resume EU operations
  835. Uzbekistan aims to increase fruit and vegetable export to $5 billion a year
  836. Air Liquide to build a nitrogen unit in Kazakhstan
  837. China, Turkmenistan should enhance synergy of development strategies — Chinese top legislator
  838. Uzbekistan to give 10-year residence permit to foreigners for $3 million investment
  839. Tajikistan: President proposes amnesty to mark constitution anniversary
  840. US ambassador urges Kazakhstan to improve rights situation
  841. Uzbekistan becomes full member of Turkic Council
  842. Tajikistan: Vloggers go on trial over secret filming of sex workers
  843. Kazakhstan: Sinologist jailed for treason, stripped of citizenship
  844. Annual European Film Festival held in Uzbekistan
  845. Afghanistan-UK trade and investment conference held in London
  846. Tajikistan labels EU-based opposition alliance as terrorist organization
  847. Eurasian Culture Week in London highlighted Central Asia creativity
  848. Kazakhstan: Economic growth reaches 4.3% in Jan-Sept
  849. Uzbekistan: Andijan region to hold investment forum to attract foreign investors
  850. Kazakhstan: Ex-president Nazarbayev rejects talk of shared power
  851. US experts help improve early grade reading and math skills in Uzbekistan schools
  852. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  853. Impact of the US-Iran confrontation on Central Asia
  854. Expo in Kyrgyzstan gathers US and international investors
  855. OSCE ambassadors visit Central Asia
  856. Kyrgyzstan: Former president Atambayev refuses to attend corruption case trial
  857. Kazakhstan and Mongolia hold business forum
  858. World Bank Group supports private sector investments in Afghanistan energy sector
  859. Uzbekistan: Electric bus from Belarus starts operation in Tashkent
  860. Kazakhstan: Nur-Sultan hosting Global Urban Tourism Summit
  861. Uzbekistan hosts business forum on green technologies
  862. IMF offers recommendations for Tajikistan’s economy
  863. Kazakhstan and France hold investment forum
  864. Kazakhstan hosts OSCE regional conference on digital technologies in combating corruption
  865. Number of foreign tourists to Kazakhstan annually grows 10%
  866. Kazakhstan and Germany hold business forum, reach investment agreements
  867. Uzbekistan: President orders to remove barriers to stock market development
  868. US blacklists Chinese companies, organizations over ‘repression’ in Xinjiang
  869. ADB plans $404 million to support Tajikistan’s development from 2020-2022
  870. Kazakhstan’s capital to buy Chinese electric buses
  871. Digital transformation at heart of Kyrgyzstan development strategy
  872. Rights groups call on Belarus not to extradite opposition activist to Tajikistan
  873. Tajikistan president on energy, Arab investment
  874. Kazakhstan’s civil aviation opening new routes
  875. Kazakhstan: Almaty region attracts new investments
  876. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  877. Turkmenistan’s gas exports hampered by geopolitical realities
  878. President highlights digital transformation goals for Kyrgyzstan
  879. OSCE-led project to strengthen green ports, connectivity in Caspian Sea region launches activities in Kazakhstan
  880. Kyrgyzstan: Authorities reopen case into high-profile murder of journalist
  881. ADB to finance construction of new hydropower plants in Uzbekistan
  882. World Bank Group helps Tajikistan to improve access to financial services
  883. IFC helps Uzbekistan improve electricity supply through public-private partnership
  884. Kyrgyzstan: Human rights lawyer wins UN award for battling statelessness
  885. Turkmenistan: President fires interior minister, orders anti-corruption drive
  886. Tajikistan: EBRD helps develop Dushanbe trolleybus network
  887. US to provide $50 million for Uzbekistan education reform
  888. Eurasian Economic Union developing free trade with Singapore, Iran
  889. EEU countries hold summit, address pressing issues
  890. EU-Kazakhstan High-Level Business Platform focuses on investment issues
  891. Kyrgyzstan: HRW demands investigation of attack on RFE/RL correspondent
  892. Kyrgyzstan: US embassy to co-organize first ever Franchise and Trade Expo in Bishkek
  893. EU supports Uzbekistan’s new agri-food development strategy
  894. ADB loan to help improve connectivity and road safety in Kazakhstan
  895. Kazakhstan: National Welfare Fund Samruk-Kazyna to launch IPO of 8 more companies
  896. USAID to host annual Central Asia Trade Forum in Kazakhstan
  897. Central Asia: EU-funded BOMCA and its national partners wrap up the year, make plans for the future
  898. Uzbekistan and China to open new air routes
  899. US government donates 614,000 books to schools across Tajikistan
  900. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  901. Afghanistan: Polls close in presidential election
  902. OSCE Parliamentary Assembly president visits Kyrgyzstan
  903. USAID donates 385,000 books to 900 schools in Kyrgyzstan
  904. Kazakhstan expands export of agricultural products to China
  905. IFC loan to help homeowners and micro enterprises in Tajikistan
  906. EBRD, Green Climate Fund to finance new solar plant in Kazakhstan
  907. Turkmenistan to merge parliament with People’s Council to form two-house legislature
  908. Italy’s Eni to build a 48 MW wind power plant in Kazakhstan
  909. EU helps to boost business climate in Kazakhstan and Central Asia
  910. Kazakhstan to play pivotal role in trade along China’s Belt and Road — president
  911. Tajikistan: Rural communities to gain better access to clean water, sanitation with World Bank support
  912. Afghanistan: Taliban lifts ban on WHO vaccine operations in controlled areas
  913. EIB, Uzbekistan take first step towards a EUR 100m investment program for Aral Sea recovery
  914. Chinese corp. launches a large wind power plant project in Uzbekistan
  915. Norway’s company to assess oil and gas areas in Kazakhstan
  916. World Bank outlines priorities for improving Kazakhstan’s public procurement system
  917. Kazakhstan president meets with US political, expert community in New York
  918. Exhibition to mark 25th anniversary of Kyrgyz-Swiss development cooperation
  919. Turkish plant expands production in Kazakhstan
  920. Uzbekistan introduces 3-year investor visa to attract foreign investment
  921. Migration from Turkmenistan on the rise as economic woes persist
  922. US calls to reject Beijing’s demands to repatriate ethnic Uyghurs to China
  923. Central Asia countries, US hold C5+1 ministerial meeting in New York
  924. Uzbekistan to export electricity to Afghanistan at a reduced price
  925. Kazakhstan: Police break up opposition rallies
  926. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  927. First glimpses of Tokayev’s Kazakhstan: The listening state?
  928. CAREC countries move closer to regional energy market after historic meeting in Uzbekistan
  929. Russian oil company Lukoil opens lubricants plant in Kazakhstan
  930. Kyrgyzstan opens Central Asia’s first modern photometric laboratory
  931. Uzbekistan reforms irrigation water management and use in agriculture
  932. Afghanistan: Taliban must be re-integrated into society or they’ll join Daesh — report
  933. US to withhold $160 million in aid to Afghanistan due to government corruption
  934. Kazakhstan: President reshuffles officials, appoints new foreign minister
  935. Kazakhstan, Belarus set to increase trade, jointly enter Chinese market
  936. Uzbekistan plans to phase out state control of agricultural sector
  937. Tajikistan: Jailed lawyer receives human rights award in Warsaw
  938. Kazakhstan improves position in international ratings
  939. ADB supports reforms aimed at diversifying Kyrgyzstan’s economy
  940. Afghanistan: Taliban envoys visit Iran, Russia after collapse of talks with US
  941. US donates radiation detection equipment to Uzbekistan to be installed at Afghanistan border point
  942. Turkmenistan: US ambassador closes successful preservation project at Dayahatyn Caravanserai
  943. Uzbekistan: Tashkent joins European Mobility Week and Car-Free Day
  944. EBRD, EU help improve water services in Kyrgyzstan’s small municipalities
  945. One dead as clashes erupt on Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan border
  946. Turkmenistan: Former trade minister jailed on corruption charges
  947. Kazakhstan and France developing agricultural cooperation
  948. EBRD and Switzerland help improve water services in Tajikistan
  949. EBRD extends renewable energy program for Kazakhstan
  950. Taliban restores security guarantees to Red Cross staff in Afghanistan
  951. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  952. China taking Big Brother to Central Asia
  953. Uzbekistan applies for membership in Turkic Council
  954. Feminist group denied registration in Kazakhstan
  955. Kyrgyzstan joins #EUBeachCleanup global campaign to clean Issyk-Kul beach
  956. EU steps up support to prevent violent extremism, radicalization in Central Asia
  957. Kyrgyzstan hosts 3rd international trade exhibition ‘South-Expo 2019’
  958. Uzbekistan introduces 7-day visa-free travel for Chinese citizens starting in 2020
  959. Kazakhstan president outlines priorities of Kazakh-Chinese economic cooperation
  960. Kazakhstan and China to develop comprehensive strategic partnership
  961. ADB helps Afghanistan to improve water resources, enhance agricultural productivity
  962. Tajikistan: Independent news agency facing ‘apparently targeted disruption’
  963. Kazakhstan: ADB-supported irrigation project to improve agricultural productivity
  964. Kazakhstan: UAE-based company to invest in 1000-hectare orchards in Almaty region
  965. Uzbekistan aims to process its entire cotton domestically by 2025
  966. Foreigners allowed to buy Uzbekistan banks’ shares without central bank consent
  967. Kazakhstan: Government adopts National Plan for implementation of president’s address
  968. Kazakhstan to open ‘The Great Steppe: history and culture” exhibition in Turkey
  969. Turkmenistan to produce computers together with China
  970. Kazakhstan plans to toughen import regulations
  971. Tajikistan launches second unit of giant Rogun hydropower plant
  972. Uzbekistan creates Nukus free economic zone in Karakalpakstan
  973. Uzbekistan outlines agricultural development strategy
  974. Afghanistan: US cancels peace talks with Taliban
  975. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  976. Uzbekistan increasingly turns to China for development loans
  977. Go Viral festival will be held for the first time in Tajikistan
  978. EBRD Board Directors to visit Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan
  979. Kazakhstan: Locals will get 95% of jobs created by joint projects with China — official
  980. Kazakhstan attracted $330 billion of foreign investment since independence
  981. Kazakhstan and Ukraine developing economic cooperation
  982. EBRD offers new financing opportunities for Uzbekistan exporters and importers
  983. France’s Orano to develop uranium mining projects in Uzbekistan
  984. Turkish company plans to produce leather products in Kazakhstan
  985. Kazakhstan approves roadmap to promote non-oil exports
  986. Tajikistan joins initiative to improve health and nutrition of women and children
  987. Kazakhstan: People protest Chinese influence for third day
  988. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor may be expanded to Afghanistan
  989. Afghanistan: Former US envoys warn hasty troop pullout could trigger ‘total civil war’
  990. Kazakhstan: Hundreds hold anti-Chinese rally in Zhanaozen for second day
  991. Uzbekistan: Government to subsidize purchase of solar power devices by citizens
  992. Kazakhstan increasing grain exports to Turkey, Georgia, Italy, Spain
  993. Kazakhstan: Protesters demand president cancel visit to China
  994. Afghanistan: US, Taliban reach agreement ‘in principle’
  995. Kazakhstan president pledges more democratic freedoms in first state of nation address
  996. EU and UNESCO support protection of World Heritage sites in Kyrgyzstan
  997. Kyrgyzstan is the second most integrated EEU economy after Belarus
  998. EEU largest online retailer to open trade and logistics centers in Kazakhstan
  999. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1000. Kyrgyzstan’s revolving doors of justice and politics
  1001. In rural Kyrgyzstan, Coding Caravan encourages girls’ leadership and entrepreneurship
  1002. Kazakhstan: Activists march for democratic changes as police stay on sidelines
  1003. World Bank says funds used in line with objectives of its Xinjiang vocational education project
  1004. Kyrgyzstan: Arrest warrant issued for son of former deputy minister who detained Atambayev
  1005. Kazakhstan hosts Nazarbayev Prize for Nuclear Weapon Free World and Global Security ceremony
  1006. Trump says US to retain military presence in Afghanistan
  1007. Kyrgyzstan: Jailed opposition politicians Tekebaev, Chotonov transferred to house arrest
  1008. President of Belarus to visit Kazakhstan in October to boost cooperation
  1009. OSCE and Tajikistan outline priorities for cooperation in 2020
  1010. Kazakhstan hosts event to foster cooperation among nuclear-weapon-free zones
  1011. Uzbekistan: Tashkent police reject claims of forcing men with beards to shave
  1012. Kyrgyzstan: Former deputy interior minister who detained Atambayev placed under house arrest
  1013. Tajikistan: Imports exceed exports threefold
  1014. Kazakhstan: Government approves Forecast of Socio-Economic Development for 2020-2024
  1015. Turkmenistan president completes state visit to Singapore
  1016. Turkmenistan: People detained just for standing at ATMs as country faces cash-flow problem
  1017. Norwegian ‘International Business’ report features Kazakhstan
  1018. Business circles of Turkmenistan and Singapore discuss cooperation
  1019. Uzbekistan: Men reportedly detained, forced to shave beards
  1020. OSCE strengthens Kyrgyzstan’s capacities to prevent, counter use of Internet for terrorist purposes
  1021. Kyrgyzstan: Bishkek to host global technology conference
  1022. Uzbekistan moves toward a new, more open economy — World Bank
  1023. Kazakhstan organizes cultural press tour for foreign journalists
  1024. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1025. Will Kazakhstan’s giveaway solve debt disease or postpone it?
  1026. Tajikistan: Ceremony marks start of rehabilitation at Qairokkum hydropower plant
  1027. Afghanistan: US, Taliban may sign peace agreement within next few days
  1028. Uzbekistan: President urges political parties to actively participate in democratic processes
  1029. Kyrgyzstan: Former prosecutor-general under house arrest on corruption charge
  1030. Kazakhstan and Germany to expand investment cooperation
  1031. Apple, Google, Mozilla take steps to protect Internet users in Kazakhstan
  1032. International Silk Road expedition explores Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan
  1033. Turkmenistan: EBRD supports local producer of hygienic goods
  1034. Kazakhstan hosts C5+1 high-level discussion between US, Central Asia states
  1035. Kyrgyzstan: Supreme Court orders retrial of opposition politician Tekebaev
  1036. US investment in Kazakhstan on the rise, bilateral trade grows
  1037. Kazakhstan: AIFC investment residency program to attract new wave of foreign capital
  1038. Uzbekistan moves to floating exchange rate for national currency
  1039. Kazakhstan’s national atomic company to extend uranium production cuts
  1040. US provides additional humanitarian assistance for Afghanistan
  1041. Kyrgyzstan: Former President Atambayev’s pretrial detention extended
  1042. US under secretary of state travels to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
  1043. Kyrgyzstan: Ex-presidential candidate Babanov questioned in bank takeover case
  1044. Uzbekistan: New criminal case launched against late president’s daughter
  1045. Afghanistan: President vows to ‘eliminate’ Islamic State havens
  1046. Uzbekistan: USAID supports first Forum of Public Councils in Tashkent
  1047. Kazakhstan updating National Export Strategy
  1048. Tajikistan: EU, Caritas Germany help provide vocational training for persons with disabilities
  1049. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1050. European Union provides €59 million to improve rural livelihoods in Tajikistan
  1051. Kazakhstan: Court fines activist charged with ‘inciting ethnic tensions’
  1052. Kyrgyzstan: Jailed former PM hospitalized with stroke symptoms
  1053. Kyrgyzstan: Former President Atambayev remanded in custody, wife under investigation
  1054. Uzbekistan: President boasts spike in investment, economic growth
  1055. Former British ambassador appointed Kyrgyzstan’s business ombudsman
  1056. Afghanistan: UK and EU reaffirm support to presidential elections
  1057. Uzbekistan takes new steps to boost tourism industry
  1058. Uzbekistan allows land privatization
  1059. Kazakhstan adopts roadmap on dairy industry standards, to create more export opportunities
  1060. OSCE, RSF call on Kyrgyzstan to allow opposition TV channel resume broadcasting
  1061. Kyrgyzstan: Two more charges brought against former President Atambayev
  1062. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank to bolster cooperation with Uzbekistan
  1063. Kyrgyzstan and China conclude joint counter-terrorism exercises
  1064. OSCE supports Pamir Invest Forum in Tajikistan’s Gorno-Badakhshan Region
  1065. Kyrgyzstan: Former President Atambayev accused of murder, other crimes
  1066. Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, China plan to launch new transport corridor
  1067. Kazakhstan’s investment opportunities presented at Caspian Economic Forum in Turkmenistan
  1068. Kazakhstan: Protesters demand release of jailed politicians, activists
  1069. Turkmenistan president takes part in First Caspian Economic Forum
  1070. Cluster development lags behind in Eurasian Development Bank member countries
  1071. Leading travel bloggers promote tourism in Central Asia
  1072. Russian energy giants show interest in developing Turkmenistan oil and gas fields
  1073. Kazakhstan, UK reaffirm commitment to strategic partnership
  1074. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1075. EBRD promotes flight safety in Tajikistan
  1076. Kyrgyzstan: USAID supports photo exhibition on HIV control efforts among vulnerable citizens
  1077. Former presidential candidate Babanov returns to Kyrgyzstan from Moscow
  1078. Prime ministers of Eurasian Economic Union countries meet in Kyrgyzstan
  1079. Kyrgyzstan: Former President Atambayev charged with corruption
  1080. Kyrgyzstan hosts OSCE-supported Central Asian seminar on border delimitation practices
  1081. Tajikistan and China start military drills in Gorno-Badakhshan province
  1082. Kyrgyzstan’s former President Atambayev arrested
  1083. Kyrgyzstan: Former president under siege in his compound near Bishkek
  1084. Regional Explosive Hazards Training Centre inaugurated in Tajikistan
  1085. Kazakhstan halts Internet surveillance plan
  1086. Kyrgyzstan: Special forces fail to arrest former president Atambayev
  1087. Kyrgyzstan: Government suspends operation of Chinese mining company
  1088. Kyrgyzstan and China hold joint counter-terrorism exercise
  1089. Kazakhstan: Authorities finishing testing of web traffic spy tool
  1090. Afghanistan: Taliban threatens violent disruption of presidential election
  1091. Kyrgyzstan: Locals clash with Chinese mining company workers
  1092. Uzbekistan attracts $5.6 billion of foreign investments and loans in H1 2019
  1093. US supports soybean production in Kyrgyzstan
  1094. Uzbekistan: President shuts down notorious prison
  1095. Kyrgyzstan: Warrant issued for former chairwoman of State Registration Service
  1096. Xinjiang sees an increase in trade with SCO member states
  1097. Uzbekistan president orders new measures for small business support
  1098. Afghanistan ups fruit exports, looks to Russia and Kazakhstan markets
  1099. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1100. Russian PM to travel to Turkmenistan amid rumors of Turkmen leader’s death
  1101. Kazakhstan and Japan explore new investment opportunities
  1102. Kazakhstan-China oil pipeline transports over 5 million tons of crude in H1 2019
  1103. Canadian, Latvian companies to build beef production and processing facility in Kazakhstan
  1104. EU and FAO boost early warning system on climate in Tajikistan
  1105. Kazakhstan sets up Industry Development Fund
  1106. Kazakhstan: Roadmap for automotive industry development to double production by 2024
  1107. Uzbekistan, Belarus identify priorities for cooperation
  1108. Afghanistan: Illegal mining reduces lapis lazuli prices
  1109. New horse trekking route to draw adventure tourists to Kyrgyzstan
  1110. Kyrgyzstan: Former deputy transport minister sentenced to 14 years for bribe
  1111. Kyrgyzstan, US hold successful annual bilateral consultations
  1112. Uzbekistan, Belarus hold first forum of regions
  1113. Kazakhstan: LRT will improve public transport system in Nur-Sultan
  1114. Kyrgyzstan: Jailed rights activist’s life sentence upheld again
  1115. Tajikistan: Caritas Germany, with EU financial support, organizes summer camp for children with disabilities
  1116. Kazakhstan relocates citizens from labor-surplus to labor-deficient regions
  1117. Turkmenistan: Authorities detain those spreading rumors about president’s death
  1118. Pompeo says Trump wants to ‘reduce’ foreign troops in Afghanistan by November 2020
  1119. Kyrgyzstan: Conflicts of local population with mining companies continue
  1120. Ambassadors from 50 countries at UN support China on Xinjiang-related issues
  1121. Improving corporate governance is critical for sound financial system in Tajikistan — World Bank
  1122. Taliban says ‘no agreement’ on direct talks with Afghanistan government
  1123. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1124. Central Asia: Women entrepreneurs lack intensive state support
  1125. Uzbekistan president to make first official visit to Belarus
  1126. Work started on construction of railway linking Afghanistan, Turkmenistan
  1127. Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan presidents hold talks amid border tensions
  1128. Uzbekistan faces mounting economic costs from staying out of Russian-led Eurasian Union
  1129. Uzbekistan to introduce new system to develop small business
  1130. British Embassy in Ashgabat supports entrepreneurship in Turkmenistan
  1131. Putin meets Atambayev in Moscow, says Kyrgyzstan needs political stability
  1132. US shares best practices to increase Turkmenistan’s high-value fruit production
  1133. Uzbekistan begins negotiation process for accession to WTO
  1134. Kazakhstan: Jailed former uranium tycoon denied early release again
  1135. Uzbek president’s office statement contradicts rumors of Turkmen leader’s death
  1136. Kyrgyzstan: Atambayev leaves for Moscow from Russian air base aboard private jet
  1137. False report of leader’s death shows Turkmenistan now a serious problem for Moscow
  1138. EBRD, EU and EIB help improve water services in Kyrgyzstan’s small communities
  1139. US investment companies show interest in Uzbekistan’s securities market
  1140. EU, UNDP to help Afghan women attend university in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
  1141. World Bank welcomes Uzbekistan’s reform commitment, increases support
  1142. Tensions erupt on Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan border over raising of national flags
  1143. Kyrgyzstan: Deputy interior minister visits Atambayev’s compound after he ignores subpoenas
  1144. OPIC negotiates financing of projects in Uzbekistan
  1145. Uzbekistan to transform largest state-owned enterprise, with ADB support
  1146. Afghanistan facing strong headwinds to economic growth, World Bank says
  1147. Reports on Turkmenistan president’s death are ‘fake’ — Turkmen diplomat
  1148. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1149. Kyrgyzstan: OSCE starts 2019 Issyk-Kul Lake clean-up campaigns with local communities
  1150. Uzbekistan and France cooperate in tourism industry
  1151. Swedish aid group reopens health centers in Afghanistan province
  1152. Uzbekistan plans to sell most of its power plants to private investors
  1153. Kazakhstan: IMF projects 3.8% growth in 2019, with recovery in oil sector
  1154. US supports Afghanistan-Uzbekistan cross-border trade
  1155. Air cargo route links China’s Xinjiang and Uzbekistan
  1156. Kyrgyzstan expanding trade, investment ties with South Korea
  1157. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan open transit highway
  1158. Kazakhstan: Union leader sentenced to seven years in prison
  1159. Afghanistan: Swedish aid group closes health centers after Taliban threats
  1160. Does Kyrgyzstan need another state management company?
  1161. Turkmenistan to build Ashgabat City compound
  1162. US government helps reduce tuberculosis cases in Tajikistan
  1163. Kyrgyzstan: Jailed rights activist’s new retrial postponed
  1164. Russian KAMAZ to organize production of components for trucks in Kazakhstan
  1165. Kazakhstan: Economic growth in first half of 2019 reached 4.1%
  1166. EBRD supports expansion of Kazakhstan food producer
  1167. WB project to help improve access to electricity in Tajikistan’s remote regions
  1168. Kyrgyzstan: USAID, Health Ministry agree on further cooperation in TB control
  1169. Kyrgyzstan: Arrest warrant issued for former Defense Council secretary
  1170. Tajikistan: 9 new hotels to be constructed in Dushanbe
  1171. Kyrgyzstan to host OSCE Central Asia Media Conference
  1172. Central Asia exceeds global suicide rate
  1173. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1174. Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to increase trade to $1 billion by 2020
  1175. China, Russia, US discuss Afghanistan peace process
  1176. Kazakhstan: Protesters in Almaty demand release of Xinjiang activist
  1177. Kazakhstan, Tajikistan expanding trade and economic cooperation
  1178. Uzbekistan foreign minister meets with British MPs, minister for investment
  1179. OSCE empowers Tajikistan women through homestay business training
  1180. Premature troops pullout from Afghanistan would be ‘strategic mistake’ — US general
  1181. Kazakhstan: Youth-Friendly Health Centre opens in Almaty
  1182. Automobile manufacturing on the rise in Kazakhstan
  1183. Kazakhstan targets at increase in foreign investment
  1184. EU holds anti-corruption conference in Afghanistan
  1185. OSCE, SCO, EU explore strengthening synergies and cooperation in Central Asia
  1186. Valmont Industries to implement agro-industrial projects in Kazakhstan
  1187. Tajikistan, China to conduct military drills in Gorno-Badakhshan province
  1188. Kazakhstan, Slovakia to strengthen interaction within OSCE and bilateral formats
  1189. Afghanistan: Taliban, Afghan delegates agree on roadmap to peace but discrepancies remain
  1190. Kyrgyzstan: Former president refuses to obey subpoena in unspecified investigation
  1191. Uzbekistan: President orders to increase car production
  1192. Afghanistan: Doha meeting may lead to direct talks between Kabul, Taliban
  1193. Kazakhstan: EDB, DBK to finance construction of Saryarka gas pipeline
  1194. Tajikistan: Food poisoning kills 14 prison inmates
  1195. Central Asia: FEZs need attractive and stable conditions for investors
  1196. South Korea starts program to hire seasonal agriculture workers from Kyrgyzstan
  1197. Afghanistan: Kabul sees intra-Afghan dialogue in Qatar as progress in peace process
  1198. Kyrgyzstan hosts EU-Central Asia foreign ministers’ meeting
  1199. Kyrgyzstan, EU sign new Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement
  1200. Kazakhstan: Dozens detained in anti-government protests in major cities
  1201. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1202. Document establishing European Union Delegation in Turkmenistan signed in Ashgabat
  1203. Air freight route links China’s Xinjiang and Kazakhstan
  1204. EFSD to provide $2 million grant for Tajikistan’s Caravan of Health project
  1205. Tajikistan: EFSD to provide $40 million for Nurek hydro plant rehabilitation
  1206. European Union and Central Asia need stronger partnership — EU officials
  1207. Kazakhstan signs agreements on Dunga, Abay fields with Total, ENI
  1208. Second Chinese law firm opens its office in Uzbekistan
  1209. Russia’s Gazprom signs 5-year natural-gas import deal with Turkmenistan
  1210. ADB’s loan opens new clean energy pathway in Kazakhstan
  1211. Central Asia: Delayed consultations, suspended integration
  1212. IMF welcomes the improved macroeconomic and financial conditions in Kyrgyzstan
  1213. Kazakhstan and US aim at strengthening economic partnership
  1214. Germany and Qatar to co-host intra-Afghan talks
  1215. Kyrgyzstan: Rights groups urge EU officials to demand release of jailed activist Askarov
  1216. Innovative FAO tool helps Tajikistan tackle antimicrobial resistance
  1217. Kazakhstan PM discusses investment cooperation with ambassadors of EU countries
  1218. Uzbekistan to strengthen social safety nets to protect the poorest and most vulnerable, with World Bank support
  1219. Uzbekistan to provide $45 million for Afghanistan power transmission project
  1220. American business has invested $47 billion in Kazakhstan
  1221. Central Asia may experience considerable losses due to climate change
  1222. Turkmenistan opens new synthetic gasoline plant
  1223. Kazakhstan: Foreign workers at Tengiz oil field evacuated after brawl
  1224. Kyrgyzstan: Forum helps local suppliers find partners in mining business
  1225. EU SWITCH-Asia Programme will be launched in Central Asia
  1226. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1227. Italian company considers launching agricultural machinery production in Kazakhstan
  1228. Japanese, Chinese investors interested in expanding investment in Kazakhstan
  1229. Tajikistan and Belarus ink agreement on strategic cooperation
  1230. South Korean company launches livestock GPS tracking project in Kazakhstan
  1231. Kazakhstan to help socially vulnerable citizens reduce bank loan debts
  1232. First Tashkent–Tamchy flight brings tourists from Uzbekistan to Kyrgyzstan’s Issyk-Kul
  1233. Kyrgyzstan: Parliament votes to strip Atambayev of ex-president’s status, immunity
  1234. New US ambassador to Turkmenistan begins his service
  1235. Turkmenistan airline expands geography of international flights
  1236. Central Asia states strengthen preparedness to respond to deliberate use of biological weapons
  1237. US provides assistance to preserve historical heritage in Tajikistan
  1238. Uzbekistan: Former prosecutor-general sentenced to 10 years for corruption
  1239. Kyrgyzstan: Ex-President Atambayev rejects accusations ahead of vote on his immunity
  1240. OSCE promotes dialogue between junior diplomats from Central Asia, Afghanistan, Mongolia
  1241. Kazakhstan, UNESCO to establish International Center for Rapprochement of Cultures
  1242. ADB and Uzbekistan renew development partnership with new 5-year strategy
  1243. Afghanistan: US hopes to have a peace deal with Taliban before Sept 1 — Pompeo
  1244. Kyrgyzstan: Tax revenues declining, unemployment and poverty persist
  1245. Uzbekistan to host FAO Regional Conference for Europe and Central Asia in 2020
  1246. Experts discuss industrial and technological priorities in Kyrgyzstan
  1247. Switzerland to send $133 million belonging to Gulnara Karimova to Uzbekistan
  1248. Second Summer University on Disaster Risk Management held in Tajikistan
  1249. Foreign investors created 6 thousand jobs in Kazakhstan in 2018
  1250. Kazakhstan: Foreign Ministry reports on measures to attract foreign investment
  1251. Uzbekistan, South Korea expand economic cooperation
  1252. Integrating the Eurasian Union and China’s Belt and Road: A bridge too far?
  1253. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1254. US removes Uzbekistan from list of countries with worst religious tolerance
  1255. US government recognizes Kyrgyzstan’s progress in countering trafficking in persons
  1256. FAO strengthens partnership with civil society in Kazakhstan
  1257. Kazakhstan’s financial hub seeks Chinese investment in regional projects
  1258. World Bank to help increase opportunities for Tajikistan’s vulnerable communities
  1259. Kyrgyzstan: Lawmakers vote to strip ex-President Atambayev of immunity
  1260. Kyrgyzstan: Authorities investigate heroin smuggled to Europe as ‘Turkish sweets’
  1261. First US Commerce Department certified trade mission visits Uzbekistan
  1262. Kazakhstan seeks more economic cooperation with Norway
  1263. Afghanistan: Daesh is another instrument of Pakistan’s army, ex-Indian envoy says
  1264. Afghanistan: US seeking ‘peace agreement’ with Taliban, not ‘withdrawal’ deal — US envoy
  1265. Success of China’s Belt & Road Initiative depends on deep policy reforms, WB study finds
  1266. Frozen fish imports from Kazakhstan grow through China’s key land port
  1267. ADB convenes Uzbekistan banks to expand trade finance opportunities
  1268. ADB vice-president reaffirms commitment to Tajikistan’s development
  1269. Central Asia countries make improvements in fisheries and aquaculture
  1270. Turkmenistan: President appoints son provincial governor
  1271. European Council adopts a new EU strategy for Central Asia
  1272. Kyrgyzstan: Commission brings corruption charges against ex-President Atambayev
  1273. Fast-paced reforms lead to improvements in ease of doing business in Kazakhstan
  1274. Afghanistan, Turkmenistan sign documents on railway, energy, and marble trading
  1275. Xi’s Central Asia trip cements regional cooperation, Chinese FM says
  1276. Tajikistan and China sign agreements to boost cooperation
  1277. Kyrgyzstan-China win-win cooperation enters a new stage
  1278. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1279. Uzbekistan’s economic transformation gets new boost with $500m World Bank loan
  1280. Tajikistan: Islamic State claims responsibility for deadly prison riot
  1281. Shanghai Cooperation Organization holds summit in Kyrgyzstan
  1282. EU shares its experience on water quality management with Central Asia
  1283. Kazakhstan-Malaysian Business Council office opened in Kuala Lumpur
  1284. UN criticizes Kazakhstan’s crackdown on election protesters
  1285. Kyrgyzstan and China to deepen strategic partnership
  1286. China-Tajikistan friendship expects ‘brighter future’ — Chinese president
  1287. Turkish investor to build two large public health facilities in Kazakhstan
  1288. China and Kyrgyzstan presidents speak for deepening inter-state cooperation
  1289. Tokayev inaugurated as Kazakhstan’s new president
  1290. Kazakhstan: Waking up to reform
  1291. China president on the relations with Kyrgyzstan
  1292. Kazakhstan: Oil production at Kashagan reaches record high level
  1293. Kazakhstan: Government reports steady economic growth in 5 months
  1294. Central Asia countries aim to make tourism sustainable and profitable business
  1295. Kazakh Invest presents Kazakhstan’s investment opportunities at SPIEF-2019
  1296. Kazakhstan: More arrests in Almaty overnight amid protests against election results
  1297. Kazakhstan: Tokayev wins snap presidential election that ‘showed scant respect for democratic standards’
  1298. EEU problems and prospects discussed at St. Petersburg Economic Forum
  1299. European Union and Tajikistan hold Cooperation Committee meeting
  1300. Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev’s chosen presidential successor leads exit poll as hundreds of protesters detained
  1301. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1302. Kyrgyzstan to gain better primary health care with World Bank support
  1303. Uzbekistan: OSCE supports study visit of women farmers to the Netherlands
  1304. Kazakhstan: Mothers’ press conference disrupted in Almaty ahead of snap presidential elections
  1305. The EU’s new Central Asia strategy: What does it mean for trade?
  1306. Kazakhstan digitalizing the market of tourist services
  1307. EEU member countries, China agree on cooperation in the movement of goods
  1308. Tajikistan and Iran resume air communication as bilateral ties improve
  1309. East Kazakhstan close to reaching the ambitious UNAIDS 90-90-90 goals
  1310. Austrian Raiffeisen Bank to hold a banking summit in Uzbekistan
  1311. World Bank to help improve water supply, wastewater services in Tajikistan’s capital
  1312. Afghanistan: US, Europe special envoys hope peace talks to start soon
  1313. Kyrgyzstan: Former chief prosecutor arrested
  1314. Afghanistan: Half of rural population faces food insecurity — UN report
  1315. Japanese companies show interest in investing in Kazakhstan
  1316. Uzbekistan simplifies visa regime for tourists
  1317. Why Kazakhstan’s presidential elections matter
  1318. Almost two million people reportedly left Turkmenistan over 10 years
  1319. Kazakh Invest opens representative office in India
  1320. Kyrgyzstan: Former official of president’s office arrested on corruption charges
  1321. Kyrgyzstan: Investment forum addresses problems of local SMEs
  1322. Countries scale up ecosystem restoration in Central Asia and Caucasus
  1323. Kazakhstan launches construction of int’l tourist complex on Caspian coast
  1324. Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev’s initiatives discussed at expert event
  1325. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1326. New economic corridor between Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan taking shape
  1327. Kazakhstan hosts OSCE Forum on Internet Development in Central Asia
  1328. European Council president visits Central Asia
  1329. Central Asia: Finding a balance between economy needs and higher education objectives
  1330. Uzbekistan: World Bank to help strengthen access to and quality of early childhood education
  1331. Kazakhstan ex-President Nazarbayev becomes honorary senator
  1332. Afghanistan politicians, Taliban cite ‘tremendous progress’ at Moscow talks
  1333. Kyrgyzstan: Motor fuel smuggling entails huge state-budget losses
  1334. Kazakhstan’s First President Nazarbayev becomes honorary chairman of EEU Economic Commission
  1335. OSCE Parliamentary Assembly to observe Kazakhstan’s early presidential election
  1336. German president meets with Uzbekistan business people
  1337. German president visits Uzbekistan
  1338. Kazakhstan: China’s ambassador rejects Xinjiang crackdown allegations
  1339. Russia hosts Taliban delegates, calls for withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan
  1340. EU and Kyrgyzstan discuss cooperation on human rights
  1341. Russian defense minister, Tajikistan president discuss military cooperation in Dushanbe
  1342. Kyrgyzstan: 65% stunting reduction in Naryn oblast
  1343. Kazakhstan and Turkey to strengthen cooperation, increase investments
  1344. Afghanistan politicians, Taliban negotiators expected to meet in Moscow
  1345. Kyrgyzstan: Atambayev at risk as law allowing prosecution of ex-presidents comes into force
  1346. Uzbekistan to subsidize domestic exporters
  1347. World Bank supports public financial management, state-owned enterprises reforms in Uzbekistan
  1348. Turkmenistan addresses youth employment issue amid growing unemployment
  1349. From Samarkand to Seoul: Central Asian migrants in South Korea
  1350. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1351. Tajikistan: Caritas Germany promotes social work development in GBAO
  1352. ADB to help modernize Uzbekistan’s railway fleet
  1353. Uzbekistan: First Chinese law firm opens in Tashkent
  1354. US largest meat producer eyeing expansion into Kazakhstan
  1355. Lukashenko proposes Kazakhstan supply oil to Belarus
  1356. EBRD and EU support water supply system in Kyrgyzstan
  1357. EBRD and Kyrgyzstan launch Climate Finance Centre
  1358. Share of SMEs in Kazakhstan’s GDP reached 28.3% in 2018
  1359. New European Union grant to strengthen water and energy security in Central Asia
  1360. Number of IS-Khorasan branch exceeds 5,000 militants in Afghanistan — US intelligence report
  1361. EBRD pledges fresh funds to support SMEs in Kyrgyzstan
  1362. ADB private sector deal to promote solar power in Afghanistan
  1363. Kazakhstan developing special economic and industrial zones
  1364. OSCE helps open Entrepreneurship Support Centres in south Kyrgyzstan
  1365. Tajikistan: Opposition party accuses authorities of concealing truth about deadly prison riot
  1366. Afghanistan: Corruption remains substantial obstacle to peace and prosperity — UN report
  1367. OSCE chairperson-in-office opens new OSCE premises in Uzbekistan
  1368. Tajikistan and China agree to strengthen strategic partnership
  1369. Tajikistan: Opposition members among 32 killed in prison riot
  1370. Navoi hosts the first Uzbekistan–American–Canadian business forum
  1371. Agreements for $9 billion signed at Kazakhstan Global Investment Roundtable
  1372. Turkmenistan leader hails ‘generous’ harvest despite food shortages
  1373. Kazakhstan: Activists say they’re being conscripted as punishment for political activities
  1374. Central Asia: modern public transport to solve traffic challenges, benefit environment
  1375. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1376. Kyrgyzstan: American rock brass band Aberdeen in Bishkek and Osh
  1377. ADB vice-president reaffirms commitment to partnership with Kazakhstan
  1378. Kazakhstan: Prominent sinologist arrested on high treason charges
  1379. Uzbekistan: President declares Navoi region free economic zone
  1380. Kazakhstan holds XII Astana Economic Forum
  1381. C5+1 Security Working Group meets in Tajikistan
  1382. Kyrgyzstan: Legislation allowing prosecution of ex-presidents signed into law
  1383. Uzbekistan and China hold joint anti-terror exercise
  1384. Uzbekistan hosts Central Asian Internet Governance Forum
  1385. Afghanistan: Foreign ministry welcomes UN sanctions on Daesh
  1386. European Commission adopts new strategy on Central Asia
  1387. Kyrgyzstan: Ex-health minister detained over early prison release of notorious crime boss
  1388. Kyrgyzstan: Notorious former customs boss steps out of the shadows
  1389. IFC supports horticulture in Kazakhstan
  1390. Delegation of the State of Mississippi visits Uzbekistan
  1391. US sanctions on Iran disrupt Afghanistan trade through Chabahar port
  1392. Kazakhstan: Economic growth reaches 4%
  1393. Central Asian Salafi-Jihadi and Al Qaeda: From Bayat to global Jihad
  1394. Kazakhstan: International observers accredited for snap presidential election
  1395. Turkmenistan president, Iran’s foreign minister discuss cooperation priorities
  1396. Afghanistan: UN concerned over increase of violence during Ramadhan
  1397. Islamic State reportedly claims it has established a ‘province’ in India
  1398. Uzbekistan: Government says it has unblocked independent websites
  1399. Kyrgyzstan: SCO marathon ‘Run the Silk Road’ held at Lake Issyk-Kul
  1400. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1401. Uranium mining in Kyrgyzstan: danger or benefit?
  1402. Afghanistan: Traders turn to Iran’s Chabahar port despite problems
  1403. Over 200 Kazakhstan citizens linked to Islamic State repatriated from Syria
  1404. Uzbekistan needs quality jobs to support sustainable growth and development — ADB
  1405. World Bank endorses new Country Partnership Framework for Tajikistan
  1406. Afghanistan: Sixth round of US-Taliban talks ends in Doha
  1407. International organizations highly assess the Turkmen Lake project
  1408. Kazakhstan: Protesters detained as social media and news websites blocked
  1409. Afghanistan: Taliban attacks US aid group’s Kabul offices
  1410. Kyrgyzstan: FAO pilot program enabling farmers to supply food for schoolchildren’s meals
  1411. Uzbekistan to bolster jewelry industry
  1412. Turkmenistan to build a new village in Karakum Desert
  1413. Turkmenistan, Russia hold intergovernmental commission meeting
  1414. Kyrgyzstan’s best exporters announced
  1415. UNECE, FAO take stock of scarce woody resources of Central Asia, Caucasus
  1416. Kazakhstan allows opposition candidate to run in election, while nabbing democracy activists
  1417. Kazakhstan to hold 12th Astana Economic Forum
  1418. EU Delegation to Kazakhstan presents ‘Taste of Europe’ cookbook
  1419. Kazakhstan boosts public-private partnership in economic and social spheres
  1420. Representatives of all nuclear-weapon-free zones to meet in Kazakhstan
  1421. US delegation concludes annual consultations in Turkmenistan
  1422. Afghanistan goods on the way to UK via Lapis Lazuli transport route
  1423. Afghanistan: Special Forces kill leader in charge of Daesh activities in Central Asia
  1424. Solving environmental, and economic, problems in Central Asia
  1425. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1426. Kyrgyzstan: US Embassy publishes Bishkek air quality data
  1427. Tajikistan: Western diplomats urge government to allow open Internet
  1428. Tajikistan hosts OSCE-supported World Press Freedom Day conference
  1429. Kazakhstan government sides with banks in rogue fees scandal
  1430. Uzbekistan aims to increase production of processed, export-oriented goods
  1431. ‘Mass surveillance app’ used to target Muslims in China’s Xinjiang, HRW says
  1432. Kazakhstan: Courts issue jail sentences against May Day protesters
  1433. Nur-Sultan hosts Kazakhstan-Hungarian business forum
  1434. OSCE supports launch of Tajikistan’s Trade Portal
  1435. Afghanistan: NATO’s mission stops releasing war data
  1436. Kazakhstan: Protesters call for presidential election boycott
  1437. Tajikistan repatriates Islamic State children from Iraq
  1438. Eurasian Economic Union PMs discuss elimination of barriers to mutual trade
  1439. US religion report assails China over abuses of Muslims, calls Uzbekistan ‘country of particular concern’
  1440. UN chief held ‘frank’ talks with China president on Xinjiang’s Uyghurs
  1441. Kazakhstan: Government program to improve quality of life in rural areas
  1442. Kyrgyzstan: New key step to tackle Central Asia’s harmful uranium legacy
  1443. Kazakhstan: Activist jailed for people-power banner citing constitution
  1444. Eight nominees submit applications to run for president in Kazakhstan
  1445. Uzbekistan: Navoi to host international business forum
  1446. Turkmenistan, Great Britain boost trade and economic cooperation
  1447. At Belt and Road forum, Kazakhstan signs investment agreements with China companies
  1448. Turkmenistan: Development of renewable energy sector focus of OSCE-supported discussion
  1449. Kyrgyzstan: Passport tender scandal casts doubts on country’s digitalization drive
  1450. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1451. Kyrgyzstan aims to be in the forefront of digitalization in Central Asia
  1452. EBRD, Green Climate Fund finance solar power plant in Kazakhstan
  1453. Kazakhstan issues new coins featuring Latin-based alphabet
  1454. Kazakhstan: Only registered opposition party boycotts snap presidential election
  1455. Uzbekistan fully supports China’s Belt and Road initiative
  1456. China’s Xi says his $1 trillion Belt and Road project to enhance int’l trade
  1457. China, Russia, US discuss Afghanistan peace in Moscow
  1458. Central Asia: FAO project aims to reduce contamination, promote sound use of pesticides
  1459. New EU-supported project for livestock development launched in Uzbekistan
  1460. Kyrgyzstan’s former lawmaker gets 10 years in prison in Kazakhstan
  1461. Afghanistan: Civilian casualties down; coalition forces killed more than Taliban
  1462. China’s military base in Tajikistan: What does it mean?
  1463. Prime ministers of Kazakhstan and Hungary discuss increasing investment cooperation
  1464. Tajikistan: President cancels government move to increase Internet rates
  1465. Moscow to host Russia-China-US meeting on Afghanistan peace
  1466. Kazakhstan: Ruling party nominates Tokayev for president
  1467. Uzbekistan president to visit China, attend Belt and Road forum
  1468. Kazakhstan sets up Coordination Council to attract new wave of investment
  1469. Kazakhstan and South Korea hold investment forum
  1470. Tajikistan to keep high growth rate while running infrastructure projects — EDB
  1471. USAID-supported modern apparel factory opens in Kyrgyzstan
  1472. Kazakhstan: Hyundai Kazakh-Korean car plant to be built in Almaty
  1473. Turkmenistan at the bottom of World Press Freedom Index
  1474. Nazarbayev’s departure triggering new Russian exodus from Kazakhstan
  1475. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1476. Eurasian Economic Union: Results, challenges and hopes
  1477. Uzbekistan to create most favorable conditions for South Korean business
  1478. Prevalence of hospital acquired infection significantly reduced in Kyrgyzstan
  1479. Gazprom resumes imports from Turkmenistan after a long halt
  1480. Regular feeder service on Trans-Caspian route launched from Kazakhstan’s Aktau port
  1481. Kazakhstan: Foreign journalists visit Altynkol station, Khorgos SEZ
  1482. OSCE-supported Customs Training Centre in Kyrgyzstan gets new int’l status
  1483. Peace talks with Afghan Taliban and its implications for Pakistan
  1484. Turkmenistan, Republic of Korea to expand trade, economic cooperation
  1485. In Turkmenistan, OSCE PA special representative builds parliamentary dialogue
  1486. Tajikistan and Russia to continue security cooperation
  1487. Kazakhstan to increase non-primary exports to $32 billion by 2022
  1488. EBRD in first syndicated loan for Kazakhstan microfinance group
  1489. Kyrgyzstan: 2018 Human Rights Report highlights positive developments
  1490. Kyrgyzstan: Experts discuss a sustainable model for extractive industries
  1491. Germany interested to invest in Kazakhstan
  1492. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan agree on joint projects
  1493. Afghanistan invites to invest in its mining projects
  1494. Russia’s Gazprom resumes buying Turkmenistan’s natural gas
  1495. Afghanistan: Former warlord says ‘no doubt’ Pakistan ‘supports’ Taliban
  1496. Kazakhstan to build logistics centers in Iran ports for exports to Gulf countries
  1497. Uzbekistan promotes a healthy lifestyle of its citizens
  1498. Turkmenistan needs to speed up market-oriented reforms, build human capital — IMF
  1499. To improve school education, Kyrgyzstan needs to focus on its quality and innovation
  1500. Fugitive former presidential candidate cancels return to Kyrgyzstan
  1501. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1502. Uzbekistan: President’s daughter appointed deputy head of state media agency
  1503. Afghanistan starts exploration for lithium to attract investment in its mining
  1504. In ‘Great Game Lite,’ Russia and China compete for influence in Kyrgyzstan
  1505. Kyrgyzstan expects economic growth due to short-term factors in 2019 — EDB
  1506. WHO welcomes Turkmenistan efforts to popularize healthy lifestyle
  1507. Afghanistan: Taliban announce ‘ban’ on WHO and Red Cross
  1508. Uzbekistan rejects allegations of torture against former chief prosecutor
  1509. Kazakhstan: Government reports steady economic growth in first quarter
  1510. Kazakhstan: Ruling party expected to announce presidential candidate on April 23
  1511. Uzbekistan and Austria expand economic cooperation
  1512. Kazakhstan: Tokayev primed as shoo-in for snap presidential election
  1513. Water saving eco-marathons start in Uzbekistan
  1514. Tajikistan: Former opposition member jailed for 15 years after return from Russia
  1515. Uzbekistan: Former chief prosecutor at risk of torture while on trial, Amnesty says
  1516. Kazakhstan: Snap presidential election scheduled for June 9
  1517. Dutch company expands greenhouse project in Kazakhstan
  1518. EBRD, EIB and EU support water supply improvements in Kyrgyzstan
  1519. Uzbekistan joins China-Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran railway corridor
  1520. Kazakhstan hosts meeting on China–Europe-China rail transportation
  1521. Afghanistan: Kabul to send delegates to ‘exchange views’ with Taliban in Qatar
  1522. Uzbekistan to develop chemical industry, make it attractive to investors
  1523. Kazakhstan aims to increase agricultural exports to Muslim countries
  1524. Xinjiang building slaughterhouse to import live cattle from Kazakhstan
  1525. Central Asia: Labor migration, remittances and shortage of specialists
  1526. China will have military bases in Central Asia within five years, Russian expert says
  1527. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1528. US-Kyrgyzstan partnership against tuberculosis paves way to end epidemic
  1529. Kyrgyzstan and EU take stock of development cooperation, investment
  1530. American company to build a hybrid breeding center in Kazakhstan
  1531. Qatar Mining Company looks to invest in Kazakhstan deposits
  1532. Afghanistan and Belarus sign economic cooperation agreement
  1533. Kyrgyzstan: Bill preserves immunity from prosecution for ex-presidents
  1534. Russia’s LUKOIL to explore and develop Zhenis block in Kazakhstan
  1535. Kyrgyzstan: President’s brother quits Atambayev’s party amid split
  1536. ADB convenes Kyrgyzstan banks to enhance trade finance opportunities
  1537. Uzbekistan growth to improve further to 5.2% in 2019 — ADB
  1538. Infrastructure development key to Afghanistan’s growth — ADB
  1539. Kazakhstan’s economic growth to slightly moderate in 2019-2020 — ADB
  1540. Tajikistan needs to diversify production, exports to improve economic resilience — ADB
  1541. WCO, OSCE train Central Asia customs in preventing illicit trafficking of cultural heritage
  1542. Eight entrepreneurs win funding to start businesses in Kyrgyzstan
  1543. American music group completes tour in Turkmenistan
  1544. Kyrgyzstan uses solar power, youth education to improve forests
  1545. Turkmenistan: Ashgabat residents install satellite dishes on the ground
  1546. Uzbekistan to build 25 solar power plants by 2030
  1547. Uzbekistan, EU discuss cooperation, Afghanistan
  1548. Uzbekistan’s foreign debt on the rise
  1549. Kazakhstan, Spain discuss deepening of strategic partnership
  1550. Uzbekistan ready to host talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban
  1551. Rights watchdog urges Kyrgyzstan to drop charges against anti-Putin protesters
  1552. China’s plan for railway to Uzbekistan is transforming Central Asian geopolitics
  1553. Kyrgyzstan, Russia sign deals worth $6 billion during Putin’s visit
  1554. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1555. China thanks Kazakhstan for ‘support’ of Muslim crackdown in Xinjiang
  1556. Uzbekistan’s first competitively tendered solar project receives global interest
  1557. EDB, Rusprom, Transcom to develop integrated e-government system in Kyrgyzstan
  1558. EDB, Russian–Kyrgyz Development Fund may become strategic investors in RSK Bank
  1559. Kyrgyzstan: ADB supports modernization of Uch-Kurgan hydropower plant
  1560. Failure to reintegrate 60,000 Taliban threat to Afghanistan peace deal, report says
  1561. Bishkek, Moscow agree to expand Russian military base in Kyrgyzstan
  1562. Kyrgyzstan, Russia expand scientific and educational partnership
  1563. US lifts Uzbekistan cotton ban
  1564. EU to assist Uzbekistan in combating consequences of Aral Sea tragedy
  1565. Kazakhstan and Council of Europe discuss new-phase cooperation
  1566. US-funded broadcaster under scrutiny for enabling Tajikistan’s strongman rule
  1567. Kazakhstan: New industrialization should meet new challenges — PM
  1568. Media watchdogs urge Turkmenistan to stop ‘systematic harassment’ of independent journalists
  1569. EU supports Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process
  1570. Kazakhstan’s president resigns at a moment of political tension and uncertainty
  1571. Uzbekistan and UAE sign $10 billion worth of agreements
  1572. World Bank supports rural businesses in Uzbekistan’s Ferghana Valley
  1573. US embassy brings American southwestern music to Turkmenistan
  1574. Spanish renewable energy company to enter Kazakhstan
  1575. Afghanistan to seek major loans from IMF to fund key projects
  1576. Kazakhstan: Ex-prime minister appointed interim president’s chief of staff
  1577. EDB loans $44 million to Kazakhstan’s gold producer
  1578. Kyrgyzstan: Lessons learned. Farmers do not trust officials’ advice
  1579. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1580. Villagers in Tajikistan to benefit from infrastructure improvements along CASA1000 transmission line
  1581. US discuss Afghanistan peace process with Russia, China, EU officials
  1582. Kazakhstan: Police detain protesters in several cities during Norouz
  1583. EBRD supports trade in Uzbekistan
  1584. World Bank supports rehabilitation of Nurek hydropower plant in Tajikistan
  1585. Tajikistan: Turkish-Tajik bus-assembling plant launched in Dushanbe
  1586. Kazakhstan: Astana police detain protesters who oppose renaming city after Nazarbayev
  1587. Afghanistan: Presidential vote delayed until September
  1588. Kazakhstan and China discuss increasing cooperation
  1589. Kazakhstan: Government, National Bank to continue Nazarbayev’s policy
  1590. Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev’s daughter becomes Senate speaker as Astana renamed after Nazarbayev
  1591. Kazakhstan: Toqaev sworn in as the country’s acting president
  1592. USAID donates over 110,000 books for schools in Kyrgyzstan
  1593. Uzbekistan automobile plant starts exporting cars to Kazakhstan
  1594. Tajikistan and ADB review 2018 projects performance
  1595. Kazakhstan: President Nazarbayev abruptly resigns but will retain key roles
  1596. Russia tightens its grip on Uzbekistan’s oil and gas industry
  1597. Uzbekistan-US economic cooperation prospects discussed in Washington
  1598. Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan reach agreement, reopen border crossing after deadly clashes
  1599. Kyrgyzstan: Former president’s Social Democratic Party switches to opposition
  1600. Kyrgyzstan: Former President Atambayev says he is sorry for bringing his successor to power
  1601. Kyrgyzstan announces major advancements in the fight against tuberculosis
  1602. Central Asian Economic Forum held in Uzbekistan
  1603. Afghanistan to start exports through rail link to China soon
  1604. Mother of US cyclist killed in terror attack seeks compensation from Tajikistan
  1605. Can Central Asia countries pay their external debts?
  1606. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1607. Russia extradites businessman suspected of fraud to Kazakhstan
  1608. Tajikistan: Investing in early childhood development critical to future growth
  1609. Afghanistan civil servants graduate from University of Central Asia
  1610. US co-invests in first private food safety laboratory in Turkmenistan
  1611. European Parliament urges Kazakhstan to end political repression
  1612. Afghanistan, US officials clash over Khalilzad’s conduct in Taliban peace talks
  1613. Two Tajik villagers killed in clashes on disputed Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan border
  1614. First shipment from Afghanistan via Iran’s Chabahar port arrives in India
  1615. Kyrgyzstan president says his country to enhance cooperation with China
  1616. Uzbekistan suspends receiving and sending of Boeing 737 MAX flights
  1617. Turkmenistan, Pakistan confirm commitment to TAPI gas pipeline project
  1618. OSCE and Tajikistan’s Interior Ministry hold donor coordination meeting for police reform
  1619. Kyrgyzstan: USAID, Oasis Agro LLC inaugurate first modern feed mill in Osh
  1620. Kazakhstan presents its investment opportunities in France
  1621. Afghanistan: US-Taliban peace talks in Doha end with ‘real strides’ but no deal
  1622. Tourism should become a driver of Kazakhstan’s economy — PM
  1623. Islamic countries engage with China against the background of repression in Xinjiang
  1624. Belt and Road Initiative to cut trade costs, enhance investment in Central Asia, Caucasus
  1625. Afghanistan, India open another air freight corridor bypassing Pakistan
  1626. Afghanistan: Taliban leader Mullah Omar reportedly lived near US base for years
  1627. Uzbekistan and France plan Silk Road exhibition in the Louvre
  1628. University of Central Asia architect wins Pritzker Prize
  1629. Kazakhstan: Xinjiang activist detained, accused of inciting discord
  1630. Internet becoming more accessible in Central Asia countries
  1631. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1632. New wave of Kazakh nationalism changing Astana’s domestic and foreign policies
  1633. Kyrgyzstan: Francophonie week 2019 to be held in Bishkek
  1634. A novel of author from Uzbekistan wins 2019 EBRD Literature Prize
  1635. As Russia loses its luster, Tajik laborers head to Turkey
  1636. US charges daughter of Uzbekistan’s late president with bribery, corruption
  1637. Russia’s MTS to pay $850 million to settle corruption case in Uzbekistan
  1638. ADB loan to develop solar power in Kazakhstan
  1639. Kazakhstan and Poland hold business forum in Warsaw
  1640. Uzbekistan: GDP to grow by 5.5% this year, IMF says
  1641. Turkmenistan hosts Istanbul Process Regional Infrastructure working groups meeting
  1642. Tajikistan: Opposition activist reveals details of his abduction by authorities
  1643. Kazakhstan and Egypt hold business forum in Astana
  1644. Amnesty International tells Kazakhstan to respect right to peaceful protest
  1645. Uzbekistan: Gulnara Karimova ordered to prison after violating house arrest
  1646. Taliban chief welcomes Uzbekistan’s peace efforts, infrastructure work in Afghanistan
  1647. Kyrgyzstan and Russia to hold interregional cooperation conference
  1648. Uzbekistan hopes Islamic education is the antidote to extremism
  1649. Kazakhstan and Finland hold business and investment roundtable
  1650. Qatar and Russia to expedite peace process in Afghanistan
  1651. Kazakhstan draws closer to presidential succession
  1652. Kazakhstan advances as a new world tourism destination
  1653. Afghanistan: No agreement reached at US-Taliban talks in Qatar
  1654. Tajikistan: Abducted opposition activist returns to Europe
  1655. Kyrgyzstan: President holds national dialogue on regional development
  1656. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1657. Development dialogue addresses migration policy in Kyrgyzstan
  1658. US Marine Corps major general visits Kyrgyzstan
  1659. Tajikistan: Caritas Germany launches project to improve the lives of persons with disabilities
  1660. Turkmenistan redirects its oil exports from Azerbaijan to Russia
  1661. Uzbekistan opens bicycle plant with Chinese company
  1662. World Bank supports access to clean water, sanitation in Tajikistan’s remote regions
  1663. Kyrgyzstan: Court rules former President Atambayev committed libel
  1664. Kyrgyzstan: Preferential mortgage lending not affordable for state employees
  1665. Uzbekistan: Reforms building better opportunities for people — WB regional vice-president
  1666. Afghanistan: Exploration work starts at Afghan-Tajik oil zone
  1667. Tajikistan: Former members of opposition Group 24 ask to lift ban on the group
  1668. Kazakhstan: Police detain antigovernment protesters as ruling party holds congress
  1669. Uzbekistan to increase gold reserves
  1670. Boosting financial protection against natural disasters critical for Central Asia economies
  1671. Turkmenistan: State employees offered to sweep streets instead of dismissal
  1672. Kazakhstan: New Government targets at ‘real action’
  1673. Afghanistan: Taliban hopeful on possible agreement on US troops pullout
  1674. Turkmenistan: Suicide of Coca-Cola executive casts more gloom
  1675. Turkmenistan: State to control prices of essential products
  1676. Kazakhstan: IFC to support city of Almaty to improve infrastructure services
  1677. US to repatriate assets stolen by Bakiyevs to Kyrgyzstan
  1678. Askar Mamin appointed as Kazakhstan’s new prime minister
  1679. US retreat from Afghanistan opens new strategic opportunities for Russia in Central Asia
  1680. Kazakhstan: Foreign Ministry considers creation of investment ecosystem
  1681. Afghanistan sends first exports to India via Iran’s Chabahar port
  1682. Tajikistan: Activist forcibly returned from Russia faces politically motivated prosecution — rights groups
  1683. Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev scrambling to be seen acting on growing inequality
  1684. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1685. Kyrgyzstan: Subsoil users concerned about possible tax burden increase
  1686. Tajikistan: EU supports Zarafshon irrigation rehabilitation and river basin management project
  1687. Kyrgyzstan: Former President Atambayev admits ‘many mistakes’ when in office
  1688. EU Special Representative for Central Asia visits Kazakhstan
  1689. Afghanistan and Turkmenistan sign strategic partnership agreement
  1690. Tajikistan: Opposition figure arrested after return from self-imposed exile
  1691. Kazakhstan: President Nazarbayev sacks Government over economic failures
  1692. Consultative Council on Improvement of Investment Climate meets in Tajikistan
  1693. Uzbekistan: Acquittal in Telia trial dismays transparency advocates
  1694. EU trains border guards, customs and migration officers in Central Asia
  1695. First International Forum on Pilgrimage Tourism starts in Uzbekistan
  1696. Tajikistan: Report confirms significant Chinese security presence in Pamirs
  1697. Turkmenistan: Authorities resume ‘clampdown’ on dark cars, female drivers
  1698. Uzbekistan hosts conference on Central Asia security, economic cooperation
  1699. Kyrgyzstan: Preliminary hearings into high-level officials’ corruption case begin
  1700. Kazakhstan: AIX receives recognition from UK HM Revenue & Customs
  1701. Tajikistan: The mysterious case of the would-be repentant dissident
  1702. Russia and Central Asia countries the main trade partners of China’s Xinjiang
  1703. Malaysia plans to create a hub for processing, production of palm oil in Uzbekistan
  1704. Uzbekistan establishes cooperation with the State of Mississippi
  1705. EU and Tajikistan discuss additional trade preferences for Tajik exporters
  1706. Foreign diplomats visit China’s Xinjiang over reeducation camps
  1707. Afghanistan’s Taliban calls off meeting in Pakistan due to UN sanctions
  1708. Uzbekistan asks bond-buyers to be its valentine with $1 billion sale
  1709. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1710. Central Asia countries focused on attracting foreign investment
  1711. Tajikistan: Authorities claim opposition leader ‘voluntarily’ returned from self-imposed exile
  1712. Foreign rights observers deported from Kazakhstan without seeing fired judge
  1713. EDB to finance construction of solar power plants in Kazakhstan
  1714. Russian warnings of Afghan threats bring decreasing dividends in Central Asia
  1715. Turkmenistan and Germany hold business forum
  1716. Tajikistan: Customs officials burn 5,000 Baptist calendars
  1717. Malaysian business explores Uzbekistan
  1718. Uzbekistan seeks to obtain beneficiary status of EU’s GSP+ system
  1719. US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan won’t create power vacuum — Russian envoy
  1720. Kazakhstan: Activist for ethnic Kazakhs in Xinjiang on trial in Almaty
  1721. Indian companies to build power plants in Kazakhstan
  1722. Kazakhstan and Hungary to hold business forum in Budapest
  1723. Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development to reconstruct road in Kyrgyzstan
  1724. Kyrgyzstan: Two opposition politicians released from prison
  1725. Tajikistan issues arrest warrant in absentia for prominent journalist
  1726. Russia takes temperature on its Central Asia ties
  1727. Kyrgyzstan: Weak growth despite emerging regional opportunities — WB report
  1728. Uzbekistan: Resigned security chief under criminal investigation, officials say
  1729. Kazakhstan: Judge fired after opposition activist’s acquittal
  1730. Uzbekistan to host conference on interconnectedness in Central Asia
  1731. Harsh Turkish condemnation of Xinjiang cracks Muslim wall of silence
  1732. Uzbekistan, EU start negotiations on enhanced partnership and cooperation agreement
  1733. Government ‘ready’ to open Taliban office in Afghanistan — President Ghani
  1734. Kyrgyzstan: Government proposes to corporatize the state railways enterprise
  1735. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1736. Kazakhstan foreign minister meets with foreign diplomats
  1737. Uzbekistan setting up Council of Foreign Investors jointly with EBRD
  1738. Turkmenistan: US embassy presents American films in annual winter film screenings
  1739. Kyrgyzstan: Court jails man for using WhatsApp to ‘incite ethnic hatred’
  1740. Uzbekistan to increase and diversify exports, set up export headquarters
  1741. Kazakhstan to reduce imports of consumer goods by up to 50%
  1742. Afghanistan: Kabul lodges complaint with UN over Taliban trip to Moscow
  1743. World Bank provides new financial package to Afghanistan
  1744. Hamburg hosts the Day of Economy of Kazakhstan
  1745. Son of Kyrgyzstan’s former ambassador jailed for 3 years in US
  1746. Afghanistan: Taliban insists on US-troop withdrawal at Moscow talks
  1747. Kazakhstan and its pungent oil: A curse and a blessing
  1748. Uzbekistan reiterates readiness to host intra-Afghan peace talks with Taliban
  1749. Russian military base in Tajikistan ‘important security factor’ — Lavrov
  1750. Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev says no plans for early presidential election
  1751. Turkish firm may invest in Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan power project
  1752. UK suspends Turkmenistan Airlines flights affecting India travellers
  1753. No discussion of opening new Russian military base in Kyrgyzstan — Russian FM
  1754. Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev wants constitutional clarification on termination of presidential duties
  1755. Turkmenistan: President outlines priorities of country development in 2019
  1756. New alternative to gas flaring in Kazakhstan
  1757. Tajikistan: Access to finance to be easier for small and medium enterprises
  1758. Afghanistan: Work on CASA-1000 power project faces 8-month delay
  1759. Kyrgyzstan: Corruption hinders mining development, investment attraction
  1760. Uzbekistan seeks new embrace of the English language
  1761. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1762. Afghanistan: Government forces shrinking as Taliban regain territory – report
  1763. Tajikistan women get life sentences in Iraq for belonging to IS
  1764. Russian language losing its position in Kyrgyzstan — and Moscow may be as well
  1765. US investors to create intensive gardens, modern greenhouses in Uzbekistan
  1766. Kazakhstan and European Union review cooperation
  1767. Russia to host Afghanistan peace talks with Taliban participation — report
  1768. Kyrgyzstan: Deterring corruption could improve governance in energy sector
  1769. Russian plant to manufacture energy-saving tractors in Kazakhstan
  1770. Uzbekistan: SCO Centre for Public Diplomacy opens in Tashkent
  1771. Turkmenistan to privatize transport sector, phase out state funding of science
  1772. Afghanistan: Taliban says not looking for ‘monopoly on power’
  1773. Central Asia: ‘Very little progress’ in combatting corruption — report
  1774. US donates $3.8 million in ground sensor radar equipment to Tajikistan
  1775. EBRD, Green Climate Fund provide $50 million for solar plant in Kazakhstan
  1776. OSCE strengthens Uzbekistan capacities to counter the use of Internet for terrorist purposes
  1777. Kyrgyzstan: Anti-China protester arrested, charged with inciting ethnic hatred
  1778. Kazakhstan to expand geography of non-primary exports in 2019
  1779. IS militants transferred from Pakistan to Tajikistan border — Russian official
  1780. US and Russian presidents urged to help ethnic Kazakhs in Xinjiang
  1781. Afghanistan: US, Taliban agree in principle to peace ‘framework’
  1782. Kazakhstan as an Arctic state and a maritime power
  1783. Tajikistan and the World Bank Group mark 25 years of partnership
  1784. New US ambassador to Tajikistan appointed
  1785. Turkmenistan intensifies the anti-beard campaign, report says
  1786. ‘Significant progress’ in US-Taliban talks on Afghanistan
  1787. Eurasian Economic Union countries could benefit through business integration
  1788. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1789. Turkmenistan starts building new highway to city near Uzbekistan border
  1790. Kyrgyzstan adopts new health strategy for 2019–2030
  1791. Central Asia: ADB grant to help develop railways in CAREC countries
  1792. ADB issues first local currency bonds in Kazakhstan
  1793. Central Asia’s largest solar power plant opens in Kazakhstan
  1794. Afghanistan: Taliban appoints new political leader amid peace talks with US
  1795. Kazakhstan: Lawmakers propose Kazakh Republic as official country name
  1796. Tajikistan: National air carrier becomes presidential family plaything
  1797. Russian president to visit Kyrgyzstan
  1798. At Davos forum, Afghanistan’s CEO lures investors to war-torn country
  1799. Uzbekistan to discuss abolishing boycott by major US brands of Uzbek textile products
  1800. Kazakhstan: Bank chided by president goes into liquidation
  1801. Turkmenistan introduces electronic document flow system
  1802. Uzbekistan president visits Germany’s Bavaria to expand cooperation
  1803. Central Asia: World Bank enhances weather, climate and water information services
  1804. Uzbekistan president visits Germany to boost economic cooperation
  1805. Uzbekistan and Netherlands expand agricultural cooperation
  1806. Tajikistan prepares a project to improve strategic road section
  1807. Uzbekistan to host international forum on pilgrimage tourism
  1808. Turkmenistan: President and Government discuss priorities of country’s development
  1809. Kazakhstan: Foreign and agriculture ministries to attract agricultural investment, promote export
  1810. Afghanistan: President Ghani seeks reelection, vows to ‘work for peace’
  1811. To attract foreign investment, Central Asia countries introduce open skies policy
  1812. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1813. Tajikistan’s ruling family waits in wings as Tragic Air goes down in flames
  1814. Uzbekistan president attends Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit in India
  1815. Uzbekistan and India expand cooperation
  1816. Kazakhstan and Hungary identify areas of cooperation
  1817. Uzbekistan: New FEZ to attract investment, pharmaceutical technologies from India
  1818. Afghanistan: Rights on the precipice as civilians increasingly under threat — HRW report
  1819. Central Asia countries should protect rights as they seek investment — HRW
  1820. Kyrgyzstan: Another protest in Bishkek against Chinese migrants
  1821. Turkmenistan to switch to digital economy by 2025
  1822. No threat to Turkmenistan from Afghanistan — Afghan foreign ministry
  1823. Afghanistan: Taliban must talk to Kabul government, US envoy says
  1824. Chinese airline company in the top 5 in Kyrgyzstan
  1825. Uzbekistan’s president considers giving up some executive powers
  1826. Uzbekistan president to visit India, Germany
  1827. Turkmenistan reportedly registers reservists amid tensions on Afghanistan border
  1828. Lines, price rises and expensive booze – the cost of happiness in Turkmenistan
  1829. Uzbekistan reforms offer ‘historic opportunity’ — EBRD first vice president
  1830. Kazakhstan: Khorgos border trade center sees increase in visitors
  1831. India signs agreements for 26 development projects in Afghanistan
  1832. EBRD invests in modern power generation in Uzbekistan
  1833. Tajikistan’s growth to average at 6% in 2019–2020 — World Bank
  1834. Dutch company may participate in a new potato cluster in Uzbekistan
  1835. Afghanistan’s importance for connectivity stressed at India-Central Asia Dialogue in Uzbekistan
  1836. Tajikistan: Journalist jailed in absentia for ‘breaching court order’
  1837. Kyrgyzstan: Business Ombudsman to protect the rights of entrepreneurs
  1838. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1839. Kyrgyzstan authorities betray nerves over anti-China rumblings
  1840. Kyrgyzstan: Fresh corruption charges filed against ex-prime minister
  1841. Moscow court approves extradition of Kazakhstan businessman
  1842. International forum to discuss Uzbekistan’s long-term development strategy
  1843. Foreign diplomats visit China’s Xinjiang amid reports on reeducation camps
  1844. Russia blames postponement of Afghanistan presidential election on US influence
  1845. Kazakhstan gets accreditation from United Nations to train peacekeepers
  1846. Uzbekistan aims at a breakthrough in tourism development in 2019
  1847. Uzbekistan: President orders to attract more foreign investments
  1848. Kazakhstan says China allowing 2,000 ethnic Kazakhs to leave Xinjiang
  1849. Uzbekistan: Jailed former CEO of Zeromax released after 8 years
  1850. Turkmenistan: President orders to use ‘wisdom of ancestors’ in agricultural reform
  1851. Afghanistan migrants returning from Iran hit record high in 2018
  1852. ADB grant to support cross-border energy trading in Central Asia
  1853. Uzbekistan: Trial of former prosecutor-general starts in Tashkent
  1854. Afghanistan: Taliban calls off peace talks in Qatar with US officials
  1855. Belgian consultant to help implement Uzbekistan’s largest spa project
  1856. Uzbekistan: Decree allows unmarried couples to stay in hotels together
  1857. Kyrgyzstan: Protesters rally against Chinese migrants
  1858. Terrorism trial opens in Sweden against men from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan
  1859. Uzbekistan introduces visa-free regime for citizens of Germany
  1860. Turkmenistan to attend Central Asia–India Dialog in Samarkand, Uzbekistan
  1861. Afghanistan: Rice production on the rise
  1862. India and Afghanistan discuss regional stability amid US pullout plan
  1863. Eurasian Economic Union: achievements, problems and forecasts
  1864. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1865. Turkey to host Afghanistan and Pakistan for Afghan peace talks
  1866. Kazakhstan: Court upholds denial of early release to former uranium tycoon
  1867. Tajikistan: Lawyer who defended dissidents for decades dies at 55
  1868. Turkmenistan: MTS packing up and leaving, further dampening investor climate
  1869. Uzbekistan citizen takes office of SCO Secretary-General
  1870. Afghanistan: Kabul demands clarification on Washington’s policy
  1871. Tajikistan and ADB sign grant to improve maternal and child healthcare
  1872. Turkmenistan: President’s son and presumed heir gets new top job
  1873. Kazakhstan introducing e-visas for foreigners
  1874. Afghanistan’s exports reach $1 billion in 2018
  1875. Trump urges Russia, Pakistan to take more active role in Afghanistan
  1876. Kazakhstan: 2018 agrarian year results
  1877. New social and economic initiatives enter into force in Kazakhstan
  1878. Turkmenistan enacts strict law on alcohol sales
  1879. Afghanistan: NATO and US troops see an opportunity for peace in 2019
  1880. Key macroeconomic indicators tested for strength in EDB member countries in 2018
  1881. Afghanistan: Kabul suffers from air pollution
  1882. Lapis Lazuli corridor a better alternative to Pakistan routes for transit of Afghanistan goods to Europe
  1883. Taliban holds talks in Tehran on ending Afghanistan war
  1884. Afghanistan in 2018: No end to the stalemate
  1885. Uzbekistan declares 2019 the Year of Active Investment and Social Development
  1886. Kazakhstan: Foreign Ministry will coordinate investment attraction, export promotion
  1887. Afghanistan postpones presidential election
  1888. Kyrgyzstan in 2018: Growing GDP and debt, decreasing investments
  1889. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1890. Kyrgyzstan: Judicial reform aims to restore public confidence
  1891. Minister names top 10 tourist destinations in Kazakhstan
  1892. Azerbaijan extradites Kyrgyzstan’s fugitive ex-customs chief charged with corruption
  1893. The phantom white knights that would save Tajikistan’s banking sector
  1894. Uzbekistan diplomats tasked to attract foreign investment, promote export, lure tourists
  1895. Kazakhstan: Government prepares tax amnesty for small and medium business
  1896. Kyrgyzstan: Libel lawsuit piles pressure on ex-president
  1897. Afghanistan: US troop pullout to create new challenges for China, Pakistan
  1898. Tajikistan: President proposes to declare 2019-2021 as years of rural development, tourism
  1899. Tajikistan: President sums up 2018 results
  1900. Afghanistan: Tehran officially confirms holding talks with Taliban
  1901. China opposes defamation of counter-extremism efforts in Xinjiang
  1902. Uzbekistan seeks to attract Belgian company to its fruit and vegetable market
  1903. Kazakhstan: Government approves plan to increase irrigated land for agriculture
  1904. China and Pakistan discuss ‘new changes’ in Afghanistan situation
  1905. 2019 to be held under slogan of ‘Home of Prosperity’ in Turkmenistan
  1906. Indian company starts formal operation at Chabahar’s Shahid Behesti port in Iran
  1907. EBRD and Switzerland support water supply improvements in Kyrgyzstan
  1908. Afghanistan: ‘Electricity-in-a-box’ brings innovative power solution to off-grid communities
  1909. Spanish companies invest in construction of waste recycling plants in Kazakhstan
  1910. Turkish company to build agricultural waste recycling plant in Kazakhstan
  1911. Kazakhstan: Almaty makes strides in tourism development
  1912. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to launch ‘Silk Visa’ program in February
  1913. Kyrgyzstan: Commercial banks told to disclose information on customers
  1914. After two years, Uzbekistan still looks wobbly on the reform tightrope
  1915. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1916. Kazakhstan: Court sentences three men in case linked to fugitive tycoon
  1917. Kyrgyzstan’s State Customs Service Training Centre gets WCO regional status
  1918. Kazakhstan: Government lowers utility tariffs in all regions of the country
  1919. Uzbekistan creates a new tax administration system
  1920. Kyrgyzstan: Protesters rally outside Chinese embassy against Xinjiang ‘reeducation camps’
  1921. Trump considering pulling out half of US troops from Afghanistan — reports
  1922. Turkmenistan: People face problems withdrawing cash due to newly-imposed restrictions
  1923. Netherlands Agrotechnology Center will be created in Uzbekistan
  1924. European Union supports health care and social services in Tajikistan
  1925. Afghanistan: US envoy held ‘productive’ talks to bring Taliban to negotiating table
  1926. Kyrgyzstan: President says he is ‘not fighting’ with his predecessor
  1927. Afghanistan and Pakistan clash over border fence
  1928. Cities in Uzbekistan to improve municipal services, urban infrastructure with World Bank support
  1929. Kyrgyzstan: EU transfers 6.5 million euro budget support grant for social protection sector
  1930. EBRD and EU help to save cultural heritage in Uzbekistan
  1931. Turkmenistan starts preparations to host First Caspian Economic Forum
  1932. Turkmenistan unofficially bans pig images as New Year decoration
  1933. Afghanistan’s Taliban and US officials hold talks in UAE
  1934. Turkmenistan: Turkey presents its export products in Ashgabat
  1935. International Labour Organization delegation visits Uzbekistan
  1936. Kazakhstan-Japan business forum held in Tokyo
  1937. Activists, journalists detained as Kazakhstan marks Independence Day
  1938. Central Asia: Who benefits from labor migration?
  1939. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1940. Kazakhstan awards foreign investors
  1941. Uzbekistan: Lawmakers criminalize begging
  1942. US government supports demographic and health survey in Tajikistan
  1943. Kyrgyzstan: Parliament approves bill to strip ex-presidents’ immunity
  1944. Uzbekistan bets on dividends from Sufi revival
  1945. Eni, GE Renewable Energy start construction of a wind power plant in Kazakhstan
  1946. Afghanistan: President inaugurates Lapis Lazuli transport corridor
  1947. Uzbekistan wins its long fight against malaria
  1948. Kyrgyzstan: Whimpering ex-president clutches at straws in political showdown
  1949. Turkmenistan: Authorities impose tax for the use of motor roads
  1950. Turkmenistan president marks Int’l Day of Neutrality with prisoner amnesty
  1951. Afghanistan: IMF satisfied with government’s monetary, economic policy
  1952. Kazakhstan and China create joint venture for automobile manufacturing
  1953. US says Uzbekistan improving on religious freedoms
  1954. Kyrgyzstan: Killer in ‘bride kidnapping’ case sentenced to 20 years in prison
  1955. Afghanistan: First export shipment set along Lapis Lazuli route to Europe
  1956. Kazakhstan: OSCE and joint UN/EU program hold workshop on management of violent extremist prisoners
  1957. Kyrgyzstan: PM visits USAID-supported Kyrgyz-Tajik dried fruit processing JV
  1958. Afghanistan: Armed groups, MPs, officials involved in illegal mining — report
  1959. Int’l community concerned over blockage of internet sites in Tajikistan
  1960. Kyrgyzstan: Former deputy prime minister arrested on corruption charges
  1961. Kyrgyzstan: Legal import from Kazakhstan would help meet demand for motor fuel
  1962. Afghanistan has highest unemployed workforce in the world
  1963. Iran accuses US of transferring IS militants to Afghanistan
  1964. Kazakhstan proposes new format for OSCE presence in Astana
  1965. Kazakhstan cuts police numbers, turns to public for help
  1966. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1967. Russian and US diplomats discuss Afghanistan peace process
  1968. Open Data Challenge 2018 concludes in Uzbekistan
  1969. London hosts Uzbekistan–British consultations on Afghanistan
  1970. Kazakhstan: Smells like election spirit
  1971. EU supports capacity building for multi-sectoral investment in Turkmenistan
  1972. Kyrgyzstan: EU helps to increase income of rural population in Jalal-Abad region
  1973. HRW calls on European Union to press on Kyrgyzstan for veteran rights defender’s release
  1974. Regional cooperation in Central Asia: Relevance of world models
  1975. Turkmenistan leader outlines priorities of country development in 2019
  1976. ECFA presents recommendations on EU’s new strategy for Central Asia
  1977. Kyrgyzstan: OSCE-supported Osh Entrepreneurship Support Centre marks anniversary
  1978. Kyrgyzstan: Protesters call on UN to help oppressed in China’s Xinjiang
  1979. Kazakhstan: Government approves concept of Third Industrialization Program
  1980. ADB grant to improve maternal and child healthcare in Tajikistan
  1981. Kazakhstan: Authorities arrest leader of unregistered political party
  1982. Afghanistan forces’ losses may not be sustainable, US general warns
  1983. Kyrgyzstan president says EEU may adopt single currency, admit new members
  1984. ADB plans over $300 million to support Tajikistan development in 2019–2021
  1985. Terror threat turns inward on Central Asia
  1986. Afghanistan: ADB to provide $2 billion for key projects
  1987. Pakistan says Trump asks Khan to help bring Afghanistan’s Taliban to peace talks
  1988. Kyrgyzstan: municipalities of Issyk-Kul, Jalal-Abad provinces exchange best practices on improving services
  1989. Turkmenistan to host UNESCO forum on Silk Road
  1990. Tajikistan: US embassy hands over new post on border with Afghanistan
  1991. ADB supports Kyrgyzstan’s efforts to combat climate change
  1992. Afghanistan: Exports through air corridors to reach $100 million
  1993. Kyrgyzstan: How to make the mining sector investor friendly
  1994. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  1995. Large exhibition of Kazakhstan’s contemporary art opens in South Korea
  1996. Kazakhstan: Economy needs diversification as productivity stagnates — report
  1997. Committee to protect Kyrgyz people in China’s Xinjiang established in Bishkek
  1998. Kyrgyzstan: Governments change but the environmental problems remain
  1999. Russia’s Gazprom confirms interest in cooperation with Turkmenistan
  2000. Uzbekistan: World Bank welcomes government’s economic reform priorities
  2001. Foreign Investors’ Council meets in Kazakhstan
  2002. Tajikistan: ADB helps to improve water supply, sanitation systems in Dushanbe
  2003. Hackers eyeing Kazakhstan as a safe haven
  2004. Implementation of Lapis Lazuli Agreement discussed in Turkmenistan
  2005. EBRD and GCF boost Kazakhstan’s green power generation
  2006. Kazakhstan: Jailed former uranium tycoon denied early release
  2007. Afghanistan president presents roadmap for peace talks at UN conference
  2008. Central Asia: UN launches new fund to advance sustainable development in Aral Sea region
  2009. EU announces $535 million in new funds for Afghanistan
  2010. Kyrgyzstan parliament advances bill to cancel ex-presidents immunity
  2011. Kazakhstan: Fugitive banker and Nazarbayev foe sentenced to life in prison
  2012. Kazakhstan: 16 days of activism against gender-based violence
  2013. IS went underground in Afghanistan, with fewer than 10,000 fighters — official
  2014. Kazakhstan and UAE review joint projects
  2015. Kyrgyzstan president urged to help release ethnic Kyrgyz from China ‘reeducation camps’
  2016. Kabul hosts Afghanistan-India security dialogue
  2017. Kazakhstan has decade to prepare for global switch away from oil, EBRD report says
  2018. ADB to improve wastewater management in lakeshore tourist areas in Kyrgyzstan
  2019. Turkmenistan, Belarus in spat over Ashgabat’s debt for Garlyk plant construction
  2020. Central Asia countries pin hopes on tourism
  2021. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2022. Kyrgyzstan: Skies over Kumtor gold field darken once more
  2023. European Union to open a new Delegation in Turkmenistan
  2024. European Union and Uzbekistan launch negotiations for a new agreement
  2025. Kazakhstan and China agree on new economic projects
  2026. ADB helps to enhance energy connectivity in Afghanistan
  2027. EU and Uzbekistan hold Cooperation Council meeting in Brussels
  2028. Tajikistan makes first comments about deadly prison riot
  2029. Kazakhstan: Prosecutor demands life sentence for ex-banker Ablyazov
  2030. EU to promote rural development in Uzbekistan
  2031. Kazakhstan invites Singapore to implement joint projects
  2032. Tajikistan: Court convicts 15 in cyclists’ killings, main suspect gets life in prison
  2033. Tajikistan casts dice in hydroelectric gamble, but will the people benefit?
  2034. Uzbekistan plans $36 billion worth of projects in hydrocarbon exploration, production and deep processing
  2035. Central Asia: Stronger agricultural extensions can boost crop production
  2036. Tajikistan: US diplomat, Tajik officials discuss deadly prison unrest
  2037. Kyrgyzstan: Presidential rift widens over campaign irregularity allegations
  2038. Afghanistan: UN agency reports sharp drop in opium production
  2039. Uzbekistan: ADB loan to establish ‘one-stop shops’ for horticulture product processing, storage and distribution
  2040. Uzbekistan holds international investment forum for tourism sphere
  2041. OSCE PA president visits Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
  2042. OSCE helps to train Tajikistan border troops
  2043. Kazakhstan presents investment projects to Indian companies
  2044. Afghanistan: Taliban reportedly holds talks with US envoy in Qatar
  2045. Kyrgyzstan: Deputy foreign ministers of Central Asia states and Afghanistan meet in Bishkek
  2046. Tajikistan jails teacher, students on terrorism charges
  2047. Kyrgyzstan: Textile and Clothing Week held in Bishkek
  2048. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2049. American film experts present documentary films in Turkmenistan
  2050. Kyrgyzstan: President accuses predecessor of trying to turn him into ‘puppet’
  2051. Tajikistan launches first turbine of giant Rogun hydropower plant
  2052. Kazakhstan: The jihadis that never were?
  2053. Kazakhstan and Slovakia hold business forum in Astana
  2054. ADB helps Tajikistan reconnect to Central Asian Power System
  2055. ADB commits $2 billion in new assistance for Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation projects
  2056. Uzbek opposition group prevented from holding meeting in Kazakhstan
  2057. Uzbekistan steps up railway diplomacy
  2058. US government launches new agribusiness project in Tajikistan
  2059. Regional center in Kazakhstan to upgrade public transport fleet with EBRD help
  2060. EBRD and EU to boost small business in Turkmenistan
  2061. EBRD to step up cooperation with China, EU on Central Asia investment
  2062. Russia’s peace conference on Afghanistan: What does it mean?
  2063. World Bank commits $300 million to support sustainable growth in Kyrgyzstan
  2064. Kazakhstan’s atomic company places securities on London Stock Exchange
  2065. Tajikistan: At least 50 inmates were killed in prison riot, sources say
  2066. Tajikistan: 12 arrested over alleged plot to attack Russian base
  2067. EBRD forum in Beijing to promote investment in Central Asia
  2068. ADB helps to enhance operations of Kazakhstan’s Samruk-Energy
  2069. Afghanistan: Taliban to talk to Kabul if timeline agreed for US troops withdrawal — Moscow
  2070. Kazakhstan foreign minister, new ambassador of China review bilateral relations
  2071. Netherlands companies enter Uzbekistan’s agricultural sector
  2072. Kazakhstan attracting German investments
  2073. Kazakhstan needs robust reforms to boost productivity and growth — World Bank
  2074. Kazakhstan presents its literature and art in London
  2075. Kyrgyzstan: Why the agrarian country cannot provide itself with agricultural products
  2076. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2077. Afghanistan: Taliban says it’s not ready for talks with Kabul government
  2078. Tajikistan: Islamic State says it was behind deadly prison riot
  2079. Kazakhstan: Five jailed over bus fire that killed 52 Uzbek citizens
  2080. Kazatomprom IPO to test-drive Kazakhstan’s privatization plan
  2081. Turkmenistan: ADB loan to strengthen electricity supply, boost regional power trade
  2082. Kazakhstan holds Working Group meeting on UN Sustainable Development Goals
  2083. Central Asia: EU announces additional €10 million to deal with radioactive waste
  2084. Tajikistan: Deadly prison riot reported in Khujand
  2085. Towards a Central Asia and Caucasus trade bloc for Belt and Road
  2086. US says it will send a representative to Moscow meeting on Afghanistan
  2087. Afghanistan: Rural economic program to get $100 million boost
  2088. Kazakhstan showcased at World Travel Market in London
  2089. US exempts Iran’s Chabahar port from sanctions to support Afghanistan
  2090. Kazakhstan switching to a digital economy
  2091. Tajikistan: Protesters in Gorno-Badakhshan demand probe of police shooting
  2092. Afghanistan inaugurates air corridor to China
  2093. Afghanistan Peace Council, Taliban to take part in Moscow peace talks
  2094. Central Asian governments call for elimination of violence against women and girls
  2095. Kazakhstan and Estonia hold business forum
  2096. Turkmenistan: US ambassador led diplomatic visit to site of Dayahatyn cultural preservation project
  2097. E-business and e-commerce conference in Kyrgyzstan discusses digital markets, trade development in Central Asia
  2098. EBRD expects Central Asia economic growth to ease in 2018 and 2019
  2099. EDB to finance East Kazakhstan Regional Energy Company investment program
  2100. Afghanistan: High Peace Council to attend Moscow peace talks
  2101. Uzbekistan’s controversial businessman elected head of amateur boxing federation
  2102. To achieve ambitious goals, Kyrgyzstan seeks international assistance
  2103. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2104. ADB provides $78 million to improve regional road links in Kyrgyzstan
  2105. Kyrgyzstan: President Jeenbekov and US Ambassador Lu inaugurate milk processing facility in Osh
  2106. 48 Peace Corps Volunteers start working at mainly rural schools in Kyrgyzstan
  2107. Language-motivated emigration of Russians causes shortage of qualified workers in Kazakhstan
  2108. Kazakhstan’s transit and transport potential presented at Berlin Eurasian Club meeting
  2109. Kazakhstan joins world’s top 30 countries in Doing Business ranking
  2110. Kazakhstan and Russia discuss expansion of trade, economic and investment cooperation
  2111. Afghanistan: Taliban control large parts of the countryside, US watchdog says
  2112. Kazakhstan: Lower house of Parliament approves state budget for 2019-2021
  2113. Kazakhstan and Malaysia inaugurate Business Council
  2114. Afghanistan is a top improver with record reforms to improve business climate — Doing Business report
  2115. Kyrgyzstan hosts World Mountain Forum
  2116. Turkmenistan: officials, entrepreneurs buy elite property to save capitals
  2117. Uzbekistan–Russia Youth Business Forum held in Tashkent
  2118. Afghanistan displays agricultural produce at WorldFood Kazakhstan trade show
  2119. Uzbekistan: Deputy PM fired for ‘shortcomings’ in wake of RFE/RL report
  2120. The perspective of trans-Caspian gas flow to Europe
  2121. Kazakhstan: Polish investors to build innovative greenhouse in Turkestan Oblast
  2122. Kazakhstan-Russia intergovernmental commission meets in Kazan
  2123. Kyrgyzstan’s new foreign minister makes first foreign trip to Kazakhstan
  2124. Kazakhstan hosts conference on security cooperation in Central Asia
  2125. A comprehensive reform program is key to development and shared prosperity in Tajikistan
  2126. Afghanistan: No decision yet on Moscow peace talks
  2127. Uzbekistan presents economic and investment potential in Italy
  2128. EU and Tajikistan hold human rights dialogue
  2129. To sell or not to sell? Kyrgyzstan mapping the future of major mobile operator
  2130. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2131. After three-year hiatus, Gazprom to renew purchases of Turkmen gas
  2132. Uzbekistan–China Innovation Center to be established in Uzbekistan
  2133. Uzbekistan will mediate Afghanistan peace talks, envoy says
  2134. Selfies, social media and the absurdities of Kyrgyzstan politics
  2135. It is profitable to invest in Kazakhstan’s agro-industrial sector, PM says
  2136. Kazakhstan: New global commitment to primary health care for all at Astana conference
  2137. US to diversify economic cooperation with Kazakhstan
  2138. Kazakhstan presents office for protecting business and investment to diplomatic community
  2139. Tolls are coming to Central Asia highways
  2140. Turkmenistan government delegation visits Japan
  2141. Kyrgyzstan presents National Action Plan to increase government’s accountability
  2142. US delegation concerned over human rights situation in Tajikistan
  2143. US commerce secretary applauds ‘successful’ reforms in Uzbekistan
  2144. After Putin’s visit, Russia’s footprint in Uzbekistan is set to grow
  2145. Turkmenistan, EU discuss Trans-Caspian gas pipeline project
  2146. World Bank pledges $298 million for education in Afghanistan
  2147. Dozens of dying villages to be ‘liquidated’ in northern Kazakhstan
  2148. Kazakhstan: Brother of former Ablyazov lawyer jailed on graft charges
  2149. Uzbekistan hosts American Business Week
  2150. Trans-Caspian International Transport Route boosts container traffic
  2151. Kazakhstan discusses investment cooperation with European business
  2152. Afghanistan leaders say election turnout shows voters rejecting the Taliban
  2153. Reproductive health important for youth in Kazakhstan, new UNFPA report says
  2154. Kazakhstan ranks first in three parameters of World Economic Forum rating
  2155. Belarus suggests joint milk-processing project to Kyrgyzstan
  2156. EBRD provides funds to Kazakhstan’s food and beverages manufacturer
  2157. In Kyrgyzstan, remembering the past can help mitigate disaster risks in the future
  2158. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2159. New York hosts exhibition of Kazakhstan art group
  2160. Uzbekistan: Putin and Mirziyoev launch construction of nuclear power plant
  2161. Kyrgyzstan: Former President Atambayev’s associate added to wanted list on corruption charges
  2162. Kazakhstan building the Great Financial Silk Road: hub by hub
  2163. Kazakhstan: Tax amnesty to affect 90,000 small and medium businesses
  2164. EBRD to finance new solar power plant construction in Kazakhstan
  2165. First EIB loans to Uzbekistan support water infrastructure, energy efficiency
  2166. Finland to invest in Kazakhstan
  2167. Uzbekistan and Russia: Chilly weather, warm relations
  2168. Turkmenistan launches major gas chemical plant in Kiyanly
  2169. Kazakhstan to increase rail cargo transit between China and Finland
  2170. Kazakhstan holds Kostanay Invest-2018 Regional Investment Forum
  2171. OSCE office in Tajikistan supports economic connectivity in Central Asia
  2172. Kazakhstan laborers head to South Korea for a better life
  2173. Kazakhstan: Government reports steady economic growth
  2174. Kazakhstan’s economic diplomacy to attract investment, FM says
  2175. EBRD commits €333 million to support infrastructure upgrades in Uzbekistan
  2176. EBRD appoints the Bank’s new managing director for Central Asia
  2177. US musical group Humming House tours Turkmenistan
  2178. Japan’s Mitsubishi Corporation interested in Kazakhstan infrastructure projects
  2179. Tajikistan starts construction of new Parliament and Government buildings with China funding
  2180. Afghanistan: Kabul expo to engage private companies in TAPI gas pipeline project
  2181. US to host annual Central Asia Trade Forum in Uzbekistan
  2182. Kazakhstan: Pavlodar SEZ recognized as one of the best in the world
  2183. Tajikistan: US donates 140,000 children’s books for Tajik school students
  2184. Afghanistan: US agrees to discuss troop pullout, Taliban officials say
  2185. Energy challenges in Kyrgyzstan: debt repayment and management optimization
  2186. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2187. Kyrgyzstan: Talk of visa waiver for Chinese tourists sparks ire
  2188. Tajikistan hosts a meeting of SCO heads of government
  2189. Kyrgyzstan: foreign minister resigns, ambassador to Seoul seeks asylum abroad
  2190. Swiss company commissions two new plants in Kazakhstan
  2191. Kazakhstan’s Human Capital Index higher than Central Asia’s average — World Bank
  2192. Kazakhstan: Ontustik SEZ enters fDi’s Global Free Zones of the Year ranking
  2193. EDB signs an agreement with Aiyl Bank to finance SMEs in Kyrgyzstan
  2194. Western sanctions against Russia leave Kazakhstan exposed
  2195. Kyrgyzstan to increase regional connectivity, boost tourism with World Bank support
  2196. Kyrgyzstan: FAO logistics center to supply schools with local agricultural produce
  2197. British company plans to build a plant for smokeless fuel production in Kazakhstan
  2198. UN says civilian deaths in Afghanistan war at ‘extreme levels’
  2199. Kazakhstan and Serbia hold business forum in Astana
  2200. Russia to resume natural gas import from Turkmenistan
  2201. UK to invest in Kazakhstan projects
  2202. IMF mission visits Turkmenistan, assesses country’s macroeconomic developments
  2203. Kazakhstan earns more, people get poorer
  2204. Kazakhstan: President outlines new tasks for the government
  2205. Tajikistan and India to develop defense, transport, economic cooperation
  2206. Afghanistan: US envoy calls on Kabul, Taliban to form negotiating teams
  2207. Kazakhstan: Former Almaty mayor and his wife sentenced in absentia
  2208. Kazakhstan: foreign diplomats visit Khorgos FEZ and center at border with China
  2209. Billions of dollars of US investment expected to enter Kazakhstan by 2020
  2210. US provides construction equipment, tactical vehicles to secure Tajikistan border
  2211. Kazakhstan denies asylum to China’s Xinjiang ‘reeducation camps’ whistle-blower
  2212. Kyrgyzstan: The airline industry badly needs change
  2213. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2214. Is Russia becoming Central Asia’s ‘near abroad’?
  2215. Kyrgyzstan hosts OSCE Parliamentary Assembly meeting
  2216. Tajikistan: US embassy builds Isfara school and Korez village health clinic
  2217. Afghanistan says no to plan to privatize Afghan war
  2218. Kyrgyzstan: Supreme Court rules ex-presidents’ immunity unconstitutional
  2219. Kazakhs from China ask German chancellor to help release relatives in Xinjiang
  2220. IOC threatens to drop boxing from Olympics over Uzbekistan man’s role
  2221. Kazakhstan Global Investment Forum 2018 held in London
  2222. Turkmenistan holds forum on Caspian transport and logistics
  2223. Activists protest in New York against forced labor in Turkmenistan cotton fields
  2224. Kazakhstan and Greece outline new trade and economic priorities
  2225. Kazakhstan: Pension plans darken a grim picture
  2226. Turkmenistan seeks more investment cooperation with the US
  2227. Kazakhstan to ban landfill disposal of plastic, waste paper and glass from 2019
  2228. Kazakhstan: Agreement signed on further development of Karachaganak project
  2229. Kazakhstan: Date set for verdicts in former Almaty mayor trial
  2230. US-Kazakhstan transit agreement faces challenges from Russia
  2231. Kyrgyzstan: small producers and vulnerable populations could benefit from food hubs
  2232. Afghanistan: agriculture ministry promoting aloe vera as alternative to poppy
  2233. Kazakhstan to hold investment conference in the US
  2234. Uzbekistan president visits India
  2235. Tajikistan: Leaders introduced to president-to-be?
  2236. Policies must address inequality of opportunity in Central Asia — WB
  2237. EBRD rallying support for Central Asia to address uranium mining legacy
  2238. ADB grant supports Tajikistan’s efforts in disaster risk management
  2239. Investors leaving Afghanistan as insecurity grows
  2240. Central Asia states optimistic on solving transportation problems
  2241. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2242. Exhibition of Kazakhstan contemporary art opens in Berlin
  2243. EBRD approves new strategy for Uzbekistan
  2244. Tajikistan: ADB grant to improve water supply, sanitation systems in Dushanbe
  2245. Forced labor in Uzbekistan’s cotton industry – a hard nut to crack
  2246. Presidents of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan launch JV in Tajik city
  2247. Nurly Zhol–Khorgos checkpoint opens at Kazakhstan-China border
  2248. Afghanistan: Prince says his plan will end war in six months
  2249. Uzbekistan: Prominent rights activist returns home after 10 years in exile
  2250. ADB ups growth forecast for Kazakhstan, downs for Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
  2251. Kazakhstan and Chinese companies sign new cooperation agreements
  2252. First ‘clean zone’ for female convicts constructed in Kyrgyzstan with EU support
  2253. ADB approves new partnership strategy for Kyrgyzstan
  2254. Uzbekistan and Tajikistan conduct first joint military exercises
  2255. Turkmenistan to abolish quotas for free gas, electricity, and water in 2019
  2256. Turkmenistan: President proposes landmark changes for agriculture sector
  2257. Indian company plans to invest $1 billion in Kazakhstan poultry industry
  2258. Russian and Kyrgyz troops hold counterterror drills in Kyrgyzstan
  2259. Uzbekistan to host first International Investment Tourism Forum
  2260. Kazakhstan, UN, ADB and World Bank discuss SDGs monitoring and reporting
  2261. Russia holding military exercise in Tajikistan
  2262. Tajikistan may postpone Turkmenistan- Afghanistan-Tajikistan rail project
  2263. To boost agricultural exports, Central Asia states should end child labor
  2264. Unique exhibition of Kazakhstan modern art opens in London
  2265. New Silk Road offers significant investment opportunities in Kazakhstan
  2266. Afghanistan: EU grant to help displaced children, to help eradicate polio
  2267. Belarus detains Tajik soccer player accused of Salafism in Tajikistan
  2268. Uzbekistan-Tajikistan relations: The long way to strategic partnership
  2269. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2270. Kazakhstan: Government saves bank owned by ex-presidential chief of staff
  2271. President Rahmon inaugurates Cambridge Worldwide Academy Tajikistan in Dushanbe
  2272. New head of EU Delegation to Kyrgyzstan appointed
  2273. Tajikistan: What is going on in the Pamirs?
  2274. India and China to train Afghanistan diplomats in capacity-building project
  2275. Kazakhstan supports agrarian sector, strengthens sustainability of Tsesnabank
  2276. ADB vice-president visits Uzbekistan, reaffirms partnership
  2277. 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development focus of Aarhus Centres meeting in Kyrgyzstan
  2278. Uzbekistan to open the country’s first world-class ski resort
  2279. Uzbekistan to launch flight to Saudi Arabia to attract investors, tourists
  2280. Turkmenistan: travel-ban blacklists include over 30 thousand names
  2281. Afghanistan: NGOs invest $884 million in various projects
  2282. Kyrgyzstan: Entrepreneurs, tired of inspections and barriers, leave for other countries
  2283. Afghanistan sees rise in exports as foreign investment declines
  2284. Kazakhstan and Germany to strengthen strategic partnership
  2285. UN committee slams Kyrgyzstan for ‘culture of abduction, forced marriage’
  2286. Rights watchdog slams Kyrgyzstan for ‘dangerously overbroad’ crackdown on extremism
  2287. Turkmenistan opens major chemical fertilizer plant
  2288. US hosts 8th Annual Central Asia Trade Forum in Uzbekistan
  2289. Afghanistan: Number of Islamic State militants could grow to 10,000 — Russian envoy to UN
  2290. First Afghanistan-UK Business Conference held in London
  2291. Korean company builds innovative, aquaponics greenhouse in Kazakhstan
  2292. Kazakhstan: Government and National Bank announce measures to support agricultural sector
  2293. Afghanistan: US program to boost women’s role falls short — report
  2294. Nazarbayev urges Turkish companies to invest in Kazakhstan
  2295. Kyrgyzstan urges Russian businesses to invest in five economic sectors
  2296. Uzbekistan’s president rebrands his administration, but keeps stalwarts
  2297. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2298. President Rahmon inaugurates first regional university in Tajikistan
  2299. Kyrgyzstan: Young leaders trained to contribute to community development
  2300. German company mulls meat production project in Kazakhstan
  2301. Uzbekistan and Belarus consider joint cotton processing, oil production
  2302. Kazakhstan attracts $1.7 billion of investments from Turkey
  2303. Kazakhstan regions present investment opportunities in Germany’s Bavaria
  2304. Caspian Convention signing and the implications for Trans-Caspian gas pipeline
  2305. Russia’s Tatarstan and West Kazakhstan region boost cooperation
  2306. US-sponsored India-Afghanistan trade and investment expo held in Mumbai
  2307. OSCE supports greater cooperation between Central Asia countries and Afghanistan
  2308. Tajikistan officials, opposition activists scuffle at OSCE meeting in Warsaw
  2309. Kyrgyzstan and Turkey: There’s no getting past Gulen
  2310. Kazakhstan: Prime Minister outlines problems constraining economic growth
  2311. China and Russia to strengthen the synergy of Belt and Road Initiative and Eurasian Economic Union
  2312. China and Pakistan to extend their Economic Corridor to Afghanistan
  2313. Tajikistan receives FAO and EU support to improve agricultural statistics
  2314. Central Asia: Database tracks authoritarians’ long arm
  2315. Afghanistan’s counterterror brigade to train in China, ambassador says
  2316. Human Rights Watch reports on Chinese treatment of Muslim Uyghur minority in Xinjiang
  2317. Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev replaces presidential administration head
  2318. Tajikistan’s Islamist shadow
  2319. Indian company to start operating Iran’s Chabahar port in a month
  2320. Singapore’s company implements food industry project in Kazakhstan
  2321. Kazakhstan-China cooperation under One Belt, One Road initiative discussed in Astana
  2322. Turkmenistan opens refurbished power plant, hopes to boost power exports to Afghanistan, Pakistan
  2323. Kyrgyzstan hosts third Nomad Games, and passes the torch
  2324. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2325. UNGA adopts resolution on strengthening cooperation in Central Asia
  2326. EBRD supports public road infrastructure development in Tajikistan
  2327. Afghanistan: US Defense Secretary meets with Afghan leaders in Kabul
  2328. Tajikistan: mother of cyclist-attack suspect douses self with gasoline in protest
  2329. Kazakhstan: Devaluation deflates a dispirited population
  2330. Turkmenistan: cell-phone operator restricts the number of sim-cards per subscriber
  2331. World Bank to support civil aviation sector reform in Uzbekistan
  2332. Uzbekistan ‘not serious’ about improving press freedom environment, media watchdog says
  2333. Kazakhstan to hold contemporary art exhibitions in UK, Germany, USA, South Korea
  2334. US delegation competes at the Third World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan
  2335. Conference in Uzbekistan promotes conservation agriculture in Central Asia
  2336. Uzbekistan and Belarus launching joint ventures in various economic spheres
  2337. Iran factor seen in Tajikistan’s stranded trucks
  2338. USAID to invest $110 million in Afghanistan’s agriculture in five years
  2339. Hungary’s PM visits Kyrgyzstan, vows to develop ties with ‘kin’ Central Asian states
  2340. Dutch bank to pay $900 million for failing to prevent financial crime involving Uzbekistan’s Karimova
  2341. US appoints special adviser on Afghanistan to assist in peace process
  2342. Afghanistan: Taliban says founder of Haqqani network dies from illness
  2343. Taliban commander speaks for direct peace talks with Afghanistan government
  2344. Kazakhstan eager to become main trade and economic partner of UAE in Central Asia
  2345. Uzbekistan ready to join Council of Turkic-Speaking Countries
  2346. Eurasian Development Bank to finance Kazakhstan’s largest car production
  2347. Russia sends more teachers to Tajikistan
  2348. Kyrgyzstan and Turkey commit to boosting economic cooperation
  2349. Turkmenistan and China develop tourism cooperation
  2350. Afghanistan: new US general takes over command of NATO forces
  2351. Turkish president visits Kyrgyzstan to mend ties, boost economic cooperation
  2352. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2353. Kyrgyzstan: Political tussle overshadows Nomad Games
  2354. Up to 10,000 refugees return daily from crisis-hit Iran to Afghanistan
  2355. Tajikistan: CARITAS Germany organizes summer camp for children with disabilities
  2356. Kazakh friend of Boston Marathon bomber released from US prison, to be deported to Kazakhstan
  2357. Kyrgyzstan: Economy in decline but government optimistic on growth
  2358. EBRD promotes efficient water management in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan
  2359. Uzbekistan authorities register first US NGO in more than 10 years
  2360. Uzbekistan refugee gets 11 years in US prison for supporting militant group
  2361. Messaging app goes on trial in Kazakhstan
  2362. Kazakhstan to host regional conference on women’s empowerment in Afghanistan
  2363. Kazakhstan hosts regional workshop on special economic zones
  2364. China rejects reports on building military base in Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor
  2365. Kyrgyzstan: ex-President’s party criticizes ‘short-sighted’ government policies
  2366. Uzbekistan, Italy to set up industrial park for silk manufacture
  2367. Kazakhstan aims at 4.5%-5% annual growth until 2025
  2368. Afghanistan to start shipment of goods to Europe via Lapis Lazuli corridor soon
  2369. US defense secretary downplays private military involvement in Afghanistan
  2370. Reforms can accelerate economic diversification in Kazakhstan, ADB says
  2371. Kazakhstan: UNDP holds summer camp for youth of Aktobe and Karaganda regions
  2372. Uzbekistan foreign minister meets with Afghanistan leaders in Kabul
  2373. Russia, Afghanistan postpone Afghan peace consultations in Moscow
  2374. Tajik or Russian plane ‘bombs’ Afghanistan border area
  2375. Kazakhstan to host int’l nuclear non-proliferation conference
  2376. Kazakhstan’s railway company, China’s Sichuan province develop cooperation
  2377. Tajikistan: two killed in shooting along Tajik-Afghan border
  2378. Islamic State leader in Afghanistan reportedly killed
  2379. In Russia’s remote Kamchatka, Central Asians slow population decline
  2380. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2381. Tajikistan frees lawyer in another surprise gesture of clemency
  2382. Kazakhstan uses ‘green’ technologies for effective management of water resources
  2383. Five Central Asian leaders hold Aral Sea summit in Turkmenistan
  2384. Central Asia: Investing today for a brighter future tomorrow
  2385. Geneva conference on Afghanistan to assess government performance, help ensure continued aid
  2386. Kyrgyzstan president visits Turkmenistan to boost cooperation
  2387. Report claims Manafort promoted Moscow’s interests in Kyrgyzstan
  2388. US to appoint special envoy on Afghanistan to promote peace, reports say
  2389. Tajikistan: alleged security services agent reveals assassination plot
  2390. Kazakhstan’s manufacturing sector grows 5.2% in first half of 2018
  2391. Kazakhstan builds plant recycling PET waste into staple fiber
  2392. Tajikistan: court frees journalist following international rights groups’ pressure
  2393. Afghanistan, US reject Russia-hosted peace talks scheduled for September
  2394. Turkish lira casts pall over Caucasus and Central Asia
  2395. World Bank improves Tajikistan’s road connectivity, increases access to int’l markets
  2396. OSCE, IOM work with Turkmenistan on establishing Advance Passenger Information system
  2397. TAPI gas pipeline project faces land acquisition problems in Afghanistan
  2398. Uzbekistan and Tajikistan talk up new era of amity
  2399. Foreign ministers of Kazakhstan and Germany discuss cooperation
  2400. Russia confirms Taliban’s participation in Moscow meeting on Afghanistan
  2401. Afghanistan: Taliban rejects Kabul cease-fire offer
  2402. Kyrgyzstan’s Development Strategy until 2040: same old goals and promises
  2403. Kazakhstan: plant for production of energy-efficient pumps launched in Almaty region
  2404. Kazakhstan’s Trade and Economic Mission to UAE
  2405. Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan hold Intergovernmental Council meeting
  2406. Afghanistan: President calls ‘conditional’ cease-fire as Taliban seizes northern district
  2407. Hungarian folk art festival showcases FAO’s work on rural crafts in Central Asia
  2408. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2409. Afghanistan: Taliban repeats call for direct talks with US
  2410. Kazakhstan and US strengthen security and nonproliferation cooperation
  2411. Tajikistan: OSCE contributes to capacity building of journalists reporting on disasters
  2412. Turkmenistan: border and migration officers trained to identify foreign terrorist fighters
  2413. New rail service launched from Kazakhstan to Turkey via Trans-Caspian route
  2414. Kyrgyzstan creates tourist police
  2415. Tajikistan: man jailed for 5 years for ‘insulting’ President on social media
  2416. Anti-Russia sanctions torpedo Kazakhstan’s currency
  2417. Presidents of Russia and Turkmenistan hold informal meeting in Sochi
  2418. Kyrgyzstan: President visits new oil and garlic processing facility in Uzgen
  2419. Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan agree to swap land near border
  2420. Afghanistan: Taliban withdraws security guarantee for Red Crescent staff
  2421. Risky business: A case study of PRC investment in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan
  2422. Kazakhstan’s economic growth at 4% in 7 months of 2018
  2423. Tajikistan lets activists’ families reunite, but human rights crisis continues — HRW
  2424. ADB to provide over $300 million to Tajikistan in 2019–2021
  2425. Tajikistan: rights groups urge int’l community to press authorities to free journalist
  2426. New hopes for shorter Caspian-Black Sea canal spark growing opposition
  2427. China reportedly interested in joining TAPI gas pipeline project
  2428. Kazakhstan holds presentation of multimodal transport hub at Kuryk port
  2429. Kazakhstan and China explore cooperation in textile industry
  2430. Three tourists, two crew members killed in helicopter accident in Tajikistan
  2431. The Taliban takes on Islamic State: insurgents vie for control of northern Afghanistan
  2432. UN panel says millions of Uyghurs living in ‘massive internment camp’ in China’s Xinjiang
  2433. Taliban delegation visits Uzbekistan, meets with foreign ministry officials
  2434. Switzerland helps improve access to clean drinking water in rural Kyrgyzstan
  2435. Five littoral states sign convention on legal status of Caspian Sea
  2436. Kyrgyzstan: How to benefit from labor migration
  2437. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2438. US military bases at Caspian Sea ‘out of question’, Kazakhstan FM says
  2439. WFP celebrates Breastfeeding Week in Tajikistan
  2440. EBRD provides $45 million to Kazakhstan’s Bank CenterCredit
  2441. Caspian agreement may trigger cascade of energy projects
  2442. Caspian states to sign Convention on legal status of Caspian Sea at summit in Kazakhstan
  2443. Austrian company to modernize largest hydropower plant in Tajikistan
  2444. EDB supports trade finance, SME finance programs in Kyrgyzstan
  2445. Uzbekistan’s Tashkent Oblast, Belarus’ Minsk Oblast to cooperate in agriculture, other spheres
  2446. Kazakhstan: will Astana’s financial gamble pay off?
  2447. Foreign Ministry awards foreign journalists writing about Kazakhstan
  2448. Afghanistan hopes US sanctions against Iran will not affect Chabahar port
  2449. EU and Afghanistan hold climate change dialogue
  2450. Kyrgyzstan: new Bishkek mayor elected
  2451. Why an attack by grassroots jihadists in Tajikistan matters
  2452. Islamic State no longer threatens Afghanistan security, Afghan general says
  2453. Kazakhstan introducing Expo-2017 technologies throughout the country
  2454. Afghanistan needs to safeguard recovery, World Bank says
  2455. Tajikistan urged to stop retaliation against activists’ relatives
  2456. Internet grinds to near-halt in Tajikistan
  2457. Afghanistan to 2030: report highlights priorities for economic development
  2458. Turkmenistan to hold int’l Amul–Hazar rally through Karakum Desert in September
  2459. Tajikistan, Uzbekistan resume flights between Dushanbe, Bukhara amid improving ties
  2460. China’s company to invest $20m to build a TV sets assembly plant in Kazakhstan
  2461. Kazakhstan companies ready to invest in Afghanistan
  2462. Kazakhstan and India to deepen economic, trade, transport cooperation
  2463. Tajikistan: authorities identify suspects in attack on foreign cyclists, insist they were members of banned party
  2464. Killings in Tajikistan send chill through tourism business
  2465. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2466. Kyrgyzstan: growing poverty and poor state budget
  2467. Kazakhstan and Afghanistan businessmen agree on cooperation
  2468. Kazakhstan PM meets with Indian FM in Astana
  2469. Tajikistan seizes momentum to tar opposition as terrorists
  2470. Islamic school in China’s Xinjiang offers anti-extremism courses to imams
  2471. EBRD considering projects worth over $1 billion in Uzbekistan
  2472. Iran protests Dushanbe’s claims over attack on foreign cyclists in Tajikistan
  2473. Afghanistan-Iran trade corridors to bear fruit for both India and China
  2474. World Bank financing helps improve weather and water forecasting in Central Asia
  2475. EBRD provides funds for small business support in Uzbekistan
  2476. Kazakhstan: ethnic Kazakh who testified about ‘reeducation camps’ in China’s Xinjiang will not be deported
  2477. Taliban takes control of main IS stronghold in northern Afghanistan
  2478. Kyrgyzstan authorities clash with owners of massive Kumtor Gold Mine
  2479. Russia to host SCO military drill with first-ever military collaboration between India and Pakistan
  2480. US strategy to exploit Afghanistan’s minerals fails — report
  2481. New World Bank vice president visits Afghanistan, reassures continued support
  2482. Tajikistan: authorities blame banned party for attack on foreign cyclists
  2483. Iran ramps up support to Taliban in western Afghanistan
  2484. World Bank, Afghanistan sign grant agreements for reforms worth $350 million
  2485. Kyrgyzstan protests over Belarus media reports showing wanted ex-PM
  2486. EBRD president visits Uzbekistan
  2487. Tajikistan: IS claims attack that killed four foreign cyclists
  2488. Kazakhstan: In two minds about cryptocurrencies
  2489. Kazakhstan oil refineries to fully meet domestic demand for fuel by yearend
  2490. Afghanistan increasing agricultural exports to India
  2491. Russian telecom company files $750m arbitration case against Turkmenistan
  2492. Four foreign cyclists, including two US citizens, killed in Tajikistan
  2493. Saudis brag about giving Tajikistan $200M in aid
  2494. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2495. Kyrgyzstan: different sides of labor migration
  2496. Activists from Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Pakistan gather at peace festival
  2497. Trade and customs officials discuss trade facilitation in Central Asia
  2498. Tajikistan: former students of Islam return to nothing
  2499. Afghanistan: president inaugurates power line from Turkmenistan
  2500. Uzbekistan: women jailed after trying to meet with president
  2501. Kazakhstan opens corruption trial against former Almaty mayor
  2502. Kazakhs increasingly hostile to both Russians and Chinese
  2503. New Turkmenistan-Afghanistan power line commissioned
  2504. Kazakhstan’s Foreign Minister visits United States to boost ties
  2505. EU approves 98-million-euro funding to support reforms in Afghanistan
  2506. Kyrgyzstan: Bishkek court ruling fuels high-level feud in the country
  2507. Russia, Tajikistan conduct joint exercise in Badakhshan, near border with Afghanistan
  2508. National Bank and IDB to establish first Islamic bank in Kyrgyzstan
  2509. Tajikistan demands ‘severe punishment’ for 5-year-old Tajik girl’s killer in Russia
  2510. Democracy camps empower youth in Kyrgyzstan
  2511. Afghanistan: Taliban takes control over two districts on Pakistan border
  2512. Kyrgyzstan: Issyk-Kul forum attracts investments
  2513. Central Asia sees opportunity in US-China trade war
  2514. Kyrgyzstan: minister takes control of probe into RFE/RL journalist’s death
  2515. OSCE supports conference on transboundary water cooperation in Kazakhstan
  2516. US officials discuss cooperation with Central Asia countries in Almaty, Tashkent
  2517. Kyrgyzstan: President offers olive branch to civil society
  2518. Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India hold TAPI gas pipeline project presentation at UN
  2519. Kazakhstan’s artist wins Nuclear-Free Future Award
  2520. Central Asia states confirm commitment to regional cooperation
  2521. Afghanistan: Vice President Dostum escapes suicide attack
  2522. Revival of pan-Turkism in Kazakhstan threatens pillars of Eurasian Union
  2523. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2524. Kazakhstan special economic zones benefit from country’s favorable location
  2525. Kazakhstan: development of Ontustik special economic zone discussed in Shymkent
  2526. In Turkmenistan, UNICEF deputy regional director launches regional platform on nutrition
  2527. US embassy presents American films, Silk Road photography in Turkmenistan
  2528. No major changes in military strategy likely in Afghanistan, US General says
  2529. Kyrgyzstan: Bishkek mayor detained on corruption charges
  2530. Kazakhstan: Olympic figure skater killed in stabbing attack in Almaty
  2531. Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan shuttle trade booms, but for how long?
  2532. Uzbekistan set to become tea producer
  2533. Kazakhstan launches new railway route for flour to Afghanistan
  2534. Tajikistan: WFP supports government in emergency preparedness and response
  2535. Kyrgyzstan’s second-largest city gets new mayor
  2536. Tajikistan and Russia in Pamir military drills first
  2537. Privatization going according to schedule in Kazakhstan
  2538. Uzbekistan: OSCE supports opening of Centre for Public Environmental Awareness
  2539. UK and USAID provide $105 million for Afghanistan girls’ education
  2540. Afghanistan: Kabul rejects possibility of talks between US and Taliban
  2541. Project ‘ASTANA’: signs of demographic upheaval in Kazakhstan?
  2542. Afghanistan: President says Taliban could still join peace talks
  2543. Swiss delegation visits Kyrgyzstan to strengthen cooperation, economic ties
  2544. Tajikistan: media watchdogs condemn 12-year sentence for journalist
  2545. Uzbekistan: journalist reunited with family in US after 18 years in prison
  2546. Tourism in Kyrgyzstan: ambitious goals, poor roads and safety problems
  2547. In Uzbekistan, World Bank vice president encourages authorities to maintain impressive pace of reforms
  2548. Kazakhstan presents UN Security Council its vision on climate change mitigation
  2549. Tajikistan: HRW condemns journalist’s conviction, demands his release
  2550. Civilian deaths in Afghanistan at record high level, UN report says
  2551. Tajikistan: monopoly practices send fuel prices soaring
  2552. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2553. US scholar on Uzbekistan reforms
  2554. OSCE and UN support strengthening of ties between Central Asian states and Afghanistan
  2555. Kyrgyzstan youth participate in wheelchair basketball sports visitor program in US
  2556. Mayor of Kyrgyzstan’s capital gets no-confidence vote
  2557. Kyrgyzstan: Internal Affairs Ministry, US embassy inaugurate crime prevention center in Osh
  2558. Chinese companies to extract tungsten, molybdenum and copper in Uzbekistan
  2559. Uzbekistan: EU funded project to support children affected by migration
  2560. Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev becomes Security Council’s chairman for life
  2561. Uzbekistan and Russia reach agreement on construction of new nuclear power plant
  2562. Winners of ‘Kazakhstan through the eyes of foreign media’ contest announced
  2563. Kazakhstan and Switzerland discuss investment cooperation
  2564. Afghanistan: Ulema at Saudi summit call on Taliban to end war
  2565. NATO pledges support for Afghanistan
  2566. Turkmenistan’s economy—half empty or half full?
  2567. Tajikistan: journalist sentenced to 12 years in prison
  2568. Kazakhstan ups oil, gas, coal and electricity production in H1 2018
  2569. Kazakhstan: slowdown in inflation, high investment activity in H1 2018
  2570. Turkmenistan: inmates at notorious prison allowed visits from relatives
  2571. Kazakhstan’s Astana turns 20: A tale of two capitals
  2572. Kazakhstan: tourist zone opens at Tanbaly petroglyphs site in Almaty region
  2573. Central Asia and EU determined to strengthen dialogue and cooperation
  2574. Uzbekistan delegation visits Afghanistan to boost economic cooperation
  2575. In Afghanistan, top U.S. diplomat urges peace talks with Taliban
  2576. Idea of EEU common currency: more political, less economic
  2577. Japan supports rural women in Kyrgyzstan
  2578. Turkmenistan: US and UK embassies host Oxford professor to discuss Silk Road
  2579. EU and UNICEF to jointly protect children affected by migration in Kyrgyzstan
  2580. CARITAS Germany marks Day of Persons with Disabilities and Elderly People in Tajikistan
  2581. Uzbekistan: even in death, cult grows around Karimov
  2582. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2583. Kazakhstan: new law limits outflow of money
  2584. Turkmenistan: President reports economic growth, reprimands ministers overseeing economy
  2585. OSCE supports improvement of penitentiary system in Kyrgyzstan
  2586. Uzbekistan to produce gold ingots, jewelry to attract foreign tourists
  2587. Afghanistan: farmers display crops alternate to poppy at Kabul expo
  2588. New nature reserve created in Kazakhstan
  2589. French company brings innovative pharmaceutical technologies to Kazakhstan
  2590. EBRD supports Kazakhstan launch of Astana International Financial Centre
  2591. Kazakhstan invites foreign investment in agro-industrial sector
  2592. Kazakhstan to increase oil production to over 100 million tons in 2025
  2593. Pentagon releases report on Afghanistan security, stability
  2594. Uzbekistan: court fines Uzbek-born US citizen over militant links
  2595. Kazakhstan is throttling the internet when the president’s rival is online
  2596. Kazakhstan holding Astana Finance Days
  2597. Central Asia: Four ways to transform landlocked countries
  2598. Tajikistan president names priorities of country’s long-term development
  2599. Deals worth $4.7 billion signed at Kazakhstan Global Investment Roundtable
  2600. Kazakhstan is a country for your business, PM says to investors
  2601. Uzbekistan: improved irrigation to help farmers in Karakalpakstan
  2602. EBRD and GEF support ‘green’ X-Fit Premium in Tajikistan
  2603. Kazakhstan: AIFC announces strategic partners and first clients
  2604. Kyrgyzstan: wrong agreements and poor management affect the energy sector
  2605. Russian government approves draft convention on legal status of Caspian Sea
  2606. Kazakhstan automakers ready to set up serial production of electric vehicles
  2607. Astana to host Kazakhstan Global Investment Roundtable
  2608. Uzbekistan builds transit hub at border with Afghanistan
  2609. Making dynastic rule fashionable again: the case of Turkmenistan
  2610. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2611. Next steps in the merger of Eurasian Economic Union and Belt and Road Initiative
  2612. Kazakhstan: Foreign Ministry to support Shymkent and Turkestan region’s development
  2613. Kyrgyzstan: Jazz Bernstein musicians to perform concerts in Bishkek
  2614. Taliban resumption of fighting should not bury Afghanistan’s peace process
  2615. USAID helps Kyrgyzstan garment producers break into international markets
  2616. EBRD and EU promote export engagement of Turkmenistan SMEs
  2617. Kyrgyzstan and EU address reforms and development cooperation
  2618. Iran opens new trade link under Silk Road plan from China via Kazakhstan
  2619. Kyrgyzstan: President addresses the Parliament and nation
  2620. Chinese company to manufacture electric vehicles in Uzbekistan
  2621. Kazakhstan-Japan business forum held in Astana
  2622. ADB approves $300 million loan to support economic reforms in Uzbekistan
  2623. Kyrgyzstan: authorities extradite Kazakh opposition activist
  2624. EU and Kyrgyzstan discuss cooperation on human rights
  2625. OSCE Central Asian Youth Network seminar focuses on Innovating Central Asia
  2626. New mine in Kazakhstan starts gold concentrate production
  2627. Donors approve 3-year partnership framework and financing program for Afghanistan
  2628. EU, AKDN launch project to boost Afghanistan-Tajikistan border trade
  2629. UN’s Mainstreaming, Acceleration and Policy Support mission in Kyrgyzstan
  2630. ADB provides additional support to improve water management in Tajikistan
  2631. HRW urges German tech firm to disclose dealings with Turkmenistan government
  2632. Uzbekistan frees US citizen accused of joining IMU, fighting in Afghanistan
  2633. Kyrgyzstan: court OKs extradition of Kazakh opposition activist
  2634. EU extends Border Management in Central Asia program
  2635. Central Asia countries restoring forest landscapes
  2636. Uzbekistan and Spain hold business forum in Tashkent
  2637. Afghanistan and Uzbekistan to set up free trade zone
  2638. Kyrgyzstan: government asks citizens help pay off state debts
  2639. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2640. Kazakhstan: expedition to climb summit of Altay for Sustainable Development Goals
  2641. EU provides emergency relief to flood victims in Tajikistan
  2642. EU and Turkmenistan hold their annual Human Rights Dialogue
  2643. Kyrgyzstan’s ex-president paying the price for years of abrasive rule
  2644. Water can be a true source of prosperity for Central Asia
  2645. Kazakhstan: Almaty builds a high-tech Japanese plant
  2646. Uzbekistan taking an active approach to WTO accession
  2647. OSCE-supported legal framework for business development in Kyrgyzstan adopted
  2648. Kazakhstan: Senate speaker signals Nazarbayev won’t run in 2020
  2649. China’s Eximbank funds construction of hydropower plants in Uzbekistan
  2650. Presidents of Turkmenistan and Tajikistan speak for enhancing transport cooperation
  2651. In Tajikistan, World Bank vice president highlights importance of water for development
  2652. Afghanistan: High Peace Council hopes peace talks with Taliban will take place this year
  2653. Uzbekistan: Ferghana farmers seek fortune in Karakalpakstan wilderness
  2654. OSCE supports Water for Sustainable Development conference in Tajikistan
  2655. Turkmenistan introduces non-cash pension system amid economic woes
  2656. Uzbekistan ready to host peace talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban
  2657. Nominee to head US forces in Afghanistan warns against premature withdrawal
  2658. As SCO admits new members, Central Asian countries want greater focus on economic issues
  2659. Kyrgyzstan: another former prime minister detained on corruption charges
  2660. United Nations system in Kyrgyzstan refuses single-use plastic
  2661. Uzbek-born U.S. citizen detained on visit to relatives in Uzbekistan
  2662. Afghanistan: ‘Peace Convoy’ arrives in Kabul after 700-km march
  2663. Several injured in Moscow as taxi driven by Kyrgyz national strikes pedestrians
  2664. EBRD helps to improve healthcare in Kyrgyzstan
  2665. World Bank to spend $460m on Afghanistan-Pakistan economic corridor project
  2666. New rape case in Kyrgyzstan highlights need for immediate action to end ‘bride kidnapping’ — Amnesty International
  2667. Kyrgyzstan: After hot debates, Parliament approves Government’s report for 2017
  2668. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2669. Islamic State emboldened in Afghanistan
  2670. ADB strengthens support for Uzbekistan’s horticulture sector
  2671. Afghanistan president says Pakistani Taliban chief ‘confirmed’ dead
  2672. Kyrgyzstan: ensuring safer school buildings helps protect students from natural disasters
  2673. Afghanistan and China can boost trade within Belt and Road Initiative
  2674. Kyrgyzstan: State Registration Service’s new Capacity Development Centre opened
  2675. USAID deputy assistant administrator promotes trade, cooperation on first visit to Turkmenistan
  2676. Taking the U.S.-Uzbekistan relationship to the next level: Mirziyoyev’s historic visit
  2677. Afghanistan and Uzbekistan to discuss trade, transit, and investment
  2678. Kazakhstan reports 3.9% economic growth in 5 months of 2018
  2679. Afghanistan: Taliban vows ‘bright future’ when US troops leave the country
  2680. Italy’s Eni to develop large-scale wind farm in Kazakhstan
  2681. Report: Russia chides Kazakhstan on US cooperation
  2682. Afghanistan: Taliban troop strength estimated at 77,000 fighters
  2683. Uzbekistan simplifies registration of foreign tourists
  2684. Uzbekistan hosts conference on role of youth in countering violent extremism, radicalization
  2685. Kyrgyzstan: prosecutors reject motion to retry jailed opposition leader
  2686. Kazakhstan and renewables: make-believe or visionary trend-setting?
  2687. Kazakhstan: Go Viral festival kicks off for the 2nd year in Almaty this week
  2688. India continues to oppose China’s Belt and Road Initiative
  2689. EU–Central Asia environmental cooperation focuses on green investments
  2690. Tajikistan: OSCE office hosts visit to assess projects funded by Japan
  2691. USAID supports development of a modern cold chain in Kazakhstan
  2692. Kazakhstan to launch cluster for production of solar panels
  2693. Chinese companies launching high-tech production in Kazakhstan
  2694. Afghanistan launches National Export Strategy with EU support
  2695. At SCO summit, member states support China’s Belt and Road Initiative
  2696. Central Asia improves ailing road infrastructure
  2697. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2698. Kazakhstan: rehabilitation of saline lands in the Aral region
  2699. Kyrgyzstan and US Peace Corps mark 25 years of cooperation
  2700. Kyrgyzstan: buyers and investors discuss new opportunities in agriculture
  2701. Tajikistan: no laughing matter as comedian journalist goes on trial
  2702. EBRD teams up with China company to build a solar plant in Kazakhstan
  2703. Uzbek Stockholm truck attacker sentenced to life in prison
  2704. Kyrgyzstan: Supreme Court cuts prison terms of three opposition politicians
  2705. Afghanistan: president announces temporary truce with Taliban
  2706. Uzbekistan: OSCE holds first annual Business Forum on Green Technologies
  2707. Russian oil company to develop block in Kazakhstan sector of Caspian Sea
  2708. Trade union leaders freed in Kazakhstan
  2709. Kyrgyzstan, China establish strategic partnership, to cooperate within Belt and Road Initiative
  2710. Kyrgyzstan: ex-President Atambayev makes political statement following high-profile arrests
  2711. The Bolshevik Revolution centennial and the disintegration of the Soviet space
  2712. Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan border guards brawl on disputed land
  2713. Kazakhstan’s renewable energy capacity to reach 490 MW in 2018
  2714. China launches meteorological satellite for Belt and Road countries
  2715. Kyrgyzstan: former prime minister, ex-mayor of capital arrested in corruption case
  2716. Kazakhstan’s returnees frustrated by cold shoulders
  2717. Uzbekistan to create free tourist zone near Tashkent
  2718. FAO, GEF launch project to nurture natural resources in Central Asia, Turkey
  2719. Kazakhstan presents its investment opportunities in Germany
  2720. Afghanistan: Muslim clerics declare current war un-Islamic
  2721. India and Kyrgyzstan deepen their military cooperation
  2722. Kyrgyzstan: agriculture forum to explore trade and investment opportunities
  2723. Russian company to help Uzbekistan draft agriculture development strategy
  2724. Afghanistan’s foreign trade decreases
  2725. Kazakhstan’s geographic society completes expedition to Aral Sea
  2726. Top manager of major mining company under house arrest in Kyrgyzstan
  2727. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2728. Tajikistan: Muslim leader declares boxing, other fighting sports forbidden
  2729. World Bank provides economic update for Kazakhstan
  2730. OSCE supports establishment of National Preventive Mechanism against Torture in Uzbekistan
  2731. How Kyrgyzstan’s new president turned on his mentor
  2732. Kazakhstan launches construction of Big Almaty Ring Road
  2733. Turkmenistan hosts OSCE regional conference on good governance, economic connectivity
  2734. UN urges Kyrgyzstan to stop bride kidnapping
  2735. Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev to become life-long Security Council chairman
  2736. The Tashkent conference on Afghanistan: too much diplomacy, too little solution
  2737. Uzbekistan: IFC issues first-ever local-currency bond to support Uzbek SMEs
  2738. Tajikistan needs decisive measures to restore confidence in the banking system — IMF
  2739. Tajikistan and Russia hold cooperation conference in Dushanbe
  2740. Afghanistan: US commander says some Taliban interested in peace talks
  2741. Afghanistan: poppy cultivation and drug production up by 90%
  2742. Saudi Arabia expected to host Islamic conference on peace in Afghanistan
  2743. First Kazakhstan-France Investment Forum held in Paris
  2744. Toxic Aral Sea salt storm hits Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan
  2745. Kyrgyzstan’s former Prime Minister faces corruption charges
  2746. Kyrgyzstan: green activists sound alarm over air pollution in Bishkek
  2747. 70m euro needed for remediation of uranium legacy sites in Central Asia
  2748. Qingdao Summit to become new milestone in SCO development — Chinese FM
  2749. Afghanistan and Pakistan agree to cooperate in fighting terrorism
  2750. Kazakhstan: court shuts down independent news site
  2751. Is Kazakhstan’s political opposition creeping back?
  2752. EEU railways are a strong link in trans-Eurasian transit — report
  2753. Kyrgyzstan to scale-up disaster and climate change resilience with World Bank support
  2754. Turkmenistan: journalist released after serving prison sentence
  2755. Littoral states move toward agreement on legal status of Caspian Sea
  2756. Leadership shuffle in the Kazakh Armed Forces: what is behind the changes?
  2757. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2758. Kyrgyzstan to focus on private sector development
  2759. ADB’s $145 million loan to help improve water supply services in Uzbekistan
  2760. IAEA helps improve cancer care in Tajikistan
  2761. Moscow set to establish second military base in Kyrgyzstan
  2762. Turkmenistan: USAID bolsters local transport and logistics companies
  2763. Kazakhstan: legislative amendments liberalize business regulation
  2764. United States bans import of cotton products from Turkmenistan
  2765. United States has failed to stabilize Afghanistan — US report
  2766. Uzbekistan: Hizb ut-Tahrir trial a testbed for religious boundaries
  2767. Symposium to address China’s ‘harsh policy towards Uyghurs’
  2768. Uzbekistan ups car production, to introduce new models
  2769. Kazakhstan and China provinces cooperate in rail container transportation
  2770. Tajik Muslim scholars accuse Iran of attempts to destabilize Tajikistan
  2771. Kazakhstan’s neutrality irks Russia and strains bilateral ties
  2772. Kyrgyzstan: ethnic minorities need equal treatment, says senior UN official
  2773. US and Iran trade accusations over Tehran’s alleged support of Taliban in Afghanistan
  2774. Uzbekistan: Amnesty International visits country for first time in 14 years
  2775. Kyrgyzstan: Supreme Court upholds ex-prosecutor-general’s sentence
  2776. Afghanistan: poppy cultivation continues to increase fueling insurgency
  2777. Chinese company to build factory producing pulp and paper from reeds in Kazakhstan
  2778. China’s group considers creating investment fund in Kazakhstan
  2779. Tajikistan: people protest outside Iranian embassy against alleged support for banned Islamic party
  2780. US report says ‘few signs of progress’ in Afghanistan war under Trump plan
  2781. Kyrgyzstan: former top Atambayev official faces corruption charges
  2782. Afghanistan resurrecting the country’s largest hydropower plant
  2783. US sanctions may affect trade along India-Iran-Afghanistan corridor
  2784. Kazakhstan makes agreements with foreign companies at Astana Economic Forum
  2785. Kazakhstan: media watchdogs urge government to revise ‘false information’ law
  2786. Kyrgyzstan: power plant blame game threatens political showdown
  2787. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2788. Kyrgyzstan: labor migrants need social protection, investment incentives
  2789. UNDP holds event ‘Urban ratings of the quality of life in Kazakhstan’ at Global Challenges Summit in Astana
  2790. Tajikistan: better irrigation and water management to help farmers increase crop yield
  2791. Uzbekistan: a new model for reform in the Muslim world?
  2792. World Bank provides $940 million in financing for new projects in Uzbekistan
  2793. Kazakhstan: EBRD arranges int’l financing of Baikonur solar power plant
  2794. Kazakhstan hosts Central Asian Forum on Internet Development
  2795. EEU and China sign agreement on trade and economic cooperation
  2796. Tashkent syndrome: is Uzbekistan getting a free pass?
  2797. EEU and Iran sign provisional agreement to create free trade zone
  2798. Kazakhstan invites Germany to invest, take part in privatization program
  2799. Tajikistan to assemble Belarus’ agricultural machinery
  2800. Uzbekistan’s president makes ‘historic’ visit to US
  2801. Afghanistan: government forces push back Taliban from western city of Farah
  2802. U.S. inventor conducts aviation modeling seminars in Kyrgyzstan
  2803. Belarus considers Tajikistan as a bridge to develop cooperation with Central Asia countries
  2804. Kazakhstan attracts investors from Italy
  2805. Outcomes of Kazakhstan’s investment week in Turkey
  2806. Tajikistan: Saudis to acquire stake in troubled bank
  2807. Another Russian military base in Kyrgyzstan may be set up to respond to threats coming from Afghanistan — Jeenbekov
  2808. Turkmenistan halves import/export tariffs for Afghanistan goods
  2809. Qatar explores investment opportunities in Kazakhstan
  2810. US to push Uzbekistan president on rights, economic reform
  2811. A decade of China-Europe trains
  2812. Kyrgyzstan to host World Mountain Forum 2018
  2813. US helps preserve Turkmenistan’s cultural heritage
  2814. FAO opens greenhouses in Tajikistan schools
  2815. Uzbekistan frees jailed activist ahead of president’s visit to US
  2816. Kyrgyzstan marks 25th anniversary of national currency
  2817. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2818. Uzbekistan: government decree to eradicate forced labor in the country
  2819. Tajikistan man sentenced to nearly 10 years for sharing banned party videos
  2820. Afghanistan: U.S. general says Taliban ‘cannot win militarily’
  2821. Tajikistan: turning pigs into sheep, and other plagiarism adventures
  2822. IMF commends economic reforms in Uzbekistan
  2823. Canadian company to invest $1.3 billion to build solar power plant in Uzbekistan
  2824. Uzbekistan’s president to visit US
  2825. Kazakhstan: police detain dozens demanding release of political prisoners
  2826. Turkmenistan’s new Turkmenbashi international seaport another link in expanding Eurasian trade
  2827. Kazakhstan holding investment week in Turkey
  2828. Afghanistan to export agro products to Russia, Kazakhstan via Uzbekistan
  2829. ADB assessing renewable energy projects in Afghanistan
  2830. Kazakhstan’s tycoon reportedly detained in Moscow
  2831. Uzbekistan to keep two separate records of incoming tourists
  2832. Kazakhstan to host Go Viral Festival for Central Asia
  2833. Kyrgyzstan: EBRD and EU support energy efficiency in Jalal-Abad kindergarten
  2834. Tajikistan: sustainable management of natural resources helps communities adapt to climate change
  2835. China’s Belt and Road Initiative: relieving landlocked Central Asia
  2836. Artefacts from Turkmenistan’s ancient kingdom displayed in Berlin exhibition
  2837. Afghanistan: president calls the country’s poverty rate ‘shameful’
  2838. Kazakhstan creates new military units to combat cyberthreats
  2839. Uzbekistan: journalist walks free after closely watched trial
  2840. Kazakhstan is Central Asia’s migration outlier
  2841. New report explores potential of agriculture for Afghanistan’s growth
  2842. Turkmenistan to ban cars of all colors except white by summer
  2843. Kazakhstan: UNDP and EU delegation visits early flood warning system in Aktobe
  2844. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to boost trade, economic cooperation
  2845. Kyrgyzstan searching for ways to get out of debts
  2846. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2847. Tajikistan: high-level int’l conference focuses on countering terrorism, extremism
  2848. Afghanistan: Iran accuses ‘US’s allies’ of supporting Taliban, Islamic State
  2849. Kyrgyzstan: government and WFP team up to improve food security and nutrition
  2850. Faced with Chinese expansion, Kazakhstan seeks alternative energy markets
  2851. Kazakhstan is a very attractive country for investors — Agris Preimanis
  2852. Central Asia: CAREC and BRI seek broader collaboration
  2853. Tajikistan: OSCE supports World Press Freedom Day conference in Dushanbe
  2854. Afghanistan: third district in Badakhshan province falls to Taliban
  2855. Energy, transportation dominate Turkmenistan president’s visit to Tashkent
  2856. Kazakhstan expands the range and volume of exports
  2857. Kazakhstan and Britain discuss investment projects
  2858. Kazakhstan and Poland to strengthen trade and economic cooperation
  2859. Turkmenistan opens new port on Caspian Sea
  2860. Central Asia after Astana: from integration to cooperation
  2861. Kazakhstan accounts for over 70% of all investments in Central Asia
  2862. French sports goods and equipment producer enters Kazakhstan market
  2863. Iran ready to swap Turkmenistan gas for delivery to Pakistan
  2864. Afghanistan: number of government’s security forces drops 10%
  2865. Navigating Xinjiang’s security checkpoints
  2866. Kyrgyzstan: EU mission held seminars on GSP+ requirements in Bishkek, Osh
  2867. ADB provides $90 million to Tajikistan to rehabilitate major road
  2868. Uzbekistan and Turkey sign deals worth $3 billion
  2869. Islamic State attack kills the most media workers ever in Afghanistan
  2870. Central Asia countries to increase exports of halal products
  2871. Kazakhstan: ultra-marathon marks creation of Ile-Balkash Nature Reserve
  2872. Kazakhstan: Astana’s Saryarka district signs investment agreements for $100 million
  2873. China and India planning joint development projects in Afghanistan
  2874. Uzbekistan: president orders ministers to move to villages to taste real life
  2875. Russia deploys teachers to Tajikistan on goodwill mission
  2876. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2877. Kyrgyzstan building effective partnerships with international donors
  2878. OSCE media freedom representative welcomes positive developments in Kyrgyzstan
  2879. Kyrgyzstan: ousted prime minister becomes deputy chairman of ex-president’s party
  2880. US-Kazakh accord to use Caspian ports as Afghan support hubs irks Moscow
  2881. Turkmenistan developing social work practice for children and families
  2882. Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan launch JV in Osh
  2883. Business forum France–Kazakhstan held in Astana
  2884. Kyrgyzstan: ex-PM Isakov questioned, ex-president’s another associate fired
  2885. Kyrgyzstan and its government: New names, old faces, uncertain future
  2886. Kyrgyzstan hosts Central Asian tourism forum
  2887. FAO-Turkey program to protect forests in Central Asia
  2888. Iran hopes to settle gas dispute with Turkmenistan without int’l arbitration
  2889. Afghanistan: Taliban announces launch of spring offensive
  2890. Kyrgyzstan: Centerra calls proposal to sell Kumtor mine ‘market speculation’
  2891. Kyrgyzstan ranks third most vulnerable to climate change impacts in Central Asia
  2892. Islamic State militants moving to Central Asia — Russian defense minister
  2893. Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s foreign ministers meet in Beijing
  2894. Eurasian Economic Union and Iran move toward establishing free trade zone
  2895. Tackling the roots of Uzbek terror
  2896. Afghanistan: former president Karzai again blames US for deteriorating security
  2897. China to deepen cooperation with SCO states for regional stability, security
  2898. Kazakhstan: Astana Economic Forum to have a new format and global agenda
  2899. Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan strengthen economic cooperation
  2900. ADB helps to enhance energy security in Afghanistan
  2901. Russian companies to showcase products in Uzbekistan
  2902. Russia suggests Tajikistan to get observer status in Eurasian Economic Union
  2903. Turkmenistan: young men prevented from leaving the country
  2904. Russia’s LUKOIL commissions gas processing plant at Kandym fields in Uzbekistan
  2905. Centerra provides update on strategic agreement with Kyrgyzstan
  2906. Kyrgyzstan has 30th cabinet for 26 years of independence
  2907. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2908. Afghanistan will not negotiate with Islamic State and other foreign militants
  2909. OSCE promotes community policing in Tajikistan
  2910. New Prime Minister appointed in Kyrgyzstan
  2911. China’s policy bank investment profits from Uzbekistan’s monetary policy reform
  2912. Kazakhstan expanding business ties with South Korea
  2913. CARITAS Germany marks 10th anniversary of activities in Tajikistan
  2914. Afghanistan: USAID supports women-owned businesses to become more competitive
  2915. Kyrgyzstan: President accepts government resignation after parliament’s no-confidence vote
  2916. Association of Credit Information Providers in Europe and Central Asia established
  2917. FAO promotes horticulture in Kyrgyzstan for increased farm productivity
  2918. IFC making largest ever microfinance investment in Kazakhstan
  2919. Rights watchdog urges Kazakhstan to halt criminal proceedings against woman accused of funding Nazarbayev foe
  2920. Kyrgyzstan: rival camps play appointments ping-pong as government teeters
  2921. Kazakhstan holding investment week in South Korea
  2922. OSCE supports discussion on solar energy road map in Turkmenistan
  2923. US and Tajikistan commemorate World Tuberculosis Day
  2924. Kazakhstan: European delegates meet local prisoners
  2925. A Chinese base in Central Asia
  2926. Presidents of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan expected to meet soon, report says
  2927. Kazakhstan: expedition to study Northern and Southern Aral Sea areas
  2928. Kazakhstan to create electronic atlas of sacred heritage
  2929. Afghanistan: Taliban rejects Kabul’s offer to take part in parliamentary election
  2930. Turkey’s authoritarian turn deprives Tajiks of safe haven
  2931. USAID installs 125 signs for tourists across Kyrgyzstan
  2932. AIIB to help build two solar parks in Afghanistan
  2933. CPJ urges Kazakhstan to ‘stop harassing journalists’
  2934. Kazakhstan: first ever Central Asian Maker Faire amazes Almaty
  2935. Uzbek government eases restrictions on Muslims
  2936. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2937. Central Asia’s economic evolution from Russia to China
  2938. Kyrgyzstan makes gains towards profitable aquaculture sector
  2939. EBRD and GCF invest in hydro power plant in Tajikistan
  2940. Kyrgyzstan: China demands to protect investor after locals burnt gold-processing plant
  2941. Kazakhstan: new maritime shipment service launched along Trans-Caspian route
  2942. Kazakhstan and China to build steel pipe plant in Almaty
  2943. Kyrgyzstan president discusses relationship with EU in Brussels
  2944. Tajikistan and OSCE discuss cooperation under renewed mandate
  2945. Private sector investment needed to support growth in Afghanistan — ADB
  2946. Kazakhstan protecting investors’ rights
  2947. Tajikistan needs more productive employment to boost growth, ADB says
  2948. Growth in Central Asia to reach 4% in 2018 — ADB report
  2949. Kyrgyzstan: parliament backs prosecutor-general’s sacking
  2950. Kyrgyzstan: high-profile dismissals, arrests in the energy sector
  2951. American and multi-ethnic Latin pop songstress to give concerts in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan
  2952. World Bank to improve livelihoods of communities in Kyrgyzstan
  2953. World Bank provides $691 million to improve Afghanistan’s economy, healthcare
  2954. Tajikistan: government seeks extradition of two opposition politicians from Turkey
  2955. US helps to spur trade connectivity between Central Asia and Baltic nations
  2956. Tajikistan invites Russia to Central Asia water conference in Dushanbe in June
  2957. Former Afghan president says only Russia can help Afghanistan
  2958. Uzbekistan to cut electricity tariff for Afghanistan
  2959. Turkey deports hundreds of Afghan migrants back to Afghanistan
  2960. Afghanistan: Islamic State a deadly force in Kabul
  2961. Forum to focus on Uzbekistan’s economic modernization under President Mirziyoyev
  2962. Turkish company considers investment in Kazakhstan
  2963. Kazakhstan to launch projects worth $7 billion with foreign investors in 2018
  2964. Turkey ready to host meeting on peace process in Afghanistan
  2965. As Kyrgyzstan marks April Revolution Day, President Jeenbekov fires his predecessor’s loyalists
  2966. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2967. Tajikistan: remediation of uranium mining legacy sites takes step forward
  2968. HRW urges Kazakhstan to stop using libel laws to ‘harass journalists’
  2969. Pakistan’s PM visits Afghanistan
  2970. Kyrgyzstan: Centerra to invest $25 million to extend Kumtor gold mine’s life
  2971. Kazakhstan: international experts on President Nazarbayev’s social initiatives
  2972. Afghanistan: Kabul dismisses ex-President Karzai’s remarks on US support of IS
  2973. Kyrgyzstan: Islamist couple jailed for not allowing children to attend school
  2974. Kazakhstan: online news site’s editor accused of libel
  2975. Kyrgyzstan: in Kazarman, nothing gold can stay
  2976. Chinese ambassador on relations with Uzbekistan
  2977. Turkmenistan: public sector employees urged to take unpaid leaves
  2978. First regular container train along Poland-China route passes through Kazakhstan
  2979. Kazakhstan: Turkish company to build pesticide factory in Almaty region
  2980. Kyrgyzstan: University of Central Asia holds health fair in Naryn
  2981. Kazakhstan: government approves economic forecast for 2018
  2982. Another wheat shipment for Afghanistan arrives in Iran’s Chabahar from India
  2983. Afghanistan: USAID donates $25 million to WFP for vulnerable Afghan people
  2984. Kyrgyzstan: CPJ launches campaign to free jailed activist
  2985. Breaking Tajikistan’s banks: the north falters as ruling family cements position
  2986. China–EEU–EU rail container transit to grow explosively by 2020 — report
  2987. Turkmenistan: customs prohibits imports of hair colors and dyes
  2988. Afghanistan: about 40% of population suffers from food insecurity — WFP
  2989. Kazakhstan: authorities raid offices of Forbes magazine
  2990. The Kremlin strategy in Baikonur: putting Kazakhstan’s space program in a box?
  2991. Kazakhstan: Dutch company to build potato processing factory in Almaty region
  2992. Kazakhstan considers complete ban of digital currencies
  2993. Kazakhstan helps develop capacities of women public health professionals from Afghanistan
  2994. Turkmenistan: president appoints his son deputy foreign minister
  2995. Kyrgyzstan: ex-President Atambayev makes comeback to politics
  2996. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  2997. Frequent changes of Government are not good for Kyrgyzstan
  2998. US embassy promotes Silk Road connectivity with bike trip across Turkmenistan
  2999. Afghanistan: Russian official dismisses US claims that Moscow supplies arms to Taliban
  3000. Scholar contemplates the limits of change in Uzbekistan
  3001. Uzbekistan ready to fund part of Afghanistan railway project
  3002. Kazakhstan developing fish and food industry in Aral Sea region
  3003. Uzbekistan: journalist denies plotting to overthrow government
  3004. Kyrgyzstan: fugitive former presidential candidate faces coup-plotting charges
  3005. What Turkmenistan president’s visit to Gulf means for TAPI pipeline project
  3006. Turkmenistan: USAID supports local producers with export promotion
  3007. IFC supports expansion of food sector in Tajikistan
  3008. Kazakhstan: National Bank launches securities trading app
  3009. Uzbekistan: journalists, critics still face censorship, ‘selective prosecution’ — rights watchdog
  3010. Uzbekistan, Tajikistan: as the Karimov wall crumbles, families reunite
  3011. US businessman to represent Uzbekistan’s IT-sphere in Silicon Valley
  3012. ADB grant to further improve transport connectivity in Tajikistan
  3013. Iran’s president visits Turkmenistan to enhance cooperation
  3014. Uzbekistan: Tashkent conference backs Afghan government’s peace offer
  3015. Uzbekistan offers to host peace talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban
  3016. EU foreign policy chief meets with Central Asia foreign ministers in Tashkent
  3017. Central Asia strengthens climate and weather services
  3018. Kyrgyzstan: rural women receive assistance from Swedish funds
  3019. Uzbekistan: notorious old prison in Tashkent to be replaced with park
  3020. Situation around two projects will not affect Kyrgyzstan-China relations
  3021. Iran’s president to visit Turkmenistan
  3022. Tajikistan president addresses water issues
  3023. Kyrgyzstan: Switzerland helps local municipalities improve living conditions of people
  3024. Turkmenistan: parliamentary election seen as potential lift to president’s son
  3025. The reemerging self-confidence of Central Asia
  3026. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3027. Kyrgyzstan continues to adopt innovations in fight against tuberculosis
  3028. Two opposition politicians from Tajikistan detained in Turkey
  3029. Kazakhstan: police hunt for people with blue balloons in search for opposition supporters
  3030. Turkmenistan: female public-sector employees told not to use nail polish
  3031. Kazakhstan and Tajikistan renew joint efforts to curb Islamic extremism
  3032. US adds Uzbek militant group fighting in Syria to global terrorist list
  3033. Iran becomes Afghanistan’s largest trade partner, followed by Pakistan, China
  3034. Turkmenistan border guards kill Iran’s fishermen in Caspian Sea
  3035. Central Asia ready to move on without Russia
  3036. World Bank-funded project to support digital transformation in Kyrgyzstan
  3037. Turkmenistan plagued by currency woes
  3038. Tajikistan: US donates regional training center to local nuclear safety agency
  3039. Afghanistan: dozens killed in Islamic State attack in Kabul on new year holiday
  3040. Work permits to foreigners simplified in Kyrgyzstan
  3041. Russia’s Chelyabinsk to host BRICS and SCO summits in 2020
  3042. World Bank study addresses childhood malnutrition and stunting in Tajikistan
  3043. Switzerland helps to open a kindergarten in Kyrgyzstan
  3044. USAID supports Kyrgyzstan at Berlin Tourism Exhibition
  3045. US military giving up on Kyrgyzstan
  3046. British company helps improve heat and power supply in Uzbekistan city
  3047. EU-funded project cleaning up toxic and radioactive waste in Central Asia
  3048. Death of teacher ‘forced to clean streets’ sparks controversy in Uzbekistan
  3049. Uzbekistan: rights activist released after 8 years in prison
  3050. Taliban and ISKP attacks foreshadows violent year in Afghanistan
  3051. Uzbekistan to set up free economic zone producing sports goods
  3052. Dutch university to help create agricultural park in Kazakhstan
  3053. Kazakhstan: EBRD provides post-privatization support to power utility company
  3054. EBRD Board Directors to visit Uzbekistan
  3055. For Russia and China, cooperation is the name of the game in Central Asia
  3056. Central Asia countries rebuilding regional integration
  3057. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3058. Astana rejects Russian FM statement on visa-free travel to Kazakhstan for Americans
  3059. Kazakhstan: participants from 21 countries meet for KazGrain 2018 conference in Astana
  3060. Uzbekistan: problems with freedom of expression, penitentiary system, women’s rights remain, EU says
  3061. Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus develop rail transportation between China and Europe
  3062. EBRD provides loan to packaging producer in Kazakhstan
  3063. Kazakhstan to host ‘Women empowerment in Afghanistan’ conference this autumn
  3064. Kazakhstan’s machine-building industry attracts Czech technologies
  3065. Uzbekistan: president renames security service, assigns new duties
  3066. Kazakhstan: house arrest for pregnant woman accused of funding Nazarbayev foe
  3067. First Central Asian summit since 2009 signals improving regional ties
  3068. Kyrgyzstan: media watchdogs urge authorities to end restrictive media practices
  3069. Tajikistan’s Gorno-Badakhshan at nexus of security problems of Central Asia, China, Afghanistan and Russia
  3070. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to boost economic cooperation, trade
  3071. Kyrgyzstan: agrifood exporters learn about entering European, Chinese markets
  3072. Cooperation between Uzbekistan and EU discussed in Tashkent
  3073. Kazakhstan: former economy minister sentenced to 10 years for corruption
  3074. Economic diversification key to Kazakhstan’s future stability
  3075. Kyrgyzstan: Kumtor gold output accounted for 9.7% of country’s GDP in 2017
  3076. Kazakhstan: economy shows steady growth in January-February
  3077. Still no request from Taliban to attend Tashkent conference on Afghanistan — Uzbek foreign ministry
  3078. Iran accuses US of supporting Islamic State militants in Afghanistan
  3079. Kazakhstan labels fugitive tycoon’s political movement ‘extremist’
  3080. Afghanistan: on surprise visit, Mattis sees ‘Taliban interest’ in peace talks
  3081. The transformation of the Uzbek-Tajik relationship
  3082. Tajikistan: improved tax administration can increase investment, boost economic development
  3083. Turkmenistan: president boasts country’s role in regional infrastructure projects
  3084. Japan provides $1 million for demining project in Afghanistan
  3085. Afghanistan: Kabul blames Taliban for not responding to peace offer
  3086. China to provide military assistance to Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province
  3087. Tajikistan and European Union hold Cooperation Committee Meeting
  3088. Turkmenistan: Caspian region sustainable development addressed at seminar
  3089. IMF stands ready to support economic reforms in Turkmenistan
  3090. For Tajikistan’s asylum seekers, Poland is a dead end
  3091. The odd couple: why Iran is backing the Taliban
  3092. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3093. Kyrgyzstan: Francophonie week 2018 in Bishkek
  3094. Uzbekistan, Tajikistan vow strategic partnership
  3095. Uzbekistan and South Korea hold business forum in Tashkent
  3096. One Belt One Road and the risks behind the win-win situation
  3097. Kazakhstan set to boost non-primary exports
  3098. Kazakhstan allows US nonmilitary transit to Afghanistan
  3099. Afghanistan: UN envoy calls on Taliban to accept Ghani’s peace talks offer
  3100. Kyrgyzstan: high-level resignation points to trouble at the top
  3101. Uzbekistan: Tashkent conference to help Afghanistan gov’t, Taliban start peace talks
  3102. Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China now have shortest motor transport corridor
  3103. Turkmenistan: people unable to use bank cards abroad
  3104. Expanding trade between Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asia countries
  3105. Tajikistan’s Islamist extremists concentrated in big cities at home and in Russia
  3106. Afghanistan makes sustained health gains despite insecurity — World Bank report
  3107. Kyrgyzstan, Switzerland launch new project to improve population’s health
  3108. Kyrgyzstan: president says Russia undecided on second military base
  3109. Uzbekistan: daughter of late president steps down from Gymnastics Federation
  3110. Uzbekistan prepares for opening new free economic zone
  3111. Russian company to explore for copper and gold in Uzbekistan
  3112. Kazakhstan: president comes up with large social initiatives
  3113. Kazakhstan railway company discusses cargo transportation in Eurasia
  3114. Uzbekistan explores new markets at Fruit Logistica Berlin 2018 fair
  3115. Kyrgyzstan: US gov’t supports conference on community policing, crime prevention
  3116. Can state benefit payments reduce poverty in Kyrgyzstan?
  3117. Kazakhstan: key directions for agro-industrial sector development identified
  3118. Afghanistan: Taliban group in Herat ready to join peace process, guard TAPI project
  3119. Moscow, Washington on US and Russia influence in Central Asia
  3120. Kazakhstan becomes 57th state to sign Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
  3121. Russia pushes CSTO countries to legalize private military and security companies
  3122. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3123. Turkmenistan’s Plan B: electricity exports
  3124. Kazakhstan: ferroalloy plant to be built in Karaganda in first half of 2019
  3125. Uzbekistan: opposition journalist released after 19 years in prison
  3126. Government reshuffle in Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan’s steady drift away from Kazakhstan
  3127. Made in Kyrgyzstan: USAID partners secure export contracts for $6 million in 2017
  3128. Uzbekistan president to visit Tajikistan
  3129. EBRD and EU launch Regional Small Business Programme in Uzbekistan
  3130. Kyrgyzstan: regional symposium to tackle the deadly threat of TB
  3131. Kyrgyzstan, EU to advance development cooperation, trade, investment
  3132. Son of Kyrgyzstan’s ex-ambassador arrested in US on gun-smuggling charges
  3133. Kyrgyzstan and UK building stronger trade and investment ties
  3134. EDB forecasts its member states’ growth to reach 2.2% in 2018
  3135. Uzbekistan set to boost exports, double fruit and vegetable export
  3136. Kazakhstan and Indian logistics companies explore transport cooperation
  3137. Afghanistan: Taliban says no peace talks until foreign forces exit country
  3138. Will the ‘Uzbek Gorbachev’ succeed — or be allowed to?
  3139. Turkmenistan: Turkish company stops construction of Ashgabat-Turkmenbashi road
  3140. Kazakhstan to boost attraction of foreign investments
  3141. EU-Kazakhstan Cooperation Council reviews bilateral partnership
  3142. Afghanistan: Kabul says ready for talks with Taliban
  3143. Pakistan-Russia counter-terrorism cooperation
  3144. Kazakhstan: government and foreign business discuss investment climate
  3145. Kazakhstan developing logistics and transport infrastructure in Caspian Sea
  3146. Turkish companies to implement investment projects in Kazakhstan
  3147. Afghanistan: Turkey takes control of schools linked to Gulen
  3148. Deepening Central Asian nonproliferation partnerships
  3149. Uzbekistan: president sets new tasks for tourism industry
  3150. Kazakhstan says speed of trains on China-Europe transport corridor should increase
  3151. Kazakhstan and Italy agree on agricultural cooperation
  3152. 2nd UK Trade Mission to strengthen partnership between Kyrgyzstan and British businesses
  3153. Kyrgyzstan: healthcare minister under fire for anti-corruption efforts
  3154. Kazakhstan and corruption: young blood, old habits
  3155. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3156. EDB to invest EUR 196 million in Kazakhstan’s coal mine project
  3157. Afghanistan: Taliban says will help ensure security of TAPI gas pipeline
  3158. Work starts on Afghan part of Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipeline
  3159. Kazakhstan FM calls on European Union to expand presence in Central Asia
  3160. US donates $1.3 million living quarters complex to Tajikistan defense ministry
  3161. UNDP launches initiative to prevent violent extremism in Central Asia
  3162. Afghanistan ranks as the world’s 4th most corrupt country
  3163. Uzbekistan: former chief prosecutor ‘arrested’ in latest sign of ongoing purge
  3164. ADB reviews implementation of projects in Tajikistan
  3165. Kazakhstan has lowest corruption level in Central Asia — survey
  3166. Uzbekistan to cancel preferences for production localization projects
  3167. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan target at sustainable forest management
  3168. Eurasian Development Bank loans $50 million to Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund
  3169. EU-Tajikistan Subcommittee on Development Cooperation meets in Dushanbe
  3170. Tajikistan: banned Islamic party activist forcibly returned from Turkey
  3171. Moscow warns of risk of IS penetration from Afghanistan to Central Asia
  3172. Kazakhstan: Astana International Financial Center to hold presentation July 5
  3173. Kazakhstan: president’s decree makes changes in new Latin-based alphabet
  3174. Kazakhstan: Kyrgyz lawmaker held after smuggling sweep
  3175. EU helps improve identification and profiling of foreign terrorists in Uzbekistan
  3176. New motor transport corridor: from Uzbekistan to China via Kyrgyzstan in 2 days
  3177. Kazakhstan hosts international symposium on reviving Aral Sea region
  3178. Kazakhstan: prosecutor asks 12 years for former economy minister
  3179. Central Asian terrorist groups join jihad against U.S. after declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
  3180. Kazakhstan invites Italy to access new markets via Eurasian Economic Union
  3181. Kazakhstan FM discusses cooperation plans with EU ambassadors
  3182. Kazakhstan: Almaty may host UN hub to implement SDGs in Central Asia
  3183. Iran, India reach Afghanistan, Central Asia by developing Chabahar port
  3184. Kazakhstan steps up campaign against ultra-Orthodox Islam
  3185. Kyrgyzstan to reduce regional imbalances
  3186. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3187. Syrian-trained terror suspect detained in Kyrgyzstan
  3188. ADB supports trade in Uzbekistan
  3189. Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan border impasse: finding a way out of a tight spot
  3190. Youth from Central Asia countries, Afghanistan take part in debate tournament
  3191. Turkmenistan produces export-oriented oil products
  3192. Hungarian craft professionals teach rural people in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan
  3193. US, China, Germany, France, and Turkey are Kazakhstan’s priority countries to attract investment
  3194. Kazakhstan, UN discuss business sector role in promoting Sustainable Development Goals
  3195. Kazakhstan moves to expand, strengthen National Security Council
  3196. ILO reports progress on child and forced labor in Uzbekistan cotton fields
  3197. Switzerland supports optimization of local services in Kyrgyzstan
  3198. Tajikistan: teacher fired for not listening to president’s televised address
  3199. China–Kyrgyzstan–Tajikistan–Afghanistan–Iran railway corridor to boost regional economies
  3200. Taliban letter urges US to withdraw from Afghanistan
  3201. Uzbekistan and South Korea review ongoing and new projects
  3202. Kazakhstan and Japan to hold economic cooperation meeting in April
  3203. Kazakhstan to start issuance of identity cards in Latin script in 2021
  3204. Army chiefs of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan meet in Kabul
  3205. Uzbekistan: tax and customs agencies raided in ‘major investigation’
  3206. Kyrgyzstan: journalist charged over investigative report on luxury homes
  3207. Kyrgyzstan: largest hydropower plant modernization achieves key milestone
  3208. Kazakhstan: visa-free and open-sky regimes needed for tourism development
  3209. Kazakhstan and China discuss industrialization and investment cooperation
  3210. Afghanistan: president meets with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan army chiefs
  3211. Kyrgyzstan: health of jailed politician on hunger strike ‘worrisome’
  3212. Pakistan in the SCO: challenges and prospects
  3213. Swiss company to help Uzbekistan launch electronic trading platform
  3214. Kazakhstan has used crisis ‘as a chance’ — prime minister
  3215. Kazakhstan sends another train with wheat to Vietnam
  3216. Kazakhstan and Mongolia to cooperate in agricultural and organic production
  3217. Kyrgyzstan: president says fighting corruption his priority
  3218. TAPI enters Afghan phase with little cash and many problems
  3219. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3220. What is China’s military doing on the Afghan-Tajik border?
  3221. Stockholm attacker from Uzbekistan linked to Tajik IS militants — investigation
  3222. EU and Afghanistan launch new phase of cooperation
  3223. Reforms reach Uzbekistan’s most formidable bastion of power
  3224. Kazakhstan’s manufacturing industry sees growth in 2017, plans new projects
  3225. Medical schools to receive first textbook about tuberculosis published in Kyrgyzstan with US support
  3226. Russia says US behind Daesh infiltration of Afghanistan, ready to host talks with Taliban
  3227. China welcomes Uzbekistan to host int’l conference on Afghanistan
  3228. Kazakhstan focuses on water efficiency to ease water sharing with China
  3229. Uzbekistan racing against time to avoid energy crunch
  3230. New survey assesses business environment in Uzbekistan
  3231. Afghanistan: US supports mining sector development
  3232. Tajikistan: election law changes seen designed for president’s son
  3233. Kyrgyzstan: former prosecutor-general’s prison sentence upheld
  3234. Tajikistan, most Muslim country in Central Asia, struggles to rein in Islam
  3235. Kazakhstan introducing halal standards based on Malaysian experience
  3236. Uzbekistan: government provides incentives for tourist industry
  3237. Uzbekistan simplifies visa regime for tourists from February 10
  3238. Iran says US relocating IS militants to Afghanistan
  3239. Uzbekistan: self-exiled activists urge British sculptor not to create Karimov statue
  3240. Uzbek-Chinese-Arab JV building new cement plant in Uzbekistan
  3241. Uzbekistan: Spanish company to help develop halal tourism
  3242. Kazakhstan and Greece to strengthen cooperation, expand trade
  3243. Labor migration abroad, remittances can help boost Afghanistan’s growth
  3244. Kazakhstan launches online platform for monitoring greenhouse gases
  3245. Uzbekistan: activist freed after 9 years in prison
  3246. Kyrgyzstan: US gives one billion KGS to support healthy nutrition of children
  3247. EBRD helps to clean up Tajikistan’s second largest city
  3248. Outcome of Kazakhstan’s presidency of UN Security Council
  3249. Turkmenistan and China enhance tourism cooperation
  3250. Turkmenistan: prices of gasoline and flour grow
  3251. Kyrgyzstan: female journalist asks president to legalize polygamy
  3252. Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan to renew economic cooperation, resolve border issues
  3253. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3254. China’s ‘soft power’ in Central Asia both more and less than it appears
  3255. Uzbekistan: late president’s daughter steps down as UNESCO envoy
  3256. As Uzbekistan’s last Stalinist politician exits scene, what next?
  3257. Turkish company to take part in building Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan power transmission line
  3258. Kyrgyzstan: economic growth exceeds expectations in 2017 — IMF
  3259. IS militants in Afghanistan target Central Asian states, Russia — Moscow
  3260. Afghanistan: government says report on Taliban control of country areas ‘groundless’
  3261. Tajikistan: banned Islamic party leader on trial in absentia
  3262. Tajikistan resumes building Turkmenistan-China pipeline
  3263. Is there an agreement on Caspian Sea delimitation?
  3264. Spain to help Uzbekistan introduce VAT refund system, develop tourism
  3265. Turkmenistan: IFAS adopts action plan for Aral Sea salvation
  3266. Tajikistan: first unit of Rogun hydro plant to be launched in November, Italian company says
  3267. Kazakhstan to attract $40 billion through AIFC in 10 years
  3268. Uzbekistan: powerful national security chief dismissed
  3269. Management style needs to be changed in Kyrgyzstan’s energy sector
  3270. Kazakhstan: a Disneyland may appear in Almaty region
  3271. Kazakhstan: Government and National Bank outline economic policy for 2018
  3272. Iran to file arbitration lawsuit against Turkmenistan over price and quality of gas
  3273. EBRD and EU launch small business program for Central Asia
  3274. Iran’s Supreme Leader says US ‘relocating Daesh to Afghanistan’
  3275. Uzbekistan: late president’s grandson asks for asylum in Britain
  3276. Central Asia-Caucasus Institute releases paper on Uzbekistan’s foreign policy
  3277. Uyghur Human Rights Project condemns death in custody of scholar in Xinjiang
  3278. Khorgos hosts Kazakhstan-China business forum
  3279. US, World Food Programme partner to defeat malnutrition in Tajikistan
  3280. Afghanistan: Trump rejects possibility of negotiations with Taliban
  3281. Uzbekistan: former interior minister detained
  3282. The high toll of traffic injuries in Central Asia: unacceptable and preventable
  3283. Tajikistan: new plant to assemble Turkish buses in Dushanbe
  3284. Uzbekistan to discover new oil and gas fields as domestic fuel production declines
  3285. Kazakhstan attracts foreign investors to energy saving projects
  3286. Kazakhstan to hold first bidding for renewable energy projects
  3287. World Bank to help improve management of public finances in Afghanistan
  3288. Islamic State gains ground in Afghanistan as its caliphate crumbles elsewhere
  3289. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3290. Smog over Kyrgyzstan capital city: causes, effects, and solutions
  3291. Half-hearted reforms may erode social stability in Kazakhstan
  3292. Xinjiang Uighur ‘reeducation camps’ overflowing, reports say
  3293. World Bank to help improve heating and hot water services in Uzbekistan
  3294. Tourism to account for 8% of Kazakhstan’s GDP by 2025
  3295. Kazakhstan planning 72-hour visa-free regime for Indian citizens
  3296. Beijing rejects reports of China military base in Afghanistan
  3297. Afghanistan: Kabul hotel attack sparks fear among foreign investors
  3298. Kazakhstan: U.S. lawyer to defend jailed businessman
  3299. Tajikistan: is Islamic banking the future?
  3300. Tajikistan: aluminum production declines due to outdated equipment
  3301. Turkmenistan and Great Britain hold Trade and Industrial Council meeting
  3302. New rail service delivers fruit from Pakistan to Kazakhstan via Iran, Turkmenistan
  3303. War-torn Afghanistan ‘no place’ for refugees ‘to be returned to’ — report
  3304. Kazakhstan says freeze lifted on $22 billion in sovereign-fund assets
  3305. Uzbekistan & Tajikistan: catalysts for a regional water solution?
  3306. Turkmenistan: entrepreneurs must now pay to pension fund
  3307. Uzbekistan, Afghanistan halve mutual transit fees for trucked goods
  3308. Kazakhstan: 100MW wind power plant to be built near Astana
  3309. Kazakhstan to open new domestic and international air routes
  3310. All restrictions on flights to EU countries lifted from Kazakhstan airlines
  3311. The more things change, the more Kazakhstan stays important
  3312. Kazakhstan: businessman a hostage in Astana-Ablyazov feud?
  3313. Kyrgyzstan: president signs the law ‘On Conflict of Interests’
  3314. Kazakhstan: Energy Ministry reveals plans for 2018
  3315. Kazakhstan produces 86 million tons of oil, exports 70 million tons in 2017
  3316. Kazakhstan offers to host Ukraine peace talks
  3317. Behind Uzbekistan’s bus tragedy, a story of grinding despair
  3318. Iran reaffirms support for Afghanistan stability, says US failed to improve security
  3319. Afghanistan to be linked to China via Uzbekistan railway
  3320. Turkmenistan: Saudi Arabia invests in TAPI gas pipeline
  3321. Afghanistan: 14 foreigners, including Kazakhstan citizen, killed in Kabul hotel attack
  3322. Crime and corruption a serious concern in Kyrgyzstan
  3323. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3324. Kyrgyzstan: MPs accuse Government of agriculture decline
  3325. UN chief urges cooperation among Central Asia countries and Afghanistan
  3326. Gas cooker said to be cause of deadly bus fire in Kazakhstan
  3327. Russia and US speak for talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban
  3328. Iran’s Chabahar port empowers India-Afghanistan trade at Pakistan’s expense
  3329. Kazakhstan expects to earn up to $5.5 billion through sale of state assets
  3330. World Bank pledges support for Uzbekistan’s ambitious reforms
  3331. Central Asia leaders should end repressive policies — watchdog
  3332. UK funds project to improve local governance in Afghanistan
  3333. At least 52 Uzbekistan citizens killed in bus fire in Kazakhstan
  3334. A year in review: Uzbekistan pursues liberalization at home, neighborly relations abroad
  3335. CACI to hold a forum event on Uzbekistan’s new foreign policy
  3336. Uzbekistan’s export grows in 2017, reaching $14 billion
  3337. Kazakhstan railways company signs contracts with US companies
  3338. World Bank, EU to help improve irrigation and food security in Tajikistan
  3339. Kazakhstan, US sign business deals worth $7 billion during Nazarbayev visit
  3340. In Kyrgyzstan, World Bank vice president highlights need for new growth model
  3341. USAID and FAO launch agricultural project in western Afghanistan
  3342. Russian foreign minister on US policy in Central Asia
  3343. Kazakhstan: government approves action plan to implement president’s address
  3344. Uzbekistan to build small mosques to attract tourists from Muslim countries
  3345. Kazakhstan and US commit to enhanced strategic partnership
  3346. Kyrgyzstan’s economic growth in 2017 exceeds the IMF forecast
  3347. Business expects role of national currencies to strengthen in EEU payments — report
  3348. Turkmenistan: authorities launch ‘witch hunt’ to save ailing economy
  3349. UN Security Council reiterates support for efforts to restore peace in Afghanistan
  3350. Kazakhstan: court jails members of ‘Holy Russia’ group for inciting hatred
  3351. Astana grapples with growing sinophobic sentiment in Kazakhstan
  3352. US expert on America’s role in Central Asia
  3353. WB supports Kazakhstan’s commitment to fiscal consolidation, economic transformation
  3354. Uzbekistan: ambassadors tasked to attract investments, tourists to country
  3355. EBRD supports France’s Urbasolar in Kazakhstan
  3356. A year in review: Kazakhstan pursues domestic reforms, foreign direct investment in 2017
  3357. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3358. China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway to improve attractiveness of Central Asia
  3359. A year in review: more problems, more reforms, more cooperation for Central Asia in 2017
  3360. Upgraded interactive map of legal services now available for Kyrgyzstan citizens
  3361. Taking the temperature of Turkmenistan’s economic meltdown
  3362. Kazakhstan reports sustained economic growth in 2017
  3363. China’s Huawei to implement Smart City project in Kyrgyzstan
  3364. 2017 the ‘bloodiest’ year ever for journalists in Afghanistan — report
  3365. Tajikistan and Uzbekistan agree on visa-free regime
  3366. Uzbekistan: business empire of Karimov’s other daughter under attack
  3367. China to fully fund Afghanistan military base to safeguard its Xinjiang province
  3368. Report criticizes US program to revive Afghanistan economy
  3369. Uzbekistan delivers 25 buses to Afghanistan
  3370. Uzbekistan prime minister visits Tajikistan to improve ties
  3371. World Bank forecasts growth in Central Asia to slow except in Kyrgyzstan
  3372. Container train tests China–Kazakhstan–Turkmenistan–Iran rail route
  3373. Kazakhstan president to visit US
  3374. Moldovan businessman threatens to force sale of Kazakhstan’s Kashagan oilfield stake
  3375. Kazakhstan president speaks on digitalization, banking sector recovery
  3376. Kyrgyzstan: officials fired, reprimanded over EEU customs rules ‘failure’
  3377. Uzbekistan: president announces fence-mending visit to Tajikistan
  3378. China reconstructs motor roads in Tajikistan cities
  3379. Kyrgyzstan: Chinese firm and local miners resolve labor dispute
  3380. Kazakhstan: at corruption trial, former economy minister apologizes to Nazarbayev
  3381. Pakistan may cut off supply route for US forces in Afghanistan
  3382. Turkmenistan wants white vehicles only, reportedly bars women from driving
  3383. UNICEF helps to improve access to drinking water in Afghanistan
  3384. European Union to assist Afghanistan in expanding trade and exports
  3385. Kyrgyzstan renews the World Nomad Games concept
  3386. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3387. Turkmenistan striving to attract tourists
  3388. Kazakhstan highlights priorities of its chairmanship of UN Security Council
  3389. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan resume bus service
  3390. Kyrgyzstan: opposition politician jailed for corruption
  3391. Uzbekistan: abandoning import substitution policy?
  3392. Kazakhstan: new campaign to develop charity, social responsibility of business
  3393. US says Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan violate religious freedom
  3394. US suspends aid to Pakistan until action taken against Afghan terror networks
  3395. Kyrgyzstan to review its civil aviation policy
  3396. Kazakhstan: taxi industry a bellwether for the economy
  3397. China and Russia Tajikistan’s largest foreign investors
  3398. China building railroads in Iran as part of Belt and Road initiative
  3399. Afghanistan: authorities pledge to ensure security of CASA, TAPI projects
  3400. Uzbekistan: jailed entrepreneur keeps faith in the system
  3401. US to announce ‘specific actions’ against Pakistan over harboring Afghan terrorists
  3402. China and Russia Uzbekistan’s main trade partners in 2017
  3403. Turkmenistan aims to become the heart of Great Silk Road in 2018
  3404. Kazakhstan reduces inspections of businesses
  3405. Kazakhstan ups grain and flour shipment by rail in 2017
  3406. Afghanistan and Uzbekistan to start transit of goods soon
  3407. Black cars reportedly banned in Turkmenistan
  3408. Trump accuses Pakistan of giving safe haven to terrorists ‘we hunt’ in Afghanistan
  3409. Uzbekistan boasts export increase in 2017
  3410. Kazakhstan assumes presidency in UN Security Council
  3411. EBRD promotes modern solid waste treatment in Tajikistan
  3412. Kazakhstan: Bank of China to take part in EBRD Shalkiya Zinc syndicated loan
  3413. Kyrgyzstan to build toll roads through private financing
  3414. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3415. Kyrgyzstan improving quality of education through digital technology
  3416. Uzbekistan and Russia sign nuclear cooperation agreement
  3417. Kyrgyzstan: tour guides receive international certification
  3418. Tajikistan: searching for food security
  3419. Approval of EEU by member states’ population down by 10% — survey
  3420. IS gets foothold in Afghanistan northern regions bordering Central Asia
  3421. Tajikistan: increased vulnerability to potential shocks despite sustained growth
  3422. Kyrgyzstan: suspect detained in killing of opposition politician’s brother
  3423. China interested in establishing link between Pakistan and Iran ports
  3424. IFC, Fresenius Medical Care partner to provide dialysis treatment in Kyrgyzstan
  3425. Turkmenistan: EBRD helps local bakery to launch new products
  3426. Uzbekistan: city mayor fined for insulting teachers in public
  3427. Uzbekistan: hundreds fired from finance ministry after president’s criticism
  3428. Kyrgyzstan president says IS ideology spreading in Central Asia
  3429. Afghanistan civil servants to train at University of Central Asia
  3430. Kazakhstan: Smart City projects implemented in five largest cities
  3431. New cargo corridor from Pakistan to Russia via Iran and Kazakhstan
  3432. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to be extended to Afghanistan
  3433. Kazakhstan: government approves bill on currency regulation and control
  3434. FDI growth in EEU member states from Asian countries expected in 2018
  3435. Kazakhstan to repair about 1,500 km of roads annually until 2020
  3436. Afghanistan: army chief rejects Russia’s figures on IS militants in the country
  3437. Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan normalize relations
  3438. Kyrgyzstan: patients with drug-resistant TB start more effective treatment
  3439. US completes food fortification project in Tajikistan
  3440. EBRD supports SME and trade in Uzbekistan
  3441. Kazakhstan awards foreign investors
  3442. Alstom becomes majority shareholder in Kazakhstan locomotive JV
  3443. Agricultural cooperatives in Kyrgyzstan: experience and potential
  3444. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3445. Italy’s Eni expands the scope of activities in Kazakhstan hydrocarbon sector
  3446. Uzbekistan: president vows reforms in first state-of-the-nation address
  3447. Turkmenistan: U.S. embassy brings American musicians to Ashgabat
  3448. Single power supply ring restored in Central Asia
  3449. Kyrgyzstan and FAO sign new cooperation agreement
  3450. Uzbekistan: EBRD provides $30 million to support local SMEs, promote trade
  3451. Kazakhstan and EBRD to work on diversification and modernization of economy
  3452. US court sentences Kazakhstan citizen to 15 years for conspiring to support IS
  3453. Kyrgyzstan: HRW calls on president to improve human rights situation
  3454. Facilitation of regional rail transport discussed at Kazakhstan meeting
  3455. Afghanistan: trade and investment decline due to insecurity
  3456. OSCE donates equipment to assist in disaster risk reduction in Tajikistan
  3457. Court decisions limit press freedom in Kyrgyzstan, watchdog says
  3458. Kyrgyzstan: EBRD, Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank support sugar producer
  3459. Kyrgyzstan: opposition politician says his TV channel ‘seized by raid’
  3460. The Belt and Road through Eurasia: who wins and how?
  3461. Uzbekistan: red peppers will be grown on low-yield cotton fields
  3462. ADB continues support to improve investment climate in Kyrgyzstan
  3463. Kyrgyzstan: officials impound TV station property owned by opposition politician
  3464. EU and Kyrgyzstan launch negotiations for new agreement
  3465. America, EU, Japan: time to reunite Afghanistan with Central Asia
  3466. Bank loans, deposits decrease in Tajikistan
  3467. Xinjiang: thousands of Uyghurs reportedly held in Chinese reeducation camps
  3468. Tajikistan: EBRD helps expand lending to small and medium business
  3469. IMF to disburse $26.9 million to Kyrgyzstan
  3470. ADB provides $400 million in aid for Afghanistan development projects
  3471. Kazakhstan and Qatar expand trade and investment cooperation
  3472. Kazakhstan discusses joint projects with leading British companies
  3473. World Bank supports agricultural business opportunities in Tajikistan
  3474. Afghanistan: US urges Taliban to seek talks with Kabul government
  3475. Russia still interested in Kyrgyzstan’s energy sector
  3476. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3477. The dynamics driving Uzbekistan’s warming relationship with Afghanistan
  3478. EBRD continues to promote climate change resilience in Tajikistan
  3479. Kyrgyzstan: father of suspects in St. Petersburg subway bombing loses Russian citizenship
  3480. Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan: friends forever?
  3481. Kyrgyzstan: Switzerland will support OSCE Academy in Bishkek for next three years
  3482. ADB improves economic outlook for Central Asia
  3483. EBRD helps promote safe and sustainable roads in Tajikistan
  3484. Kazakhstan: economy rising, yet again driven by oil
  3485. Caspian pact paves way for Turkmen gas exports to Europe – eventually
  3486. Kazakhstan and Russian railways increase China-Europe container transit
  3487. $450 million ADB loan to help modernize power generation in Uzbekistan
  3488. EBRD governor for Uzbekistan addresses Bank’s Board of Directors
  3489. Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan pledge ‘strategic’ partnership
  3490. IFC, UK and Switzerland help improve investment climate in Kyrgyzstan
  3491. Uzbekistan restoring closer military ties with Russia
  3492. Eurasian Economic Union countries see Russia as main ally — poll
  3493. Kazakhstan and Czech Republic set up Business Council
  3494. Kazakh-British Business Council meets in London
  3495. Coal miners’ strike spreads in Kazakhstan
  3496. ‘Lost Enlightenment: Central Asia’s Golden Age from the Arab Conquest to Tamerlane’ translated into Kyrgyz
  3497. Tajikistan: how a broke government keeps its books balanced
  3498. Kazakhstan: modern warehouses will be built at Khorgos-Eastern Gates SEZ
  3499. UNRCCA hosts meeting of foreign ministers of Central Asia and Afghanistan
  3500. Indian companies to build CASA-1000 power line in Afghanistan
  3501. Kazakhstan: Kazatomprom increases share in joint venture with Cameco
  3502. Kazakhstan: new mobile app helps to boost capacity of dairy farmers
  3503. Afghanistan needs to ‘prepare for lower external support’ — IMF
  3504. Turkmenistan: GDP grows 6.5 percent in January–November
  3505. Afghanistan to start its part of TAPI gas pipeline project soon
  3506. Kazakhstan: first automobile ferry sent from Kuryk port on Caspian coast
  3507. Kyrgyzstan: why sell profitable state-owned mobile operator?
  3508. What does Kazakhstan’s new military doctrine reveal about relations with Russia?
  3509. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3510. Kazakhstan: foreign investment on the rise after recession
  3511. EBRD new project to support reliable power supply in Kyrgyzstan
  3512. USAID helps to launch most advanced fruit logistics center in south Kyrgyzstan
  3513. Trans-Caspian Transport Route to launch regular container train from China to Turkey, Georgia
  3514. Kazakhstan: fiscal consolidation vital for country’s adjustment to new normal
  3515. OSCE and Uzbekistan commit to enhanced cooperation
  3516. Uzbekistan president criticizes Navoi logistics center for poor performance
  3517. Uzbekistan: president pardons 2,700 convicts in mass amnesty
  3518. Eurasian Economic Union: many problems, few solutions
  3519. Turkmenistan: public-sector employees may be cut by 30% amid economic woes
  3520. India to send first cargo through Int’l North South Transportation Corridor
  3521. ADB provides $330 million to Afghanistan to complete national ring road
  3522. Kazakhstan: president calls on business leaders to bring wealth back from abroad
  3523. Kazakhstan: Kazatomprom announces uranium production cuts
  3524. Uzbekistan: new visas allow longer stays for foreigners
  3525. Kyrgyzstan to withdraw WTO complaint against Kazakhstan
  3526. Convention on legal status of Caspian Sea to be signed in first half of 2018
  3527. Turkmenistan to take $1.8 billion gas dispute with Iran to international arbitration
  3528. Uzbekistan and Afghanistan sign railway deal
  3529. Kazakhstan: prime minister promises paradise for foreign investors
  3530. Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan territorial disputes threaten regional stability
  3531. Austrian business explores investment opportunities in Turkmenistan
  3532. Digital Kazakhstan program to create 300 thousand jobs by 2022
  3533. Kazakhstan: stock exchange of Astana International Financial Center ready for operation from Jan 1
  3534. Kyrgyzstan approves OSCE recommendations for removing regulatory barriers to business
  3535. Is Chabahar port a game changer in India-Afghanistan-Central Asia trade?
  3536. Solar capacity ups by more than half in developing nations: cases of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan
  3537. Kyrgyzstan: USAID connects guest houses, yurt camps to int’l booking systems
  3538. Kyrgyzstan: OSCE trains public sector, business and civil society on business ethics, anti-corruption measures
  3539. Iran opens key port for India-Afghanistan-Central Asia trade corridor
  3540. HIV stigma in Central Asia
  3541. Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan set to resolve border problems
  3542. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3543. Belarus seeks to enter Afghanistan’s market through Tajikistan
  3544. Uzbekistan: president’s decree says evidence obtained under torture inadmissible in courts
  3545. Afghanistan president stresses regional cooperation at Heart of Asia summit
  3546. Turkmenistan starts railroad construction from its border into Afghanistan
  3547. Tajikistan: OSCE establishes youth network of gender champions
  3548. Kyrgyzstan: Supreme Court upholds rulings that ‘muzzle free speech’, HRW says
  3549. Kazakhstan: a central Almaty street named after President Nazarbayev
  3550. Kyrgyzstan: protesters bring underwear to Kazakh embassy in protest over Kazakh documentary
  3551. Uzbekistan: starting to grapple with labor migration issue
  3552. Kyrgyzstan: Switzerland helps local municipalities provide quality services to population
  3553. Turkmenistan: US helps preserve traditional music recordings for posterity
  3554. Afghanistan, Uzbekistan launch direct air flights
  3555. Kazakhstan and Belarus to increase trade up to $1 billion in 2020
  3556. Kyrgyzstan’s new president vows to strengthen ‘strategic partnership’ with Russia
  3557. Has Central Asia stabilized?
  3558. Kazakhstan: new energy efficiency plans for Astana and Almaty
  3559. Japan to help improve economy in border areas between Afghanistan and Tajikistan
  3560. Kazakhstan: government approves country’s development plan until 2025
  3561. Kazakhstan in talks with China over problems reported by ethnic Kazakhs in Xinjiang
  3562. Kyrgyzstan new president’s visit to Russia signals foreign-policy vector
  3563. New railway route from China to Europe through Russia: bluff or tactical ploy?
  3564. For Daesh, Afghanistan is another springboard in the region, Afghan ex-president says
  3565. Kazakhstan launches new, faster rail service to deliver grain to China
  3566. Former president of Kyrgyzstan awarded with National Hero title
  3567. Kazakhstan: rights activist sentenced to 3.5 years on fraud charges
  3568. ADB supports first solar power plant in Afghanistan
  3569. Turkmenistan: 2018 state-budget revenues to go down
  3570. Kazakhstan and Finland cooperate in green technologies
  3571. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan set to increase bilateral trade to $5 billion a year
  3572. ICD provides $10 million line of financing to Kyrgyzstan’s micro-credit company
  3573. Uzbekistan: secrets of hospitality for rural population
  3574. China striving to boost energy imports from Turkmenistan
  3575. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3576. Turkmenistan to rebuild railway link to Afghanistan
  3577. Trade and development agencies join forces to boost Central Asia’s capacity to export
  3578. Kyrgyzstan: new president inaugurated
  3579. Germany to provide $93 million in aid to Afghanistan
  3580. Turkmenistan expands economic ties with Russia’s regions
  3581. Uzbekistan, Korea agree on trade, finance, light-industry, pharmaceutical cooperation
  3582. Uzbekistan president visits South Korea
  3583. Kazakhstan: financial illiteracy hampering economic recovery
  3584. Kyrgyzstan: USAID helps to launch largest fruit and vegetable processing facility in Jalal-Abad oblast
  3585. Turkey ready to invest $5 billion in Kazakhstan
  3586. ADB grants $30 million for technical and vocational education in Kyrgyzstan
  3587. Uzbekistan: focus on cement production
  3588. Switzerland grants medical equipment to health organizations in Kyrgyzstan
  3589. Kazakhstan launches ‘cyber shield’ concept
  3590. Uzbekistan: loans help farmers sell more fruits and vegetables
  3591. Kazakhstan: export of agricultural and food products on the rise
  3592. ADB helps Tajikistan to attract investments, develop private sector
  3593. Economic growth in Afghanistan to increase slightly in 2017 — World Bank
  3594. Kazakhstan and Central Asia: international terrorism without borders
  3595. EDB upgrades growth outlook for member states, including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan
  3596. Uzbekistan president to visit South Korea
  3597. Coca-Cola reportedly stops production in Turkmenistan
  3598. At final press conference, outgoing Kyrgyzstan president says he will remain in politics
  3599. Top US general in Afghanistan reveals plan to drive back Taliban, announces war on drugs
  3600. Controversial railway project consolidates China’s foothold in Central Asia
  3601. EDB countries, including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, show economic growth
  3602. USAID presents results and way forward to improve women and children nutrition in Kyrgyzstan
  3603. Chinese company to build $1.6 billion aluminum plant in Tajikistan
  3604. New power transmission line to be built from Uzbekistan to Afghanistan
  3605. Kyrgyzstan ensures smooth operation of country’s largest gold mine
  3606. Russia tacitly entices Uzbekistan with benefits of EEU, CSTO membership
  3607. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3608. ADB approves first full country partnership strategy for Turkmenistan
  3609. IMF welcomes Uzbekistan efforts to improve investment climate
  3610. Reform in Uzbekistan: pain precedes gain
  3611. Police in Tajikistan start investigation into week-old attack on opposition leader
  3612. Afghanistan the world’s 2nd worst country on new Terrorism Index
  3613. Uzbekistan holds Central Asian International Exhibition
  3614. Kyrgyzstan rejects Kazakhstan’s $100 million EEU aid
  3615. Trans-Caspian International Transport Route to increase cargo transportation
  3616. First container train sent from Finland to China via Kazakhstan
  3617. Afghanistan opium production up 87% in 2017, report says
  3618. OSCE promotes use of service dogs to ensure border security in Turkmenistan
  3619. Agreement on Afghanistan-Europe transport corridor signed
  3620. Outgoing president of Kyrgyzstan continues war of words with Kazakhstan
  3621. Turkmenistan hosts regional forum on cooperation in water resources management
  3622. Kazakhstan, UNDP hold global symposium on South-South development exchange
  3623. European Union, Central Asia partners achieve results in disaster risk reduction
  3624. OSCE promotes cooperation among Central Asia, Afghanistan law enforcement agencies in countering drugs trafficking
  3625. Opposition party leader attacked in Tajikistan
  3626. Man convicted for ‘inciting ethnic hatred’ on social network in north Kazakhstan
  3627. Turkmenistan: Iran, Saudis dangle exits from energy cul-de-sac
  3628. New fruit processing facilities expand agriculture production in south Kyrgyzstan
  3629. Babanov steps down as leader of Kyrgyzstan’s opposition parliamentary faction
  3630. ‘Leader’ of banned Islamic group detained in Kyrgyzstan
  3631. Kazakhstan, Russia and UAE consider joint space industry projects
  3632. ADB to provide $80 million loan for Uzbekistan railway electrification project
  3633. Turkmenistan adjusting to new reality of lower oil and gas prices, IMF says
  3634. Kyrgyzstan’s growth continues across most sectors — IMF
  3635. First cargo shipment from India arrives in Afghanistan via Iran’s Chabahar port
  3636. Uzbekistan president promotes cooperation among Central Asia states
  3637. RSF calls on EU to press for media freedom in Central Asia
  3638. Kyrgyzstan creates new traffic police department in an anti-corruption drive
  3639. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3640. Number of traffic accidents on the rise in Kyrgyzstan
  3641. Central Asian countries sign cooperation program at EU-Central Asia meeting
  3642. OSCE, Tajikistan Defence Ministry to establish Regional Explosive Hazards Training Centre
  3643. Investment opportunities of Kazakhstan and AIFC presented in London
  3644. EU ready to start talks on new bilateral agreement with Kyrgyzstan
  3645. EBRD underlines commitment to Uzbekistan
  3646. EBRD lends $10 million to Uzbekistan’s leading juice producer
  3647. Kyrgyzstan’s expelled ruling party official seeking asylum in US
  3648. NATO to increase number of troops in Afghanistan
  3649. Switzerland helps to improve conditions for preschool children in Kyrgyzstan
  3650. Kazakhstan’s first container train arrives in Turkey along Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway
  3651. Uzbekistan to host EU-Central Asia ministerial meeting
  3652. EBRD opens office in Tashkent, provides $120 million for new projects in Uzbekistan
  3653. EBRD helps register Kazakhstan wind farm under domestic carbon credit scheme
  3654. Meeting in Astana to discuss future tourism development in Kazakhstan
  3655. ‘Traveling along the Great Silk Road of Kazakhstan’ festival to start Nov 10
  3656. EBRD predicts growth of Kazakhstan economy in 2017
  3657. Kazakhstan saving troubled Bank RBK
  3658. Turkmenistan lowers limit for ATM withdrawals abroad
  3659. All UN volunteers working in Central Asia met in Kazakhstan
  3660. Exhibition dedicated to local self-governance in Kyrgyzstan is open in Bishkek
  3661. Kazakhstan and Russia to hold forum of interregional cooperation
  3662. Trade between Afghanistan and Iran on the rise
  3663. EBRD to open new office, sign new projects in Uzbekistan
  3664. Exiled rights activist’s mother targeted in Turkmenistan — rights watchdog
  3665. Honorary consul of Canada appointed in Uzbekistan
  3666. Brother of convicted opposition lawmaker shot dead in Kyrgyzstan
  3667. Russia and Iran to jointly construct Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline
  3668. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan bicker over contraband
  3669. UN and Afghanistan planning new aid spending strategy
  3670. Criminal case initiated against MP Omurbek Babanov in Kyrgyzstan
  3671. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3672. Kazakhstan: president sees red over collapsing bank
  3673. As Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan border tension continues, prime ministers trade accusations
  3674. USAID builds capacity of tourist guides in Kyrgyzstan
  3675. Are newly-built high-rise buildings safe in Kyrgyzstan?
  3676. Tourism a driver of development in Central Asia — World Bank
  3677. Kyrgyzstan renames Soviet-era October Revolution Day
  3678. Documents worth $26 million signed at 7th Central Asia Trade Forum
  3679. Turkmenistan president visits Tajikistan to expand cooperation
  3680. French ambassador explores potential of Kazakhstan’s Kostanay region
  3681. Uzbekistan a global top improver for third time — Doing Business report
  3682. Economies in Central Asia continue reform agenda — World Bank
  3683. Turkmenistan holds international oil and gas exhibition and conference
  3684. Japan looks to investment opportunities in Kazakhstan regions
  3685. Russia may export natural gas from Iran to Pakistan and India
  3686. Russian business to invest in Afghanistan
  3687. New ADB strategy to support inclusive, sustainable growth in Afghanistan
  3688. ADB to support Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan power transmission line project
  3689. In Tajikistan, relatives of fugitive colonel convicted for attempt to join IS in Afghanistan
  3690. Planned railway line to connect Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Iran
  3691. Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway launched to link Europe, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Central Asia
  3692. EBRD supports expansion of major food retailer in Kazakhstan
  3693. OSCE hands over video surveillance equipment to Kyrgyzstan National Security Committee
  3694. Outgoing president drafting strategy for Kyrgyzstan development until 2040
  3695. Kyrgyzstan to compensate losses caused by Kazakhstan border bottleneck
  3696. Microfinance in Kyrgyzstan: poor services, high interest rates
  3697. IMF and Swiss government support transparency of fiscal statistics in Kyrgyzstan
  3698. Kazakhstan companies introducing energy efficiency technologies from Expo-2017
  3699. Afghanistan to open largest industrial park in Kabul
  3700. Uzbekistan providing state support to privatized enterprises
  3701. India launches new trade route to Afghanistan via Iran, reaching out to Central Asia
  3702. World Bank to help Kyrgyzstan improve heat supply
  3703. Uzbekistan & Turkey: is it love?
  3704. The Afghan conundrum
  3705. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3706. Kyrgyzstan president says hopes for EEU were ‘too high’, as dispute with Kazakhstan continues
  3707. US brings new shorter treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Kyrgyzstan
  3708. ADB commits over $5 billion to support new strategy for Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation
  3709. Kazakhstan adopts new military doctrine
  3710. President Nazarbayev orders transition to Latin-based alphabet in Kazakhstan
  3711. EDB accounts for 60% of private sector financing by MDBs for CIS countries
  3712. Kazakhstan to manufacture rail freight cars
  3713. WFP helps Tajikistan to strengthen emergency preparedness and response
  3714. ADB president visits Tajikistan to strengthen partnership
  3715. Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan border crisis remains unresolved
  3716. Uzbekistan president visits Turkey to expand cooperation
  3717. Uzbekistan seeks agricultural cooperation with US
  3718. Kazakhstan developing electronic commerce cooperation with China
  3719. OSCE helps enhance security of energy infrastructure in Kyrgyzstan
  3720. Trade possibilities spurring rapprochement between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan
  3721. EBRD awards CLIMADAPT clients in Tajikistan
  3722. Kazakhstan hosts OECD Eurasia Week 2017
  3723. Uzbekistan holds international cotton fair
  3724. Switzerland supports service improvement at local level in Kyrgyzstan
  3725. Russia criticizes Afghanistan president for accusations of supporting Taliban
  3726. China party congress subordinates regional, global engagements to national interests: what it means for Central Asia?
  3727. US says ‘moderate’ Taliban can be part of Afghanistan government
  3728. Uzbekistan combats money laundering and financing of terrorism in banking sector
  3729. OSCE supports sustainable waste management in Uzbekistan
  3730. Freight turnover ups along Western Europe–Western China corridor in Kazakhstan
  3731. Turkmenistan’s currency falls on black market as country faces economic crisis
  3732. Kazakhstan faces three kinds of separatist threats
  3733. Eurasian Development Bank debunks myths about EEU
  3734. Turkmenistan’s new locomotive depot to link Central Asia countries to Persian Gulf ports
  3735. Kazakhstan looking for investors in Defense Industry Development Fund
  3736. New book of Turkmenistan’s president focuses on Great Silk Road
  3737. Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan border tension harms both countries
  3738. Divorces and feminization of labor migration become a problem in Kyrgyzstan
  3739. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3740. New American Space opens in Almaty, Kazakhstan
  3741. Kyrgyzstan is going to refuse from $100 million in aid from Kazakhstan
  3742. Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan undertake resolving their water disputes
  3743. Kyrgyzstan’s president-elect should make rights a priority — HRW
  3744. Kazakhstan sends millionth ton of cargo across Caspian from Kuryk port
  3745. Kazakhstan participates in Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona, Italy
  3746. Kazakhstan presents privatization plans at Hong Kong Investor Day
  3747. Rights group urges U.S. to protect LGBT community in Tajikistan
  3748. Kyrgyzstan’s thorny road: Sooronbay Zheenbekov inherits burdensome legacy from his predecessor
  3749. Kazakhstan to host next round of Syrian peace talks on Oct 30-31
  3750. EBRD to fund Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline to supply Caspian gas to Europe
  3751. Uzbekistan seeks to buy crude oil from Iran
  3752. US sponsors Central Asia trade forum ‘Future Growth: Trade, Transport & Horticulture’
  3753. Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan agree to resolve border crisis
  3754. Will the Baku–Tbilisi–Kars railway become Uzbekistan’s new connection to Europe?
  3755. World Bank helps Central Asia to end poverty, build middle class
  3756. Tajikistan creates registry of LGBT people
  3757. First-ever golf course opens in Turkmenistan
  3758. Kazakhstan’s economy shows growth in Jan-Sept
  3759. Leader of Russia’s Chechnya visits Uzbekistan, discusses cooperation
  3760. Kyrgyzstan reviving sugar processing industry
  3761. Another rights advocate released in Uzbekistan, after 8 years in jail
  3762. EU-funded program hands over equipment to narcological clinic in Tajikistan
  3763. TAPI gas pipeline to reach Turkmenistan-Afghanistan border by January
  3764. Afghanistan, China, Pakistan, US try to restart Afghan peace talks
  3765. Presidential election: Kyrgyzstan choses to keep its political establishment in place
  3766. Candidate alleges violations in Kyrgyzstan presidential vote, but says ‘people have made their choice’
  3767. Report underscores growing popularity of Islamic social finance in Central Asia
  3768. US helps to strengthen Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan tourism cooperation
  3769. Afghanistan becomes permanent member of AIIB
  3770. EBRD to cooperate with China’s Belt and Road, including in Central Asia
  3771. Jeenbekov leading vote count in Kyrgyzstan presidential election
  3772. Moscow bribes Bishkek to stop Kyrgyzstan from changing to Latin alphabet
  3773. European Union discusses human rights with Tajikistan
  3774. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3775. Forum in Turkmenistan promotes economic cooperation on Afghanistan
  3776. Kyrgyzstan President Atambayev calls presidential candidate foreign ‘flunky’
  3777. Kazakhstan’s Election Commission will not send observer to Kyrgyzstan election
  3778. Afghanistan’s bloodshed: virtually everyone is profiting
  3779. Leading member of Tajikistan’s banned Islamic Renaissance Party detained in Greece
  3780. Freedom of religion ‘vital investment’ for Uzbekistan reforms — UN Special Rapporteur
  3781. Bottleneck at Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan border checkpoints continues amid election feud between countries
  3782. Civilian casualties slightly decline in Afghanistan, with 64% caused by ‘antigovernment elements’
  3783. Turkmenistan starts phasing out discounted household utilities prices
  3784. Kazakhstan’s Almaty to host educational fair of U.S. universities and colleges
  3785. Mutual investments in CIS, including Central Asia, grow as Russian economy recovers
  3786. Hosting of Expo-2017 helped Kazakhstan to attract foreign investors
  3787. Russia hosts SCO’s Afghanistan Contact Group meeting
  3788. Kazakhstan reportedly tightens border with Kyrgyzstan amid election tensions
  3789. Closer Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan ties not enough to resolve broader regional woes
  3790. Afghanistan economy could annually grow 6.5% — World Bank
  3791. Next quadrilateral meeting on Afghanistan to be held in Oman on Oct 16
  3792. Turkmenistan to hold first session of new People’s Council in 2018
  3793. OSCE Parliamentary Assembly observers to monitor Kyrgyzstan presidential election
  3794. Kyrgyzstan’s former chief prosecutor convicted
  3795. Kazakhstan a key hub along Eurasian transport corridor — deputy FM
  3796. Kazakhstan PM comments on Kyrgyzstan president remarks, reiterates ‘strategic partnership’
  3797. Turkmenistan president presents country’s development program for 2018–2024
  3798. EU to launch negotiations on new agreement with Kyrgyzstan after election
  3799. Kyrgyzstan president cancels visit to Russia for CIS summit amid tensions with Kazakhstan
  3800. Business of politics, politics of business: fat cats in Kyrgyzstan’s presidential race
  3801. International Red Cross ‘drastically’ reduces presence in Afghanistan
  3802. Development of free economic and small industrial zones discussed in Uzbekistan
  3803. Manufacturing industry the main driver of growth of Kazakhstan economy
  3804. Opportunities of Kazakhstan special economic zones presented to foreign investors
  3805. Airport services badly need improvement in Kyrgyzstan
  3806. Kyrgyzstan deputy prime minister dies in car accident
  3807. Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan ties reach highest ever level
  3808. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3809. South Korea looking for ways to boost Central Asian trade
  3810. Russia to host meeting on Afghanistan peace process
  3811. Turkmenistan to launch first natural gas to gasoline plant in December 2018
  3812. 2.5 million foreign tourists expected to visit Uzbekistan by year-end
  3813. Gazprom, CNPC, Kazakhstan’s KazMunayGas to develop natural gas filling network on Europe–China route
  3814. Kazakhstan to start natural gas export to China on October 15
  3815. Kyrgyzstan president visits Uzbekistan to cement closer ties
  3816. Russia, Uzbekistan hold first joint military exercise in 12 years, plan further cooperation
  3817. Women farmers boost incomes with new greenhouses in Kyrgyzstan
  3818. EBRD and FAO support Kazakhstan’s dairy sector development
  3819. Daesh threatens Central Asia and Russia from Afghanistan — Russian security chief
  3820. Iran and Russia sign Caspian oil exploration deal, as Caspian legal status is yet to be determined
  3821. Kazakhstan presents investment projects monitoring system
  3822. Kazakhstan and Latvia to increase rail transit from China to Europe
  3823. Uzbekistan: the Tashkent spring experiences a frost
  3824. Government drafts measures to improve business environment in Kazakhstan
  3825. GCF approves major contribution to EBRD Kazakhstan Renewables Framework
  3826. High-ranking official caught taking half-million dollar bribe in Tajikistan
  3827. Rights activist released after 10-year imprisonment in Uzbekistan
  3828. India may establish free trade zone for Afghanistan goods
  3829. Destination CIS: India looks to trade with Central Asia
  3830. Kyrgyzstan: smears soil election campaign
  3831. Kazakhstan striving to boost small and medium enterprise
  3832. Kyrgyzstan, Russia would not go to court over hydropower project deal cancellation
  3833. Turkmenistan and Russia confirm ‘strategic partnership’ as Putin visits Ashgabat
  3834. USAID supports Kyrgyzstan’s apparel industry debut in Paris
  3835. Uzbekistan: mob war prompts high-level reaction from police
  3836. Turkmenistan’s first high-speed highway to open in 2020
  3837. Kazakhstan ranks 57th on competitiveness list
  3838. EFSD to finance social projects in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan
  3839. Kazakhstan prime minister inspects modernization of Shymkent oil refinery
  3840. The risk of reform in Uzbekistan
  3841. Opposition lawmaker detained in Kyrgyzstan amid planned coup allegations
  3842. Kyrgyzstan developing rural and mountain tourism
  3843. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3844. Shorter route opens for passenger trains between China’s Xinjiang and Kazakhstan’s Almaty
  3845. Court frees Kyrgyzstan journalist jailed over his book ‘diminishing role of Islam’
  3846. Uzbekistan: cotton slave labor out, human rights ombudsman in?
  3847. EU has ‘high expectations’ for ‘free and fair’ presidential election in Kyrgyzstan
  3848. Potential of Kazakhstan’s agro-industrial complex presented at Expo-2017
  3849. Kazakhstan holds regional conference on media trends
  3850. EDB acquires $60m worth of Eurobonds of Kazakhstan’s gas transportation company
  3851. Nazarbayev’s gambit on Kyrgyzstan election chessboard: reasons for courting Omurbek Babanov
  3852. Kyrgyzstan trying to sell major mobile operator by direct sale
  3853. Japan funds expansion of hot school meals program in Kyrgyzstan
  3854. Uzbekistan and Russia explore new horizons of cooperation
  3855. EU to help Afghanistan curb illegal mining that fuels insurgency
  3856. Pentagon and NATO chiefs pledge continued support for Afghanistan
  3857. Forum to address developing local government capacity, enhancing service delivery in Kyrgyzstan
  3858. Turkmenistan residents hope for return to free currency conversion
  3859. EBRD finances expansion of Turkmenistan’s meat producer
  3860. Russian agriculture minister visits Uzbekistan to boost agro imports
  3861. China boosts security presence in Xinjiang
  3862. EBRD launches Women in Business programme in Tajikistan
  3863. India will not send troops to Afghanistan
  3864. EXPO 2017 in Kazakhstan: when the carnival is over
  3865. Afghanistan and India to hold US-sponsored trade and investment show
  3866. Swiss government, EU and EBRD start Small Business Initiative in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan
  3867. Russia’s Tatarstan’s president Minnikhanov visits Uzbekistan
  3868. Uzbekistan citizens to be allowed to buy foreign cash from October 1
  3869. Russia’s LUKOIL launches new gas facilities at Gissar in Uzbekistan
  3870. How safe is Kyrgyz ‘Stan’?
  3871. Major solar power project launched in Afghanistan
  3872. Kazakhstan’s Kostanai region attracting investors
  3873. Kazakhstan to increase the use of renewable energy sources
  3874. Kazakhstan and Belarus to increase trade up to $1 billion by 2020
  3875. In effort to combat extremism, Tajikistan’s government places further restrictions on what people can wear
  3876. Kyrgyzstan switching to renewable energy
  3877. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3878. Language fight in Tatarstan set to ignite political explosion across Russia
  3879. Official fired and tried in Tajikistan over law against lavish parties
  3880. Tashkent to host 1st Uzbekistan-Greece economic cooperation forum
  3881. FAO launches project for secure land, fisheries and forests tenure in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan
  3882. Russia and India to explore collaboration in Afghanistan peace process
  3883. Presentation of Central Asia uranium mining legacy remediation needs held in New York
  3884. Training on identifying potential foreign terrorist fighters at borders held in Uzbekistan
  3885. Kyrgyzstan authorities trumpet entrepreneurs’ achievements as problems remain
  3886. World Bank report focuses on drinking water, sanitation for households in Tajikistan
  3887. Deals worth $2.6 billion signed at Uzbekistan–US business forum
  3888. Kazakhstan’s Astana International Financial Center to hold presentation in December
  3889. IAEA, Russia’s ROSATOM to cooperate in rehabilitation of uranium legacy facilities in Central Asia
  3890. Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan exchange diplomatic notes over Nazarbayev-Babanov meeting
  3891. US helps Kazakhstan research institute remove all of its highly enriched uranium
  3892. Kazakhstan’s new Subsoil Code to attract investment in mining industry
  3893. Uzbekistan hosts ERASMUS+ Week
  3894. Plan to clean up Central Asia uranium mining legacy signed
  3895. At UN, Uzbekistan president outlines his policy for the country and Central Asia region
  3896. Former senior anticorruption officer in Tajikistan sentenced to 15 years
  3897. Afghanistan receives first US helicopters as more US troops on way to country
  3898. Kazakh leader meets with Kyrgyzstan presidential candidate
  3899. Afghanistan, regional security and the Central Asia republics
  3900. Kashagan to become Kazakhstan’s major oil producer in the years to come — expert
  3901. Russia to assess investment opportunities in Afghanistan
  3902. USAID supports development of free economic zones in Uzbekistan
  3903. Kyrgyzstan cancels deal with Czech company for major hydropower project
  3904. New ADB strategy for Kazakhstan to support sustainable growth, economic diversification
  3905. Kazakhstan’s NGO receives UNDP’s Equator Prize
  3906. Most of land remains uncultivated in Afghanistan as water flows to Central Asian countries
  3907. Kazakhstan airports prepare to support disaster relief efforts
  3908. Jointly with local private sector, USAID expands export markets for Kyrgyzstan meat
  3909. Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games kick off in Turkmenistan
  3910. Kazakhstan leader visits Uzbekistan, Tashkent hosts Uzbek-Kazakh business forum
  3911. New head of Kyrgyzstan National Bank presents his vision of development
  3912. Kazakhstan: Latin alphabet is not a new phenomenon among Turkic nations
  3913. RSF calls for release of Kyrgyzstan journalist jailed for ‘inciting religious hatred’
  3914. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3915. China to provide $10 billion in loans to Iran for infrastructure projects
  3916. ‘Cyber Shield’ to fight extremism in Kazakhstan
  3917. Afghanistan needs rail corridor via Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan for fruit export to Russia
  3918. Uzbekistan holds international textile exhibitions
  3919. Report on migrant workers’ and human trafficking victims’ rights presented in Kazakhstan
  3920. Repression casts shadow on Asian Games in Turkmenistan, rights groups say
  3921. Uzbekistan a year after Karimov
  3922. India provides more developmental assistance to Afghanistan
  3923. Tajikistan to increase aluminum production to 300,000 tons by 2020
  3924. OSCE supports Tajikistan’s Inter-Agency Secretariat for Border Management and Security
  3925. Islamic Development Bank committed to Tajikistan development projects
  3926. Prime Minister presents Digital Kazakhstan program
  3927. University of Technology Sydney and University of Central Asia collaborate on Communications and Media
  3928. World Bank, Swiss government help improve audit and financial reporting in Kyrgyzstan
  3929. Afghanistan urges India to speed up Iran’s port development
  3930. Kazakhstan government approves new Tax Code
  3931. Kazakhstan and China hold 1st Interregional Cooperation Forum
  3932. Journalist in Kyrgyzstan imprisoned for ‘diminishing the role of Islam’ in a book
  3933. Kazakhstan the key link of transport corridor from Europe to Asia
  3934. Uzbekistan: Turkish business returning, cautiously
  3935. Railway cargo operation between Afghanistan and China depends on Uzbekistan?
  3936. Karakol River Park will improve tourism experience in Kyrgyzstan
  3937. Presidential campaigning starts in Kyrgyzstan
  3938. Kyrgyzstan and Centerra reach settlement concerning Kumtor gold project
  3939. Coal production on the rise in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan
  3940. Uzbekistan to build largest paper factory
  3941. Iran and Uzbekistan seek broader economic, trade and transport cooperation
  3942. Results of EXPO-2017 summed up at KAZENERGY Forum in Kazakhstan
  3943. Turkish companies to invest $590 million in Kazakhstan
  3944. China eyes Iran as important Belt and Road hub
  3945. Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan open new chapter in relations
  3946. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3947. Russia says former Tajikistan Interior Ministry commander killed in Syria
  3948. CAREC Institute inaugurated as intergovernmental research organization for Central Asia
  3949. Uzbekistan returns to currency convertibility, delivers blow to black market
  3950. Foreign visitors to Turkmenistan games unaffected by local bans
  3951. Turkmenistan could benefit from India-proposed undersea gas pipeline from Iran
  3952. Uzbekistan to introduce single brand for exported products
  3953. Kyrgyzstan hosts conference on tuberculosis in Central Asia
  3954. Kyrgyzstan expanding economic relations, attracting investors
  3955. Switzerland supports family doctors in remote villages in Kyrgyzstan
  3956. Kazakhstan and Poland set to boost economic cooperation, trade
  3957. Kazakhstan, World Bank to cooperate in green research and Islamic finance
  3958. Kazakhstan establishes partnership with Italian manufacturing companies
  3959. Major checkpoint on Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan border reopened
  3960. Afghanistan and Pakistani support of militants addressed at China summit of BRICS
  3961. Central Asia Trade Forum, ‘Future Growth: Trade, Transport & Horticulture’, to be held in Kazakhstan
  3962. Kazakhstan to host KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum in Astana
  3963. Energy intensity of Kazakhstan economy remains high but energy-saving measures taken
  3964. Astana International Financial Centre, Atameken to bring Kazakhstan business to int’l level
  3965. Uzbekistan ready to take part in construction of Kambarata hydro plant in Kyrgyzstan
  3966. UN sums up its participation at EXPO-2017 in Kazakhstan
  3967. Labour migrants from Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to Russia amidst uncertain trends
  3968. Afghanistan, China, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan to build new railway
  3969. AIFC presents development concept of Kazakhstan’s green financial system
  3970. Homeowners evicted, their homes demolished in Turkmenistan capital ahead of Asian Games
  3971. BRICS member countries name Pakistan-based groups as security concern
  3972. UNDP helps Turkmenistan improve foreign trade statistics
  3973. Uzbekistan to refuse from selling 15% stakes in authorized capital of JSCs to foreign investors
  3974. South Kazakhstan region attracts investors, tourists
  3975. US and NATO to spend $7 billion to build Afghanistan’s Air Force
  3976. Uzbekistan to liberalize currency regulations, remove restrictions on buying foreign currency
  3977. Tajikistan: counting the cost of a banking meltdown
  3978. Kyrgyzstan exports electricity, increases coal consumption
  3979. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  3980. United States partners with Kyrgyzstan to save the snow leopard
  3981. US Peace Corps Volunteers welcome students back to school in Kyrgyzstan
  3982. Uzbekistan seeks to export agricultural products to UK
  3983. CAREC countries advance regional road safety strategy for Central Asia
  3984. Turkmenistan opens trading house in Mazari-Sharif in Afghanistan
  3985. President says relations with Central Asian neighbors Uzbekistan’s priority
  3986. Tajikistan, China to launch cross-border railway, road and natural-gas pipeline projects
  3987. Russian Gazprom develops Kyrgyzstan’s natural gas infrastructure
  3988. U.S. embassy awards grant to restore Silk Road site in Turkmenistan
  3989. Turkmenistan, Georgia to cooperate in building Caspian-Black Sea transit corridor
  3990. State TV head, presidential press officer reportedly dismissed in Uzbekistan
  3991. Atambayev vows to ‘punish’ all those who plan ‘disturbances’ in Kyrgyzstan
  3992. Afghanistan and the new US strategy between guns, drugs and conspiracies
  3993. Turkmenistan authorities select spectators for Asian Games from among public sector employees
  3994. Uzbekistan’s regions tasked to attract foreign tourists
  3995. Kazakhstan to take measures to ensure macroeconomic stability
  3996. IAEA launches low-enriched uranium bank in Kazakhstan
  3997. Kyrgyzstan’s security forces kill two terror suspects
  3998. Government reviews Kazakhstan’s development plan until 2022
  3999. Minister comments on Muslim clothing in Kazakhstan
  4000. ‘Positive changes’ in Uzbekistan since president Mirziyoev took power — report
  4001. Late Uzbekistan president’s daughter steps down as country’s envoy to UNESCO
  4002. Kyrgyzstan president Atambayev reveals his power succession scheme
  4003. Turkmenistan to build new gas chemical plant
  4004. Kazakhstan can become major exporter of agro products to China and Russia
  4005. Kazakhstan to inaugurate IAEA Low Enriched Uranium Bank’s building
  4006. Afghanistan wants Russia’s help in restoring peace in country – ambassador
  4007. Pakistan PM says new US strategy for Afghanistan will fail
  4008. Kazakhstan: jailed journalist a pawn in a political game
  4009. Young reformer, president’s ally becomes Kyrgyzstan’s new prime minister
  4010. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  4011. New US strategy in Afghanistan has no chance for success — Russian FM
  4012. In Kazakhstan, OSCE PA President highlights nuclear disarmament as int’l priority
  4013. Kazakhstan’s Karaganda region, China’s Inner Mongolia discuss energy cooperation
  4014. Qatar Charity launches healthcare, development projects in Kyrgyzstan
  4015. EEU countries hold ‘Eurasian Week’ forum in Kazakhstan
  4016. US pizza restaurant chain to expand to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
  4017. Pakistan rejects US accusations of harboring Afghan Taliban terrorists
  4018. Russia to send teachers and textbooks to schools in Tajikistan
  4019. US Defense Department underreports troop levels in Afghanistan, reports say
  4020. Afghanistan president hails new US strategy, urges Pakistan to change policy
  4021. Tajikistan parliament approves bill supporting ‘traditional clothes’
  4022. Land of Snow Leopard network takes part in Kyrgyzstan forum to preserve snow leopards
  4023. Kazakhstan provides $41m of its $100m assistance to help Kyrgyzstan adapt to EEU requirements
  4024. Facilities in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan in the Guinness Book of Records
  4025. Uzbekistan to cancel excise tax on imported raw foods used by domestic producers
  4026. Astana to host forum of business ombudsmen of Kazakhstan and Russia
  4027. Manufacturing industry accounts for 30% of Kazakhstan’s economy
  4028. Television channel critical of president closed in Kyrgyzstan
  4029. Swiss investor buys Kyrgyzstan’s leading dairy company
  4030. Uzbekistan sets up state fund to support private entrepreneurs, small business
  4031. Kazakhstan enters international online trading platform
  4032. Kazakhstan’s foreign ministry attracting investment, promoting exports
  4033. Turkmenistan opens first animal shelter ahead of major sports event in Ashgabat
  4034. US President Trump announces ‘vague’ new strategy for Afghanistan
  4035. Kyrgyzstan PM Jeenbekov resigns after being registered as presidential candidate
  4036. Kyrgyzstan’s Eurasian Economic Union membership: official view and business opinion
  4037. Challenges to further growth in Eurasian Development Bank member states intensify
  4038. Uzbekistan to double cement production in 5 years
  4039. Turkmenistan bans alcohol in Ashgabat ahead of major Asian sports event
  4040. Russia plans joint military exercises with Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan
  4041. The Uighurs and China’s regional counter-terrorism efforts
  4042. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  4043. Xinjiang: economic realities behind civil strife
  4044. Financial violations and corruption revealed in Kyrgyzstan’s healthcare system
  4045. Kazakhstan investors ready to increase investment in Afghanistan
  4046. Kyrgyzstan one step closer to remediation of uranium legacy sites
  4047. U.S. embassy helps restore ancient mosaics in Turkmenistan
  4048. 45 new US Peace Corps volunteers arrive in Kyrgyzstan
  4049. Kazakhstan’s Almaty and China’s Hainan province establish cooperation
  4050. Turkmenistan on high alert from Aug 17 as Ashgabat prepares to host Asian Games
  4051. Niyazov’s ‘gray cardinal’ dies after a decade in Turkmenistan prison
  4052. China jails ethnic Kazakh man for ‘helping others emigrate to Kazakhstan’
  4053. Uzbekistan PM visits Kyrgyzstan on ice-breaking mission
  4054. IFC helps Kyrgyzstan improve access to high-quality healthcare services
  4055. Kazakhstan ups food production, increases processing and export of agricultural products
  4056. Afghanistan, Belarus set up commission for trade and economic cooperation
  4057. Kazakhstan, Japan to cooperate in rail transportation from Asia to Europe
  4058. Uzbekistan abolishes exit visa system
  4059. Kyrgyzstan opposition leader Tekebaev sentenced to 8 years in prison
  4060. EU and EEU to discuss cooperation at First Business Forum in Greece
  4061. Uzbekistan attracts foreign investment in building materials industry
  4062. Kazakhstan aims to increase foreign direct investment
  4063. Indian company to build Afghanistan part of CASA-1000 power project
  4064. In an ‘open letter’, Taliban urges Trump to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan
  4065. Half of $76 billion US military aid to Afghanistan stolen, analyst says
  4066. UN fully supports Uzbekistan efforts to strengthen regional cooperation in Central Asia
  4067. Manufacturing and agriculture key areas of Kazakhstan-Belarus cooperation
  4068. Eurasian Economic Union boasts increasing trade, economic growth
  4069. EEU to sign free trade agreement with Iran this year
  4070. Trade, economic indicators improve in Eurasian Development Bank countries
  4071. Russia says unidentified aircraft supply arms to IS militants in Afghanistan, analysts claim US connection
  4072. 4th financial institution in Tajikistan joins EBRD climate credit line
  4073. Afghanistan has huge untapped hydro power resources
  4074. Kazakhstan and Belarus set to increase trade, economic cooperation
  4075. Tajikistan’s government lays down rules on what not to wear
  4076. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  4077. Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan in the realities of Central Asia’s economic development
  4078. Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan: energy cooperation or competition?
  4079. OSCE and Tajikistan outline priorities for cooperation in 2018
  4080. USAID celebrates World Breastfeeding Week by supporting mothers in Kyrgyzstan
  4081. Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan have turned new page in relations — ambassador
  4082. Iran’s embassy dismisses anti-Iran documentary on Tajikistan television
  4083. Kyrgyzstan convicts three IS militants who planned attacks against civilians
  4084. Kyrgyzstan’s opposition leader Tekebaev may get 10-year prison term, barred from presidential election
  4085. US senator McCain proposes new ‘strategy for success’ in Afghanistan
  4086. Kazakhstan: horse milk gallops into the dairy market
  4087. Belarus companies to hold exhibition in Kazakhstan
  4088. EU supports rural and ecotourism project in Uzbekistan
  4089. Insecurity, lack of infrastructure and electricity cause business decline in Afghanistan
  4090. AIIB considering infrastructure projects in Uzbekistan
  4091. Uzbekistan: evaluating the chances for a convertible currency
  4092. Investments in Uzbekistan up 8.3% in first half of 2017
  4093. EDB provides $5 million credit facility for Kyrgyzstan small and medium business
  4094. Azerbaijan is Turkmenistan’s major partner in Caspian region — Turkmen president
  4095. Dushanbe’s accusations would increase tensions between Tajikistan and Iran
  4096. Kazakhstan: forecast and realities in economic development
  4097. Uzbekistan exports 110 tons of sweet cherries to UK and Singapore
  4098. Kyrgyzstan to host International Snow Leopard & Ecosystem Forum
  4099. India and Iran agree to push forward Chabahar port project
  4100. Three opposition parties in Kyrgyzstan unite, to propose single presidential candidate
  4101. A time of ‘most fruitful cooperation’ has come for Uzbekistan and Russia — FM
  4102. At least 50% of Afghanistan economy might be illegal — statistics
  4103. Turkmenistan launches new buses, taxis as Ashgabat prepares to host Asian Games
  4104. Afghanistan seeks to export dried fruit to Kazakhstan
  4105. Officials in Afghanistan say Taliban, IS teamed up in deadly village attack
  4106. India to help enhance Kazakhstan’s military capability
  4107. Can authorities ensure safety of high-rise buildings in Kyrgyzstan capital?
  4108. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  4109. Multilateral development banks increase financing for CIS projects
  4110. Afghanistan seeks Czech investment in livestock sector
  4111. Democracy camps empower young civic activists in Kyrgyzstan
  4112. Kyrgyzstan: officials shackle journalists with giant libel damages
  4113. Russia to deliver two An-26 transport aircraft to Kyrgyzstan armed forces
  4114. Uzbek-Chinese JV to build a cement plant in Uzbekistan
  4115. EBRD lends $2 million in local currency for female-run MSMEs and farms in Tajikistan
  4116. Turkish business seeks to expand presence in Turkmenistan market
  4117. Presidential election campaign enters a new stage in Kyrgyzstan
  4118. EBRD finances modernization of district heating in East Kazakhstan
  4119. Kazakhstan to cut tax rate for small business in 2018
  4120. Kazakhstan hosts second international women’s forum
  4121. Indian army chief visits Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan to strengthen defense cooperation
  4122. Kyrgyzstan opposition politicians get lengthy prison terms for planning a ‘coup’
  4123. Former parliament member sentenced to 11 years for hostage-taking in Kyrgyzstan
  4124. EBRD and EU foster small business growth in Central Asia
  4125. Uzbekistan to export fruit and vegetables under a single brand
  4126. Turkmenistan president blames officials for ‘inadequately low output’ in agriculture
  4127. First-ever public criticism of late President Karimov aired on Uzbekistan television
  4128. Opposition civil activist sentenced for ‘inciting hatred’ in Kazakhstan
  4129. Kazakhstan hosts International Army Games contests
  4130. Kazakhstan to rank its regions in terms of ease of doing business
  4131. Kostanai region in Kazakhstan to export flour to China
  4132. Siemens enters Uzbekistan market
  4133. Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan advance with border delimitation talks
  4134. Supporters of jailed opposition party leader start hunger strike in Kyrgyzstan
  4135. Uzbekistan: king cotton confronts caper uprising
  4136. Uzbekistan ready to buy part of Russian oil intended for China
  4137. Uzbekistan-Latvia JV to launch logistics center for processing fruit and vegetables
  4138. Russian experts on Kazakhstan-US military cooperation, possible US base in the Caspian
  4139. Russian government, UNDP support renewable energy use in Kyrgyzstan villages
  4140. Hopes and doubts about Czech investment in Kyrgyzstan hydro power project
  4141. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  4142. EBRD launches Women in Business program in Tajikistan
  4143. EU creating new employment opportunities in rural areas of Uzbekistan
  4144. Cargo train launched between China’s Ganzhou and Kazakhstan
  4145. Karimova in custody in Uzbekistan for ‘extortion, embezzlement, and tax evasion’
  4146. Uzbekistan to manufacture ambulance cars with Peugeot Citroen
  4147. A Rotary Club business coach trains women entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan
  4148. India says it seeks closer partnership with China based on Astana consensus
  4149. Chile ready to negotiate free trade agreement with EEU
  4150. Tajikistan hosts C5+1 meeting between Central Asia states and the US
  4151. First energy efficient kindergartens open in Kazakhstan’s Aktau city
  4152. Switzerland helps improve water supply in rural Uzbekistan
  4153. US government promotes innovative water management in Tajikistan
  4154. Moscow says reports of Russia’s arms supplies to Taliban in Afghanistan ‘groundless’
  4155. Kazakhstan to gradually introduce teaching in English language
  4156. Kazakhstan to present new, Latin-based alphabet by yearend
  4157. Afghan spillover to Central Asia: cause for concern or Russia’s ploy for influence?
  4158. Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway to attract transit cargo traffic to Kazakhstan
  4159. Kyrgyzstan hosts military sports games of CIS countries
  4160. Uzbekistan to improve tax administration, increase tax collection
  4161. Taliban captures third district in Afghanistan in three days
  4162. Kyrgyzstan president guarantees peaceful transfer of power in October
  4163. Uzbekistan launches 24-hour television news channel
  4164. Business delegation from India visits Kazakhstan
  4165. Kazakhstan and China railways to increase cargo transportation by year-end
  4166. IMF welcomes Uzbekistan’s economic reforms plan
  4167. Kazakhstan: space for civil society shrinking?
  4168. Uzbekistan president supports plans to develop tourism in Tashkent region
  4169. Tajikistan’s GDP growth to slow down in 2017, World Bank says
  4170. President says Afghanistan’s tourism industry should be revived
  4171. Taliban take control of two districts in Afghanistan
  4172. Corruption has penetrated state bodies in Kyrgyzstan
  4173. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  4174. Kyrgyzstan presidential election: leading party poised to reinforce its position
  4175. China to invest in Uzbekistan’s sericulture
  4176. Tajikistan sets up commission to promote clothing to counter ‘alien’ traditions
  4177. Turkmenistan’s foreign minister sent to raise funds for Asian Games
  4178. Belgian company ready to invest in alternative energy projects in Kazakhstan
  4179. Uzbekistan to open consulate in Russia’s St. Petersburg
  4180. Kyrgyzstan president voices doubts regarding switch to Latin alphabet
  4181. President summons bankers to address acute financial problems in Turkmenistan
  4182. India ‘well-suited’ for greater role in Afghanistan, US Senate committee says
  4183. Kazakhstan’s transport and logistics opportunities presented in Singapore
  4184. More British choose Uzbekistan as their travel destination, with 34% growth this year
  4185. Tajikistan persecutes dissidents’ families, rights groups say
  4186. UNICEF, UK Government launch peacebuilding program for youth in Kyrgyzstan
  4187. Did Kyrgyzstan get sold a hydropower pup?
  4188. Uzbekistan’s agriculture export bank gets banking license
  4189. Kazakhstan’s economy grew 4.2% in first half of 2017
  4190. Tajikistan president’s daughter reportedly named deputy head of major bank
  4191. Court in Kyrgyzstan sentences Akayev’s former son-in-law in absentia
  4192. Switzerland supports service improvement at local level in Kyrgyzstan
  4193. EU grants 21 million euros for horticulture development project in Uzbekistan
  4194. UN report says civilians continue to bear the brunt of Afghanistan’s ‘ugly war’
  4195. Turkey bars entry to thousands of suspected IS supporters, including from Kazakhstan and Tajikistan
  4196. CSTO foreign ministers agree on joint measures to ensure information security
  4197. EU and Uzbekistan hold high-level meeting amid signs of change in the country
  4198. Iran says it can resolve differences with Tajikistan through talks
  4199. Uzbekistan to hold the second International Fruit and Vegetable Fair
  4200. Presidents of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan to meet before yearend — ambassador
  4201. China provides communication equipment for medical institutions in Kyrgyzstan
  4202. Kazakhstan and Eurasia new oil consortium in a multi-billion Caspian project
  4203. Kyrgyzstan’s ruling party names current PM as single presidential candidate
  4204. Big American companies tapping investment opportunities in Kyrgyzstan
  4205. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  4206. Afghanistan holding dialogue with Central Asia countries
  4207. Climate change may reverse hard-earned development gains in Asia — report
  4208. Kyrgyzstan: ruling party in crisis over presidential vote
  4209. Uzbekistan revitalizes GTL plant construction project
  4210. Modern tourist zone to be established in Samarkand in Uzbekistan
  4211. OSCE, UNDP train border and customs officers from Afghanistan, Tajikistan
  4212. Germany’s president says his country to support different sectors in Afghanistan
  4213. EU funds project to build a bridge at Tajikistan-Afghanistan border
  4214. Turkmenistan: bribery scandals galore as anti-graft body gathers strength
  4215. Book of President Rahmon’s wit and wisdom published in Tajikistan
  4216. Afghanistan and World Bank sign $482 million new financing
  4217. Japan and Kazakhstan promote gender equality, women’s rights in Afghanistan
  4218. OSCE supports platform for promoting best practices, innovations for green economy in Kazakhstan
  4219. Germany holds its National Day at EXPO 2017 in Astana in Kazakhstan
  4220. With $2 billion investment plan, China signals its geopolitical interests in Syria
  4221. Kazakhstan and Latvia developing transit and transport cooperation
  4222. Belarusian agricultural machinery to be assembled in Tajikistan
  4223. Astana hosts Kazakhstan-China Agrarian Investment Forum
  4224. Tajikistan president warns his people against wearing hijabs, beards
  4225. Kazakhstan president signs controversial laws on presidency, deprivation of citizenship
  4226. Russia wants CSTO allies to deploy to Syria
  4227. Kazakhstan can supply camel products for export
  4228. World Bank project to help Tajikistan cope with natural disasters
  4229. European Union the main trading partner of Kazakhstan — official
  4230. Swiss finance minister visits Kyrgyzstan
  4231. EBRD approves new strategy for Kazakhstan, sets investment priorities
  4232. Czech company to build Upper Naryn hydropower plants cascade in Kyrgyzstan
  4233. Deputy speaker of Uzbekistan’s Senate speaks on SCO, CIS prospects
  4234. EU providing assistance for border management in Central Asia
  4235. Uzbekistan attracts tourists from Germany
  4236. President outlines Turkmenistan’s economic development tasks for 2nd half 2017
  4237. Kazakhstan hosts capacity building seminar for Afghanistan civil servants, NGOs
  4238. Kyrgyzstan drives to optimize its energy sector
  4239. Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan need to redirect investment flows as combustibles’ future spells doom
  4240. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  4241. Trade and remittances lay ground for economic recovery in EDB countries — report
  4242. ADB and InFin Bank sign trade finance deal in Uzbekistan
  4243. Tajikistan: opposition beds down and plots in Polish exile
  4244. Analyst says US cannot win war in Afghanistan without Moscow
  4245. UNICEF, EU strengthen children’s resilience to cope with natural disasters in Central Asia, South Caucasus
  4246. China companies interested in joint projects in Turkmenistan
  4247. Construction of TAPI gas pipeline may start in Afghanistan within a year
  4248. Tajikistan president urges Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan to speed up CASA-1000 project
  4249. Road traffic accidents increase dramatically in Kyrgyzstan
  4250. New EU-funded human rights project launched in Tajikistan
  4251. Kyrgyzstan, Mongolian, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and US forces to conduct military exercise
  4252. Pakistan prime minister visits Tajikistan
  4253. Uzbekistan has no plans to rejoin Russia-led security bloc CSTO — FM
  4254. Tajikistan police kill relatives of ex-commander who joined Islamic State
  4255. Central Asia: all together now
  4256. Privatization of state assets goes on schedule in Kazakhstan
  4257. Ashgabat hosts first specialized show of Chinese products in Turkmenistan
  4258. In Afghanistan, US senators warn Pakistan against harboring Taliban safe havens
  4259. Capital cities of Uzbekistan and South Korea developing cooperation
  4260. OSCE holding professional training courses for female managers in Uzbekistan
  4261. British embassy in Kyrgyzstan launches art exhibition “Common Values, Creativity”
  4262. UHRP calls on China to reveal the condition of Uyghurs disappeared after 2009 unrest in Xinjiang
  4263. Uzbekistan to hold first joint military drills with Russia since 2005
  4264. Uzbekistan a key link on transit railway corridor China-Central Asia–Europe
  4265. France’s Total and Iran sign $4.8 billion natural gas project
  4266. Turkmenistan reiterates commitment to energy, transport projects with Afghanistan
  4267. Kyrgyz parliament, Switzerland, UNDP to strengthen parliamentary democracy in Kyrgyzstan
  4268. Kyrgyzstan to create two technopolises for textile and garment industry
  4269. Uzbekistan to modernize coal industry
  4270. Afghanistan to export goods to Europe via Turkmenistan, Georgia
  4271. KTZ and Sinotrans to launch container train route through Kazakhstan
  4272. Almaty hosts Kazakhstan-Thailand business forum
  4273. Tajikistan’s unity after war: expectation and reality
  4274. Kyrgyzstan to complete North-South motor road, strengthen contractors’ responsibility
  4275. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  4276. Uzbekistan alters its vision for Afghanistan
  4277. U.S. embassy starts summer film screenings in Turkmenistan
  4278. Tajikistan dreams of regional electricity grid rebirth
  4279. US military could be smuggling uranium out of Afghanistan, locals say
  4280. Swiss company to build electrical equipment plant in Uzbekistan
  4281. OSCE concludes anti-corruption needs assessment mission in Kyrgyzstan
  4282. Tajikistan’s National Bank to auction two troubled banks
  4283. NATO member countries ready to send more forces to help train Afghanistan troops
  4284. Turkmenistan expands its passenger air fleet with a new Boeing
  4285. Atambayev offers Russia to build training base in southern Kyrgyzstan
  4286. Hungarian embassy opens in Uzbekistan
  4287. EU backs Kyrgyzstan’s Bar in protecting lawyers’ rights, increasing ethical standards
  4288. Uzbekistan raises refinancing rate amid growing inflation
  4289. Kyrgyzstan detains four suspects allegedly plotting terrorist attacks
  4290. Kyrgyzstan: election campaigning co-opts Islam
  4291. Switzerland and Aga Khan Foundation support earthquake-affected people in Kyrgyzstan
  4292. Transit cargo volume through Kazakhstan on the rise
  4293. Kazakhstan to increase the share of tourism to 8% of GDP
  4294. Rights groups say World Bank funds projects using forced, child labor in Uzbekistan
  4295. Tajikistan celebrates anniversary of civil war end
  4296. Terrorism: Central Asia migrants in Moscow recruited by ISIS
  4297. UNDP raises awareness on climate change and adaptation in Turkmenistan
  4298. US embassy brings American blues to Kyrgyzstan
  4299. Army officers in Turkmenistan reportedly convicted for practicing non-traditional Islam
  4300. China’s Jumore to create trade and logistics center in Astana, Kazakhstan
  4301. China to support Afghanistan-Pakistan dialogue, Afghan peace process
  4302. Kazakhstan’s Expo: vanity fair or imprint of the future?
  4303. Uzbekistan allows farmers to independently export fruit and vegetables
  4304. IS shifting focus to Afghanistan and Central Asia, declares war on Taliban
  4305. Afghanistan removed from international banking gray list
  4306. EBRD finances Kazakhstan’s small businesses and female entrepreneurs
  4307. EBRD finances better street lighting in two cities in East Kazakhstan
  4308. Kyrgyzstan farmers face challenges when exporting products to EEU market
  4309. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  4310. Bishkek’s Ak-Keme hotel in Kyrgyzstan transferred to state ownership with help of police
  4311. EBRD, Damu Fund to jointly support small business in Kazakhstan
  4312. Kyrgyzstan to improve water and sanitation services with World Bank support
  4313. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan holding no talks about sending troops to Syria
  4314. Uzbekistan seeking to export canned pilaf to Germany and Switzerland
  4315. Astana International Financial Center in Kazakhstan to start working next January
  4316. EBRD supports inclusion in Kazakhstan through Kyzyl gold deposit development
  4317. Security situation worsening in Afghanistan, report says
  4318. GE showcases future of energy and industry at Expo-2017 in Kazakhstan
  4319. Consortium to implement Eurasia hydrocarbon project in Kazakhstan’s Caspian shelf
  4320. Russia aims to return to Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan amid Vostochny problems
  4321. China’s Jiangsu Province Week held at EXPO-2017 in Kazakhstan
  4322. Tajikistan to issue government securities for $1 billion to raise funds for Rogun power plant
  4323. EBRD financing of Baikonur solar plant in Kazakhstan moving closer
  4324. Tajikistan bans citizens under 40 to perform hajj to Mecca
  4325. Airport in Kazakhstan capital Astana renamed after president Nazarbayev
  4326. CSTO to hold operation targeting extremist recruiters
  4327. Kazakhstan: EXPO draws critics, and EXPOs misfires back
  4328. Uzbekistan to inject $500 million into commercial banks
  4329. Role of women and youth in conflict prevention in Central Asia discussed in Kazakhstan
  4330. Afghanistan government forces recapture Tora Bora hideout from Islamic State
  4331. Kyrgyzstan and Russia sign declaration on strengthening of strategic partnership
  4332. In Central Asia, China finds a crowded playing field
  4333. Uzbekistan to invest $50 million in growing walnut plantations
  4334. Оpen doors day for prevention of torture held in Kyrgyzstan
  4335. UNDP’s EU-BOMNAF Project upgrades crossing point on Afghanistan-Turkmenistan border
  4336. EU to develop new Central Asia strategy by end of 2019
  4337. IFAS to become platform for cooperation in Central Asia — Turkmenistan leader
  4338. First ‘clean zone’ for female convicts will be constructed in Kyrgyzstan
  4339. Business calls on Kyrgyzstan government, Centerra to reach consensus in court disputes
  4340. Uzbekistan and China start gas production in Bukhara region
  4341. Uzbekistan to replace traditional fuels with renewable energy sources in power production
  4342. Turkmenistan should scale down state’s role in planning and coordinating economic activity — IMF
  4343. Trade between Kazakhstan and Ukraine on the rise
  4344. Kazakhstan to switch from Cyrillic to Latin: social and economic realities versus political zeal
  4345. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  4346. OSCE PA president addresses OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum, holds talks in Kazakhstan
  4347. USAID helps improve the quality of tuberculosis medicines in Uzbekistan
  4348. UN secretary-general fails to speak up for rights problems in Central Asia — watchdog
  4349. AIIB approves loan to support hydro power project in Tajikistan
  4350. Changes to regulations on private economic activity to save Kyrgyzstan businesses 17 million EUR
  4351. USAID helps expand markets for farmers in southern Kyrgyzstan
  4352. Central Asia Transport and Logistics Partnership to strengthen regional transport and transit
  4353. ADB reaffirms support to Kazakhstan, Central Asia regional cooperation
  4354. Kazakhstan’s Almaty and Luxembourg to develop cooperation
  4355. World Bank diagnostics report presented at Astana Economic Forum in Kazakhstan
  4356. Kazakhstan’s Halyk Bank to acquire 96.81% of ordinary shares in Kazkommertsbank
  4357. Tajikistan: taking state snooping to the next level
  4358. Rights organization calls for respect of Uyghur linguistic rights in China’s Xinjiang
  4359. Uzbekistan expands exports of small and private businesses
  4360. Digital technologies can help Tajikistan diversify economy, make it more competitive
  4361. Kazakhstan-Austria business council meets in Astana
  4362. In Afghanistan, UN chief says Afghan war has no military solution
  4363. Economy on the rise in Kyrgyzstan, President Atambayev says
  4364. Khorgos to host trade exhibition of Kazakhstan goods
  4365. World Bank to provide over $500 million to Afghanistan
  4366. Tajikistan’s first public private partnership awarded for bringing clean energy to East Tajikistan, North Afghanistan
  4367. UN to continue supporting Central Asia countries in countering terrorism
  4368. UN calls for transition towards clean energy at Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan
  4369. UK and Kyrgyzstan sign double taxation agreement
  4370. Uzbekistan: once-expelled Turkish businesses returning
  4371. Kazakhstan producers trade on China’s electronic trading platform
  4372. Kazakhstan’s atomic company Kazatomprom to digitalize production
  4373. EBRD supports inclusive mining in Kazakhstan with ShalkiyaZinc expansion
  4374. UN commissioner-general visits Arnasay Green Technologies Center in Kazakhstan
  4375. UN secretary-general visits Tajikistan
  4376. Turkmenistan to host UN-Central Asia meeting on counter-terrorism
  4377. World companies discuss nuclear power prospects at Astana EXPO in Kazakhstan
  4378. EBRD invests in second solar park in Kazakhstan
  4379. In Kyrgyzstan, UN secretary-general speaks on importance of governance for sustainable development
  4380. Central Asia countries to accelerate the uptake of renewables
  4381. Kazakhstan can start recovering solar energy investments within 5 years
  4382. UN secretary-general visits Aral Sea disaster area in Uzbekistan
  4383. Shanghai Eight: assessing a multi-headed chimaera
  4384. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  4385. Kyrgyzstan to host event on indigenous peoples and community conserved areas
  4386. Teachers, students of Turkish schools targeted in Turkmenistan — watchdog
  4387. Investigation launched into incident at University of Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan
  4388. India and Pakistan join Shanghai Cooperation Organization
  4389. Kazakhstan and China to establish Astana stock exchange
  4390. EBRD to sign new projects during Astana Expo in Kazakhstan
  4391. Kazakhstan ranks 56th in Human Development Report as country with high human development
  4392. Astana hosts meeting of Kazakhstan-China Business Council
  4393. Kazakhstan and China launch new container service from Lianyungang to Khorgos
  4394. Kyrgyzstan hosts EU-Central Asia High Level Political and Security Dialogue
  4395. One Belt, One Road: Russian dreams exceed reality
  4396. Rural women in Kyrgyzstan improve agricultural productivity, leadership skills through UN-supported project
  4397. Russia reinforcing its military bases in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan
  4398. Kazakhstan’s Halyk Bank to sell 60% of Altyn Bank to Chinese investors
  4399. Turkmenistan plans to abolish free utilities for population
  4400. Kazakhstan court sentences fugitive tycoon and opposition figure Ablyazov to 20 years
  4401. European Investment Bank plans to enter Uzbekistan market
  4402. Kazakhstan and China leaders hope cooperation will revive ancient Silk Road
  4403. Kazakhstan to invite management companies to develop special economic zones
  4404. Almaty city the most business-friendly in Kazakhstan — World Bank study
  4405. China supports Iran’s membership of SCO
  4406. Influential deputy PM of Uzbekistan reportedly dismissed
  4407. Turkmenistan: anti-corruption body created to fight crisis
  4408. World Bank projects economic growth in Central Asia in 2017-2018
  4409. Turkmenistan receives new combine harvesters from Germany
  4410. Turkmenistan hosts Central Asian international ecological forum
  4411. Kazakhstan ready to open Astana EXPO-2017
  4412. Gazprom and Uzbekistan’s Uzbekneftegaz sign strategic cooperation agreement
  4413. Uzbekistan: change of tune coming on Roghun dam?
  4414. Uzbekistan developing small industrial zones
  4415. UNDP launches new initiatives to develop women’s entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan
  4416. Commissioning works start at Turkmenistan’s Garabogaz carbamide plant
  4417. Container trains from China to Iran through Kazakhstan to run in June
  4418. Kazakhstan’s Baiterek holding, European Investment Bank to finance ‘green’ projects
  4419. Kyrgyzstan business ready to support State project but investors need stability guarantees
  4420. Weekly Digest of Central Asia May 27-June 3
  4421. Uzbekistan: president chews out former would-be rival
  4422. ADB to provide $500 million for rural housing program in Uzbekistan
  4423. WFP Tajikistan school meals recipe book named best in the world
  4424. Russia holds military exercises in Tajikistan — but why not with CSTO?
  4425. CPJ calls on Kyrgyzstan authorities to ensure safety of independent journalist
  4426. European Investment Bank to support Kyrgyzstan’s agriculture
  4427. Free trade zone with India may add $2.7 billion to EEU’s total GDP
  4428. India and Pakistan to become full members of SCO at its June summit in Kazakhstan
  4429. Report cites progress and challenges in Afghanistan’s health sector
  4430. Caspian Sea dispute: where solutions jump ahead of problems
  4431. Kyrgyzstan presents investment opportunities to UAE business
  4432. GM Uzbekistan to sell cars for national currency inside the country
  4433. Turkmenistan’s agricultural sector overregulated by the state, needs economic freedom
  4434. Militants forced out of Afghanistan pose threat to CIS and Central Asia — official
  4435. Deeper economic reforms needed in Tajikistan — IMF
  4436. Kazakhstan: global retailer leader Carrefour down and out
  4437. Uzbekistan’s foreign minister speaks on facilitation of visa regime, attraction of tourists
  4438. Bringing Caspian, and Turkmen, gas to Europe would become reality — EC vice-president
  4439. Russian special forces in anti-terror drills on Tajikistan-Afghanistan border
  4440. Uzbekistan holds oil and gas exhibition and conference
  4441. Kyrgyzstan’s former prime minister and former economy minister face corruption charges
  4442. White House proposes slashing US programs in Caucasus, Central Asia
  4443. UNRCCA helps to build confidence between Central Asia countries on water, economic cooperation issues
  4444. Uzbekistan’s foreign minister names barriers to foreign investment in the country
  4445. EEU to conclude talks with Iran on its membership of the Union by 2018 — Kazakhstan minister
  4446. EU to provide €44m to help Afghan refugees in Iran and Pakistan, improve disaster risk management in Central Asia
  4447. Kazakhstan presents export potential of country’s defense, aerospace industry
  4448. Uzbekistan banks on Russian oil for new refinery
  4449. Trade between EDB countries, including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, recovers in Q1 2017
  4450. Uzbekistan’s hydropower development program plans to build 42 power plants
  4451. Afghanistan becomes one of Tajikistan’s key trade partners
  4452. New mechanisms of attracting foreign investment discussed in Kazakhstan
  4453. Kazakhstan gets FMD free status, is now able to export agricultural products to WTO countries
  4454. Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan greatly dependent on migrant labor
  4455. Weekly Digest of Central Asia
  4456. Assessing Kazakhstan’s new campaign to attract capital
  4457. Kyrgyzstan can become an Internet hub on a digital Silk Road from China to Europe
  4458. Reinforcement of Russian military base in Tajikistan is ‘due’ to instability in Afghanistan
  4459. Central Asia ready to follow China’s lead despite Russian ties
  4460. USA Pavilion to showcase America’s ‘Infinite Energy’ at Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan
  4461. European Union brings relief to victims of Kyrgyzstan earthquakes